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Kristensen (Christensen)

Kristensen (Christensen)

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Surnames: Christensen, Kristensen, Siem
Just discovered that my grandfathers name was probably "Kristen Jepsen Kristensen" (he changed the "k's" to "C's" when he came to America). Born Feb 6, 1887 in Hunderup, Ribe, Denmark - Christened April 8, 1887 - same location. Father "Jeppe Kristensen" Mother "Ane Marie Siem". I have the source information as follows: Batch Number: C207762, Source Dates: 1814 - 1892
Film or Fiche Number: 51710. Can someone suggest a contact ie. parish, etc, so I may confirm that this person is the "Christen Jepsen Christensen" that I believe is my grandfather?
thank-you in advance.

Re: Kristensen (Christensen)

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Surnames: Christensen
Merrilee - you may have already found this, but if not: will let you search through church records, by county & year. These are not indexed, and some of the film is unreadable. I've also found that I have to use IE to view, instead of Google -- for some reason the latter doesn't like the Java app.

Re: Kristensen (Christensen)

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You are fortunate to have such specific info.

The parish records are online at and attached is the original entry, found in Hunderup 1857-1892, opslag 95 #3.

English instructions for AO:

Some censuses have been transcribed and here's the family in 1890 from

Ribe, Gørding, Hunderup, Hunderup Sogn og By, , et Hus, 7, FT-1890
Name: Age: Marital status: Occupation in household: Occupation: Birth place:
Jeppe Kristensen 31 Gift Husfader Ledvogter Gørding sogn Ribe amt
Ane Marie Siem 26 Gift Husmoder Holsted sogn Ribe amt
Kristen Jepsen Kristensen 3 Ugift Søn Hunderup sogn Ribe amt
Johan Kristian Siem Kristensen under 1 aar Ugift Søn Hunderup sogn Ribe amt
Karolien Dorthea Bernberg 60 Gift Aftægtskone Sønderjylland

(Just noticed we are replying to an 8 year old post, so above info is probably ancient news!)

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looked up the immigration then I too saw it's an old post...

15 March 1912
Arrive Port of New York on the Lusitania
Port of Departure was Liverpool
Line 24 on this page (961)
Christen Christensen, age 26, farm laborer
Last permanent residence: Ribe
Father: Jeppe Christensen. Address: Hunderup paa Bramming, Denmark
Destination: Newell, Iowa. Traveling to a friend.
Christen Christensen birthplace: Hunderup

Hunderup, near Bramming, is a bit south and east of Esbjerg

This Christen Christensen from Hunderup married
Mette Kristine Nielsen on 12 April 1907 in Vilslev church, Ribe amt
Mette born 31 October 1887, Jedsted, Vilslev, Ribe, to parents Niels Peder Nielsen and Cecilie Marie Mamsen.

Immigration of Mette with children Jeppe, Gudrun, and Lydia
Depart Copenhagen 18 April 1912
Arrive Port of New York 01 May 1912
Sailing on the Oscar II
Line 8 of this page of the passenger manifest (535)
Mettte Christensen 25, housewife, married, last permanent residence Hunderup
Nearest relative or friend in country when she came: Jeppe Christensen, Hunderup Mark, Bramminge
Final Destination: Newell, Iowa
Traveling to husband Christen Christensen
His Address RFD1 Box 65, Newell, Iowa
Mette's birthplace: Jedsted

Mette is traveling with three children:
Jeppe Christensen 4, born in Hunderup
Gudrun Christensen 3, born in ? Sanderskov (?)
Lydia Christensen (no age, probably means baby)born in Gjording

Above immigration records from Ellis Island website.

The records found in Denmark combined with the immigration records should show that the connection is correct.
This family eventually lives in British Columbia, Canada, according to an online family tree (not verified by me). LINK:

So I had done that and might as well post it. :D

Re: Kristensen (Christensen)

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Yes it is an old post however, any chance of any new information is greatly appreciated. Also gives me a chance to add my own stuff such as the pictures attached.
thank you all.

