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Benjamin, Reuben, Joseph Tinsley Woodruff; important info

Benjamin, Reuben, Joseph Tinsley Woodruff; important info

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First, James A. Woodruff, Jr., please, please contact me. I have attempted to contact you for over a year. The email address I was given was evidently not working. I have posted in the Woodruff Genforum requesting your answer, too! You can tell I am desperate to visit with you concerning the Georgian Woodruffs.

Also, this is for Rae, too. I have posted MUCH info on the Woodruff Genforum concerning information on Benjamin and Joseph Tinsley Woodruff. At the time I posted, I put ALL the info I knew out there for all to see and share. I kept hoping and praying I would hear from James A. Woodruff, Jr. Someone sent me an email this afternoon, mentioning they had send all these postings, and thought I might be interested! What a wonderful person! Anyway, I would LOVE to get James' email address, and get/stay in contact with anyone who is interested in this difficult line. I have some more info concerning a JOHNS family with ties to the Woodruffs. It is a real enigma; I will attempt to post info tonight on both Genforum, this board, and the Woodruff Genconnect board.

PLEASE contact me, Joan Woodruff Harris

Ga. Woodruff's

James A. Woodruff Jr. (View posts)
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I apologize for the delay.I,unfortunately,run hot and cold on the Woodruff genealogy.As mentioned previously, I'm stuck with the Woodruff migration from Virginia to Georgia,circa. 1790's.Don't have the county or district in Virginia, which they relocated from?However, we are the Woodruff's from Porterdale and the Salem Campground area, south of Atlanta.

Ga Woodruffs...

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JamesWoodruff, Jr., Several of your Woodruff names match mine Joan Harris'(see her messages) I think we may all be related. PLEASE email me : Thanks--you live in Ga, right, I'm in SC--. The common county is Wilkes Cty, Ga.

Woodruff of Georgia

Bill Hindman (View posts)
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Joan, I am "fishing in the dark" but do you happen to have a Octavia Othelia Woodruff in your Georgia Woodruffs? My great grandfather, Robert Marian Hindman, married O. Othelia Woodruff (my greatgrandmother) and thus far I have not been able to find her ancestry. Thanks, Bill Hindman (

Woodruffs of Porterdale Newton Co. area

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To James A. in particular - did you mention earlier that you had some limited information about the family in the Porterdale Oglethorpe County area that you might be able to share, as well as some correspondence? I would be so interested in seeing this! I am also trying to track down the parents of Reuben Nicholas, but so far have had no luck with this. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you wish at

Reuben Nicholas Woodruff

J.A. Woodruff (View posts)
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Ms. Vickery,Reuben Nicholas Woodruff was the sixth child of James Monroe Woodruff and Margaret Ann McCord.However,he(Reuben Nicholas) died shortly after birth(Jan.20th,1855 to August 12,1855). I don't know if he is the one you refer.There was another Nicholas Woodruff,James Monroe Woodruff's brother who was killed during the Mexican War and buried in Monterey- Mexico.Hope this helps.

Reuben Woodruff died March 1872 (Georgia), son James Monroe Woodruff, and grandson Benjamin Hill Woodruff

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Actually, the Reuben Nicholas Woodruff for whose parents I am searching was born in abt 1796, and died in 1872. He was married to Frances Loucinda Roseberry. They were the parents of Nicholas Woodruff, William Woodruff, Francis Woodruff (or Frank) who married a Nancy Moss, George Woodruff (married Naomi Tankersley), James Monroe Woodruff, of whom you speak in your message. This family tree is the one I have in my posession. Is this Reuben the same as the one you mention in your posting of June 1 "According to my records,Joseph had only one brother- Reuben, who was older by some 11 years.Reuben and Joseph's father was Benjamin and their mother was Cynthia Judah England Woodruff. She died approx.1820 and Benjamin remarried to Sally O'Kelly.They had 10-11 additional children together.I've got the family tree's for both Reuben(my g-g-g-grandfather) and Joseph Tinsley Woodruff if desired.These family tree's are located at the Georgia State Achieves." How does one get a copy of the family trees from the Georgia State Archives?

Re: Benjamin, Reuben, Joseph Tinsley Woodruff; important info

Marilyn Winton (View posts)
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Surnames: Woodruff, Wright, Hawkins, Little, Faucett
To Joan & other GA researchers,
Interesting! I am searching for the parents of one Marian Raymouth Woodruff, born 3 Sept 1863 in Rome, Floyd Co. (She d. 1934 in Ft Smith, AR). She md. Ichabod Frank Wright (b. in MS)......but don't know where they were married.
Any help connecting to your Georgia Woodruffs would be much appreciated! Thanks, Marilyn Winton

Wright - Woodruff

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I have a Martha Ramouth Woodruff who married Gabriel Wright in Rome, Floyd Co. GA in 1860. They would raise their family in Ft. Smith AR. Martha is the daughter of Samuel Woodruff and Keziah Burch

Re: Wright - Woodruff

Marilyn Winton (View posts)
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Surnames: Woodruff, Wright, Hunt (GA), Hawkins, Little, Bellew, Faucett
Dear Brenda,
Many thanks for that most interesting information. I cannot quite make it fit with my info, but there is too much coincidence for these families not to be connected in some way. Perhaps your Martha Ramouth Woodruff (md. abt. 1860 to Gabriel Wright in Rome, GA) was an aunt to my Marian
Ra(y)mouth Woodruff who wasn't born til 3 Sept 1863 in Rome, and md. Ichabod Frank Wright (no doubt a relative of Gabriel's). Do you have the children of Samuel and Keziah (Burch) Woodruff? Or any brothers of Samuel?
I would certainly like to work this puzzle out! Thanks again,
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