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Jim Brown (View posts)
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Surnames: Cloer, Bates, Ammons, Anderson, Howard
Searching for connections to William Joshua Cloer, who married Louise Bates. William was born in 1856 and died in 1925., and was the son of John Mark Cloer and Garcy Ammons. Also, George Andrew Cloer, who was the son of Jacob M. Cloer and Annie Laura Anderson. Jacob was also the son of John Mark Cloer and Gracy Ammons. And would like information on Elijah Cloer, who married Sarah Sallie Howard. All lived in Macon Co.

Anderson, Bates, Cloer

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Surnames: Anderson, Bates, Carpenter, Cloer
The only Louisa Bates (1832-1907) I know of was the daughter of William and Christina Carpenter Bates. She was the wife of Joshua Judson Cloer, who was a son of Elijah and Sarah Howard Cloer. THIS Joshua died in the Civil War. I would appreciate further information on your Louisa.

John Cloer was the son of John and Agnes Cloer. He was born c1824 in Iredell Co., NC. His wife, Grace Ammons, was the daughter of the Rev. Joshua Ammons and Pherabie Holland Ammons (sister to James Holland).

Anna Laura Anderson was the daughter of Joseph Black Anderson and Mary Eliza Battle Anderson. Her husband, Jacob M. Cloer, was the son of William Marcus and Susan Ledford Cloer, not John and Gracie Ammons Cloer. I know this from his death certificate, which is on file in Macon Co., NC. I am also descended from Joseph and Eliza Battle Anderson.

William Marcus Cloer, husband of Susan Ledford, was another son of John and Agnes Cloer. Susan Ledford Cloer was the daughter of Jesse and Elizabeth McCurry Ledford (I am also descended from Jesse and Elizabeth).

I hope this has helped.

Cloers, Anderson, Bates

Jim Brown (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Cloers, Anderson, Bates
Thank you, that was great help. It's strange though that I was given Jacob M. Cloer's name listed in index to vital statistics-deaths-Macon County and listed as parents were Mark Cloer and G.A. Cloer [I took this to be John Mark Cloer and Gracy Ammons Cloer and place of death Millshoal, date Jan 13, 1941. That is where I got Louise Bates and Joshua Cloer listed as parents of James Nelson Cloer, who is listed as died 1956. That's all I have on Louisa [Louise]. I have land transactions and marriages of Cloers from there too. John A, was my gggrandfather through Alphus John Cloer his son, who's daughter. Laura, was my grandmother. I have John B. Cloer back to Iredell Co. but no parents or siblings and Ammons back to John Thomas Ammons , born about 1748 [no place, parents or siblings] Do you know how Elijah fits into this. Was he a brother of John A, who had a son named William Joshua? Most of my side of the Cloers left for the state of Washington, only a few were left in Jackson County, among them, my grandmother, and I know there are still quite a few in Macon County. I am trying to connect the two. Again thank you. Jim

Cloer et al

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Surnames: Cloer, Anderson, Bates
I am writing here because I think our "conversations" may hold some merit to other researchers. I am also laughing as I write this. Obviously, we've got a tangle here. Let's see if I can sort a little of it out.

First, James Nelson CLOER IS the son of Louisa BATES and Joshua CLOER. This Louisa BATES being the one I mentioned as the daughter of William and Christina CARPENTER BATES. Her husband was Joshua Judson CLOER, not William Joshua CLOER (which is, I think, what your previous query said...correct me if I'm wrong!!!). This Joshua Judson CLOER was the son of Elijah B. CLOER, Sr. (1800-1887) and Sarah HOWARD as previously mentioned.

There was another group of Cloer's in the area at the time, namely the family of John and Agnes CLOER of Iredell Co., NC. They had four children: Sarah, John A. (who married Gracie AMMONS), Nicholas J. (who married Matilda CARPENTER) and William Marcus (who married Susan LEDFORD). It is William Marcus who I believe to be the father of your Jacob M. CLOER. From census records, his brother's (John) middle name DID begin with an A. William was, I think, called Mark (as opposed to William or Marcus). An important thing to note here is that Jacob was not listed with John and Grace on the 1860 census of Macon Co., NC. If he was their son, he definitely should have been there. Unfortunately, I have lost some information in my database and no longer have the 1860 census information for William Marcus and Susan LEDFORD CLOER. At any rate, Jacob's father WAS Mark CLOER, but his mother was Susan LEDFORD. This conflict is probably due to an error on the part of the informant on the death certificate, which is more common than you would think (I recently ran into a couple who had the wrong parental information on BOTH of their death certificates...the informant for each was their youngest son, which might explain the discrepancy).

I think now would be a good time to mention some dates to help clear up some confusion on the CLOER family.

John CLOER born c1801 Caswell Co., NC married Agnes ----- born c1797 Wake Co., NC. Children:

1. Susan CLOER born c1822 Iredell Co., NC
2. John A. CLOER born c1824 Iredell Co., NC married Grace AMMONS, daughter of Joshua AMMONS and Pherabie HOLLAND
3. Nicholas J. CLOER born c1826 Iredell Co., NC married Matilda CARPENTER, daughter of William CARPENTER and Margaret McCONNELL
4. William Marcus CLOER born c1828 Iredell Co., NC married Susan LEDFORD, daughter of Jesse LEDFORD and Elizabeth McCURRY

As to how this family may or may not be related to Elijah B. CLOER, Sr....well, I don't know. All I know is that John and Agnes's 3 sons intermarried with families that I've researched (Matilda CARPENTER and Susan LEDFORD were great-something aunts of mine). If you think I'm in error somewhere, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'd rather you told me than have me think something that's wrong!! :-) Hope this has helped sort things out.


JS Rayfield (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Anderson, Battle, Watts
Macon Conty NC Jospeh Black Anderson b. 10-7-1829 Blont Co. TN. d. 10-11-1904 Macon Co. NC. md. 1st Mary Eliza Battle, b. ca. 1835 Macon Co. NC d. 1867-70 Macon Co. NC; md 2nd Mary Watts. Josephs parents were Mansfield b. ca. 1795 in SC; d. 2-15-1862 in Macon Co. NC.' md. 8-28-1823 in Blount Co. TN. to Harriett Black b. ca. in TN, d. 1880s in Macon Co. NC


S.Welton (View posts)
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Do you have any idea who Mansfield Anderson's parents were?

Mansfield Anderson

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Surnames: Anderson
According to some research a cousin sent me, Mansfield ANDERSON was the son of James ANDERSON. My cousin found this in the LDS, so I'm not sure if this is reliable or not. I can, however, send you the file (or you can view it online at the URL below) and let you evaluate it for yourself. The file traces James' ancestry back to the early 17th century. You may find it interesting but, again, I cannot vouch for it's accuracy.

Re: Anderson, Bates, Cloer

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William Bates and Christina Carpenter Bates are my ggg grandparents. They are brick walls for me and I wondered if you might have any information on them?

Re: Mansfield Anderson

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Surnames: Anderson
I have verified Mansfield Andersons father as James Anderson. from Mansfield's birth record in South Carolina. James Anderson died in Ohio at his daughters home. This I have also verified by the census. I am in the process of personal verfication of every member of my tree as far as is possible and will show any that are not verified by a note of explanation of possible sources when I make my tree public. Although the swedish ancestry is on file with the national archives, I am not positive that it is correct and am tracing the line myself. My father gave me a lot of information before he passed and the census are very helpful, since they show the neighbors which his father knew well or had heard about from his father or were married into the family.

Re: Mansfield Anderson

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Surnames: Anderson
What birth record in South Carolina?
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