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My name is Janie Seal, and I live in south Mississippi. However, the Seals from my family came from Louisiana. They have been extremely difficult to trace so far. If anyone knows of Seals from Varnado, New Orleans, Bogulusa, or Donaldsonville, Louisiana, please let me know. Or if you have any info in your family tree about Luther and Bessie Seal of Louisiana who would have been born near 1885-1900 probably. I really need a lead here and I'm hitting nothing but brick walls. All I know is that apparently these Louisiana Seals apparently originated from North Carolina. Please feel free to e-mail me at Thank you!
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Have you been to the Picayune, Ms. library.
I am a Hancock Co., Ms. Seal. But there is a book in the Picayune Library regarding the Seal family. There is some errors in it, but maybe basically it could help. Do you
have any info on the parents. Myra

Seal Family

Janie Seal (View posts)
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Myra, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, the Picayune Seals seem to be a different line than mine. It's possible they are connected far back, but it would have to go a pretty good ways back. Thanks:)

William Seale

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Janie, William Seale, B. 1634England.Anthony Seale b. 1659.Essex co.,Va.William Seale, 1732, Prince william Co., Va.William Jr. Seale, b. 1757, william "Billy" Seale 1786, N.C.. Amos Seal b. 1820, Hancock Co.,Ms. Daniel Butler Seal,1848 Hancock co.,Ms. Lawson Seal b.1875, Hancock Co.,Ms. Oren Seal b. 1907.Hancock Co., Ms. my father, Myra

I'm a Seal from Long Beach, Mississippi

Brenda Rose (View posts)
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Myra, you seem to have info on Seal's from Miss. Do you have any info on Lyman and Maggie Seal from Wiggens, Miss? They were my Dad's parents. Lyman was b. Feb.27,1903 d.Nov.1970 Maggie Lee was b.Sept.16,1893 d.Nov.1979 I'm trying to trace my Dad's side. I grew up in Long Beach, Ms and my e-mail is Thank You, Brenda Rose
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I was raised in Hancock Co.,Ms. Do you have any info on who Layman,s parents were. The name sounds familier,but don't know off hand. Myra

Lyman Luvall Seal... Mom and Dad

Brenda Rose (View posts)
Posted: 958152289000
I just spoke to my Dad and he thinks that Lyman's Dad was Sam Seal... and that Lyman's Mom was Mandy Seal. Lyman's wife was Maggie Seal... her maiden name was Williams. Maggie had four brothers... Earl, Arthur, Mack, and Roy. Maggie's family was from State-Line... near McLain... by Alabama. Lyman's parents were from... near Wiggens, Miss. Hope this isn't too confusing... this is all that my Dad told me. If this helps any... let me know. Bye, Brenda

More info on Lyman

Brenda Rose (View posts)
Posted: 958378182000
My Mom said that Lyman had a younger brother named Toxie Seal. Toxie was b. May 6,1906 and d. Feb.1973. Mom also gave me a bit of info on Lyman's wife Maggie Lee, her two oldest brother's Arthur and Mack died in WW1.So that left her with two younger brothers, Earl and Roy. Roy was known by the nickname Red. Red had a son named Charles Williams, a daughter named Linda Gail, and another daughter named Lulu (or Lulla) Margaret.Lulu Margaret married a man named Jimmy White and had a son named Jeff White. Jeff White went to Long Beach Jr. High with both of my sisters Sylvia and Sharon Seal back in the 80's. I remember seeing his picture in their year book, we called him our cousin because we saw him at Maggie's funeral. My Mom also said that Red had a son named Mack,named after his brother that died in WW1. Sorry that most of the info that I've been able to get is on Maggie Williams side and not on Lyman's side... but if any of her info helps link me to my Seal line , then that would be great! Mom says that Maggie's Dad might have been Alonzo Williams.

You not gonna beleive this!

Brenda Rose (View posts)
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I called my Dad again and he said that his Grandma Amanda was born a Seal and then married a Seal. This means that I'm kin to two sets of Seal's. He thinks that she was born in Columbia, Ms. Her first marriage was to a man with the last name Wires (or Wyres), Her second marriage was to my G-Grandpa Sam Seal, and her third marriage was to a man with the last name Walters. Sam was from Picayune. Sam and Amanda's children were Lyman, Toxie, and Bangie (or Banche or??).Toxie had two sons, Sam and Leo. Bangie was married to a Fred Berry (or Barry) and they had one son Charles. And of corse I've alresdy told you that Lyman married Maggie Lee and they had one son Douglas (my Dad). Ever hear of one set of Seal being married to another set? If any of this sounds right, then let me know. Thanks, Brenda Rose
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It was common for the Seal family to inter
marry. We are getting ready for a graduation this week end, but next week I will dig everything out and see what I can find. Toxie
was a Stewart name,but Stewart name,but Stewarts and Seals were intermarried in the
Yamacraw community. You will hear from me next week. Myra
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