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Andreas and/or Dugal McQuains Early tomid 1700s

Andreas and/or Dugal McQuains Early tomid 1700s

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I am looking for any info on these two guys. I believe that Dugal is the father to Andeas and the mothers name may be Grace. Ihave some minor info that places them in the Boston area. Any help is seriously appreciated. Dave McQuain or Thanks

Re: Andreas and/or Dugal McQuains Early tomid 1700s

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Surnames: McQuain
I am a direct descendant of Alexander McQuain who immigrated to the USA from Scotland prior to the Revolutionary War and settled in Pendleton Co., WV. My brother is currently in Scotland for a month and would like to do some family research. Anyone with ANY LEADS OR INFORMATION as to Alexander McQuain and our Scottish heritage, please contact me at with the title McQUAIN FAMILY in the subject line.

The only info I have on Alexander is that he possibly studied religion/priesthood at the University of Edinburgh. There may have been 2 other Alexander's at the university at the same time (or it could all have been the same person). Possibly Alexander was from the Isle of Skye. Possibly his father was Duncan or Malcolm.
My brother will be in Edinburgh and will also be at Isle of Skye. If you know where he may look for info please contact me.

Please share this info with other McQuain researchers at and similar geneology websites.


Re: Andreas and/or Dugal McQuains Early tomid 1700s

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Surnames: McQuain, McQuian, McQueen, MacQueen, McQuene, McQuine, McQuin, Bodkin, Boykin, Botkin
This is a followup to my previous post. Sorry if this confuses you. I'm confused about everything myself.

Here is a RootsWeb link we came across regarding possible Alexander McQuain ancestors:

The RootsWeb link contains some conflicting names and dates, but I wondered if the above sparked a memory or lead with anyone?

What I find, from the above link and what I previously wrote, seems tied into Scottish religious and other history (Jacobite Rebellions?) - very, very little of which I know about. I have, very briefly, heard of McQueens immigrating to the Carolina's before (way prior to Alexander McQuain) and I know McQueen is a possible spelling variation of McQuain, plus the names *may* share a tartan. I never heard of a direct tie from the Carolina McQueens into the 1770 Alexander McQuain line though. The above RootsWeb link, however, suggests a possible connection if dates and stuff would match up better.

Did perhaps a grandfather, father (Alexander McQueen) uncle, brother, or other relation of Alexander McQuain's immigrate to the Carolina's because of the Jacobite Rebellion? Then possibly marry in the USA/Virginia (to Henrietta Cooper) and go back to Scotland, have kids (Charles, our Alexander, and William), then the father/relation came back to the USA, dying in Culpepper VA? Possibly the kids (Charles, our Alexander, and William) were abandoned in Scotland by the parents and immigrated themselves later on?

Some of this sort of goes with various theories I have heard. Please correct me if wrong, but if I read the RootsWeb link correctly (even though dates don't quite match up) the lineage might be (each number representing a generation):

5 ALEXANDER MCQUEEN m.Henrietta Cooper
6 Charles MCQUEEN
6 Alexander MCQUEEN (ie our old Alexander McQuain) m. Mary Bodkin
6 William MCQUEEN

I don't have my direct line and other info in front of me but the same names keep popping up and I know it was practice to name sons after fathers, grandfathers, brothers, etc. I recall an old family member saying our Alexander McQuain's dad was Duncan or Malcolm. Maybe it should have been Alexander's GRANDFATHER was the Duncan?

Any clarity or leads is appreciated.

Thanks, duchovlet
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