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Hook family in Indiana

Hook family in Indiana

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Searching for relatives of the brother Charles and Samuel Hook. They were born in the 1840's in Marion Co., In and both served in the Civil War. Charles died in the war and Sam married his wife, Harriett B. Williams. They had children: Charlie, Omer, Eugene, Mabel, and others who lived in both Mario and Hancock Counties, IN.

I believe Charles and Samuel L Hook had a sister named Elsie/Ailsey and another brother named William. Their parents may be William and Elsie/Ailsey Hook. They are supposedly of Germanic descent (Luxemburg).


Elise Hook of Marion Co., IN

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Hi Erin, I don't have a specific response to your query, but I too am searching for a Hook with origins in Marion County. I am looking for information on an Elise Hook, born in Indianapolis. I do not have a birth date, but she was deceased before Nov 1945. Elise was married to Ernest Farmer who was born in Louisville, KY. He also was deceased by Nov 1945. The above information was taken from the marriage certificate of their daughter, Peggy Lee Farmer. I'm contacting you on the chance that you might recognize the name Elise Hook, or any ties to your Hook research in Marion County. Any information or leads to further research would be greatly appreciated. Dave Tyler, Fort Worth, TX

Elise/Elsie/Ailsey Hook

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Elise Hook -- whose birth name was spelled Ailsey, was born in Cumberland, Marion County, Indiana (a suburb of Indianapolis) in 1840. She was named after her mother Aisley Crute (whose name is also variated as Elsie/Alise) of Brown County, Ohio. Her father is William Hook, born in Virgina. If you have any more info on your Elise Hook, I'd like to see it, as I belive that we speak of the same woman.

Thank You,

Elise Hook

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Thanks Erin. We're talking about two different women here, although there may still be some family connection. I failed to post the birth date of the daughter Peggy Lee Farmer in my last message. She was born 21 July 1927, also in Indianapolis. It is possible that Peggy may still be living, but I have no clue. Obviously, her mother Elise Hook that I'm seeking info on had to have been of child bearing age in 1927. Unfortunately, this is all the data I have to go on. Any further ideas? Thanks, Dave

Hooks in Indianapolis

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Indianapolis Hook Family follow-up

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Thanks again, Erin. If you learn anything else from your Mom about Elise, I certainly would appreciate hearing from you. And, by the way, I'm a native Hoosier who transplanted to Texas 26 years ago. Grew up in Monticello, went to Purdue, etc. I'm quite familiar with the Hook Drug stores. Dave E-mail:


Bernice Parker Mayer (View posts)
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ALTHOUGH I AM A pARKER ....I to am related to your William Hook Sr. and his wife Ailsey Crute......his brother Jacob Hook and wife Margaret Marts married and had NINE of which was Elizabeth Ann Hook......born May 15,1870 Died May26,1901 she married William P. Parker July 17,1888
Elizabeth and William are my grandparents on my fathers side of the family.......SO
does that make us cousins......
Please email me at or at
Hope this is a connection for both of there are some dates etc...that I need to fill in and can not find them Thanks again for posting what you did...Bernice (Bernie)Parker Mayer....

Re: Hook family in Indiana

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You mention Omer as being one of the children of Sam and Harriet. My husband's great-grandfather Omer Hook 1889-1968 resided in Indiana. Does this Omer sound familiar to you?. If so, do you have any more info on him. He was married to Ardella Lindsey, but she died when their daughter was 5 (my husband's grandmother). Thanks for any help.


Re: Hooks in Indianapolis

Gary Hook (View posts)
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Unfortunately, your statement that there are only two Hook families in Indianapolis is not correct. I was born and raised there and not a member of either of the families mentioned. My father moved to Indianapolis from western Pennsylvania over 40 years ago and still resides there.

Re: Hooks in Indianapolis

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My mother's family are Hooks. I have researched them very seriously and early on discovered that the Hooks in Indianapolis are not related to Hook Drugs. I wrote to Hook Drugs for their family history and information on that branch of the family. They came to the U.S. from Germany much later than any of my relatives were in Indianapolis. Their original name was Houch or Houck and not Hook. I believe that I sent copies of that research to the Historical Society in Versailles. I you would like a copy of my correspondence with the Hook Drug family let me know.

My great grandfather (Francis Marion Hook married to America Johnson Hook) is buried in the New Palestine Cemetary. He was the son of Matthias Hook who was the son of McKimmey Hook (sons Samuel P., Matthias M. and daughter Nancy C.)

Francis Marion Hook was a council member in the City of Indianapolis and the First Worshipful Master of the Masonic Order in New Palestine, Indiana.

His father Matthias was a lawyer in Indianapolis.

The father of McKimmey was Belitha (mother Elizabeth).
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