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Fischer family of Illinois

Fischer family of Illinois

Lisa Holdaway (View posts)
Posted: 957699961000
Looking for Fischer family that emigrated from Baden, Germany to Stephenson County, Illinois in 1854. Mary Elizabeth and her brother George landed in NY in June 1854. George brought with him his wife Sibille, and three daughters, Marie Elisabeth, Elisabeth and Eva. Settled in Ridott Twp, Stephenson Co, Ill. Associated surname: HEILMANN.

Fischer family from Baden

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My great-great grandfather, Alexander Fischer, emigrated from Hokenheim Baden, but I don't have a date.

He was married in Freeport, Illinois in 1854. His first six children were born in Freeport, Ridott, and Silver Creek. I think they are all in Stephenson County.

I have names, dates, and locations for Alexander's family and descendants, but know nothing about his generation of the family. Descendants were born, married, and died in Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa. I can get some of that information to you if you're interested (considering there isn't a direct connection you may not care for it).

Unfortunately the names don't match, but it could be that several siblings were traveling together.

While poking around at the library last night I found that an Alexander Fischer arrived from an unknown village in Baden Germany on the "Golconda." The ship sailed from Havre to New York City, landing on June 23, 1854 (Ref: Germans to America, Vol. 7, p. 313). The name, age, and occupation (farmer) match my great-great grandfather, but the date is inconsistent with the marriage date in our family history. It's a possible match.

Do you have access to a library with a decent genealogical collection? Ours is inconvenient, but has a surprising amount of information. Sadly, most of it is for Tennessee and North Carolina.

Steve Fischer
Knoxville, Tennessee

Fischer/Hokenheim Baden, Germany

Joanne Walker (View posts)
Posted: 967853602000
My Great grandfather was also Alexander Fischer. Born Dec 29, 1832 at Hokenheim Baden Germany. He died 09 21 1923 at Hampton, Iowa. Is this is the Alexander Fischer you are inquiring about? My information comes from a family history booklet done in August of 1978. You mention the marriage in Freeport, Ill which makes me think we are referring to the same Alexander Fischer. I got into this while updating my own family for someone in Iowa who is updating this family history and in doing so I got curious and started checking out the net. If you do not have this booklet I would be happy to copy it and mail it to you as I believe we are from this same Fischer clan from your dates etc. My booklet does not have the sailing dates so you are more updated than I am, but everything seems to match, including where some of his children were born. I am showing 9 children is that correct?

Joanne Walker
Montague, CA

Alexander Fischer

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I'm pretty sure that we're looking at the same Alexander Fischer and the same booklet. I got the booklet from my father who is apparently on somebody's mailing list. I didn't find a date on the booklet, but it lists my son who was born in 1977 (listed as 1947), but not the boys born in 1980 or 1982.

I don't have any information beyond what is in the booklet for Alexander Fischer or his son Jacob Fischer. You mentioned that Alexander had 9 children; my booklet lists 3 more by a second wife.

I'll try to remember to forward anything I learn about the Fischers. Which of Alexander's children are you interested in?


Alexander Fischer

Joanne Walker (View posts)
Posted: 969366523000
Hi Steve,

Sorry I missed your message. Was out of town. I think we are looking at the same booklet. I missed the other 3 children my a second wife. My Grandfather was Samuel Fischer, son of Lewis Fischer. My mother is Leona Fischer. See page 12 of the booklet. I too will pass on any information I learn. I have not had time to find the person in the booklet that I am e-mailing my own updated family history to yet. I want to send her a message and see where she fits into this picture and whose daughter she is. Thanks for your input.

The 1978 date I have for the booklet is from my mother writing in the date she received it. (08 01 78) It states it contains the descendants of Alexander Fischer from 1832 to 1923. Same book??

Alexander Fischer

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I'm sure it's the same booklet.

My name is on page 47 with that of my ex-wife and first born. Two more sons followed. Right now I'm happily remarried and my wife and I are each trying to locate information on our families.

Will pass on anything I stumble upon about Alexander or Lewis Fischer.


Re: Fischer family from Baden

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My wife is a desc. of Alexander. We live in Iowa and just had a family reunion. We have 2 genealogies on Alexander, both say md. 1854. Family search says md 1855 to Annie Elizabeth Hirth, Ridout, Stephenson Co., IL. not Freeport as in the genealogy. Possibly this 1854 date is wrong and it was 1855, thus making the 1854 immigration possible.
Julie Bolhuis is working on the genealogy.
Your genealogy seems to be different from any we have, as there is not as many pages.

Re: Alexander Fischer

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I looking for any information on Alexander Fischer, b 1734 and died 1823, m Mary Bish. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Fischer family from Baden

Joanne Walker (View posts)
Posted: 1014881096000
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Steve, I got an e-mail that I had a message regarding the Fischer family query from you and I just read the message board re: Alexander Fischer and your note regarding his marriage. I wrote to you a year or so ago and then lost touch. My book says that Alexander was married to Annie Hirth who was born Feb 2, 1835 at Hokenheim Baden, Germany and she died Feb 7, 1872 in Lansing, Iowa.
They were married Apr 9, 1854 at Freeport, Ill.

I show 9 children born of this marriage.

A second marriage to Eva Cathrina (nee Heiz) born Oct, 1837 at Hatesback, Germany. She died Sept 15, 1892 at Lansing, Iowa. This marriage took place in Sept of 1872.

I show 3 children from that marriage.

At the time I wrote you I thought we had the same book, but apparently we don't. If I can answer any more questions I will gladly try. I did send an update on our family to Julie Bolhuis several months ago at the request of my mother.

My mother was Leona Fischer. If we have the same book my family is on page 12. My grandfather was Samuel Fischer.

If there is a new family history book I would certainly like a copy when it is done. I have lost Julie's e-mail and if you have it you may pass this info on to her if you wish. My mother put a date of 08-01-78 in the book I have.

Re: Fischer family from Baden

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Julie's e-mail
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