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Seeking comnnections to Mark Haus

Seeking comnnections to Mark Haus

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Seeking information on Wm. ELIAS “Dutch” House b. Feb, 1800, in Cabarrus Co. NC. He was listed in Henry County 1830 Believed to be a descendant of Mark Haus, thus the nick-name “Dutch.” Not sure if he was through Elias of John House. Positive it was one of them. He named one daughter after Mary, his grandmother, Mary Haus, he named another daughter after Barbara, after his aunt, and named his son as he had been done after Elias, his father or uncle .. unable to determine which. From the family stories, the names of his children, and his name “Dutch, after the Dutch Buffalo River area he was raised in, we have no doubt. I mean how many German immigrants were there in Cabarrus Co. NC named HOUSE in 1800? I just need some help from an expert on the HOUSE family.

I am currently seeking ANYTHING to document them and connect them to their parents.

I am unable to travel there and to make matters worse, I am disabled, on a limited income and cannot do Ancestry ($$$), so I am stuck and do not have access to any commercial resources.

Re: Seeking comnnections to Mark Haus

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I have been researching this family for years and finding a lot of conflicting information. William Elias is not in my database. There are other Haus/House families around. Robert House, late chancellor of UNC-Chapel Hill was from one.

Re: Seeking comnnections to Mark Haus

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Surnames: House, Haus
He has not been mentioned because he has been ignored, un-researched, and unconnected until I started doing his family research to connect the dots. I am positive of what I have found so far and it seems some of his supposed descendants are not REALLY his descendants. I mean I have been doing this type research for over thirty years, I know when families just FIT and when it seems the pieces have been forced together. William Elias FITS his family that I located in his birthplace, Cabarrus County, NC.

I agree, there are many contradictions in the "research" I have seen. According to Church records, it was this Elias who had a son named Moses, and possibly moved to Union Co.

Were you aware there are TWO Elias House?

Also, based on documentation from church records, Elias, the Revolutionary soldier died in Cabarrus County, and is currently buried in a unmarked grave there at the church along with his one and only wife, Elizabeth KRESS.

So I am seeing that a great deal of what is floating around on the Internet is EXTREMELY incorrect historically.

If the tree is accurate, all the pieces would fit properly and not have to be FORCED together. NOR would there be unresolved contradictions floating around.

Notice how neatly William Elias family fits into that family? He was named after his father or uncle, he named then named his son after him also; his daughter after his aunt, Barbara; his other daughter was named after his grandmother, Mary. Early Christians ... especially Lutherans, were avid believers in their ancestress namesakes. That combined with the fact he was called "Dutch", his ancestry, then you combine that with the family stories, and the location of his birthplace, Cabarrus County, NC., also when he first moved to Henry Co, he listed himself in the 1830 census as Elias, not William. and often used the German spelling of his name... to mention just a few.

Personally I feel he was more Elias' sons than John's. But I have no doubt that he is a descendant of Marx Haus.

Or do you or anyone reading this, have any other family in Cabarrus County, NC that he could fit well into in 1800?

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