Re: Kristensen (Christensen)

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You are still around - great.

Just discovered your other thread, link here:,213678,213685

The online tree I posted includes records of Caroline Luise Bernberg and spouse Johan Christian Siemsen at Eckernförde, Sydslesvig. Johan Christian is not with his family in 1860 census, and said to be working there.

This DIS-Danmark discussion mentions that there are 26 Siemsens in Kappeln in 1803. Kappeln was given as Caroline's birthplace. (going by memory, notes not here) I mention this only because the person who asked the question might have done more genealogy related to your family:,14052,15153#msg-1...

More about Caroline and her birth family in this amazing post:
"Jeg vil prøve at samle alt Bernberg vedr DK - søger derfor forfædre og efterkommere til:
Johan Bernberg f. ca 1779 Karby - gift Louise/Lovise Kock
Johan Kristian Bernberg f 5.3.1821 Karby gift Anne Marie Sterup
Karl Hartvig Bernberg f ca 1823 Karby gift Ane Dorthea Jensen f 28.4.1833 Brørup
Jørgen Henrik Bernberg f ca 1827 Karby gift Kirstine Jepsen f ca 1832 Bramming
Caroline Bernberg f ca 1833 Karby gift Johan Christian Siem
Har boet Tirslund, Føvling sogn og Lintrup, Holsted sogn - Ribe amt"

This online tree by a cousin of yours tells about the family of Louise Kirstine Siem,
sister of your Ane Marie Siem:
Hans Nikolai Østergaard, born 29 feb 1856 in Vodder sogn, died 12 dec 1911 in Aatte mark. He married Louise Kirstine Bernberg, married 29 okt 1886 in Holsted Kirke.
1. Anders Mikkelsen Østergaard born 12 okt 1886, died 27 jun 1976.
2. Anna Marie Østergaard born 14 aug 1889, died 1984.

Re: Kristensen (Christensen)

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More from your cousin's online tree, giving ancestry of Caroline Bernberg (not verified by me):

Johan Bernberg, født 30 jan 1790 i Svansen, død 11 nov 1862 i Tirslund. Han blev gift med
(1) Luise Kock, født omk 1800, død i Angel.
Han blev gift med
(2) Karen Andersen, gift 2 okt 1856 i Føvling, født 18 i Bramming, død eft 1862.

CHILDREN af Luise Kock:
i Johan Christian Bernberg født 5 mar 1821, død 3 aug 1903.
ii Karl Hartvig Bernberg født 9 nov 1823, død 30 mar 1908.
iii Jørgen Henrik Bernberg født ca. 1827.
iv Caroline Louise Bernberg født 1828.

Johann Christian Bernberg. Han blev gift med Magdalene Christian Hansen, gift ca 1788.
i Caroline Dorothea Bernberg født 11 apr 1789.
ii Johan Bernberg født 30 jan 1790, død 11 nov 1862. <-----
iii Carl Hartwig Bernberg født 27 sep 1792.
iv Johanna Maria Elisabeth Bernberg født 31 maj 1795.
v Anna Margarethe Elisabeth Bernberg født 24 nov 1799, død 17 dec 1803.
vi Dødfødt søn født 8 okt 1802, død 8 okt 1802.
vii Johann Detlef Bernberg født 30 jan 1790.

Re: Kristensen (Christensen)

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Surnames: Christensen
Oh My Gosh! Thank you!

Re: Kristensen (Christensen)

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Yes - isn't it great? In finding the original records in the churchbooks, all this can be of help.

Only one census has been posted here - you have others in your files. Okay if I go ahead and add some. One comment in the online tree I posted was "She lived in Lintrup, Holsted sogn." The 1870 census shows that.

Ane Siem's mother Karoline Bernberg in 1870 in Lintrup, Holsted, Malt, Ribe, Denmark - from Inger on DIS-Danmark:

Ribe, Malt, Holsted, Lintrup, , huus, 31 [14], FT-1870
Karoline Lutzia Bernberg, 41 , Gift, huusmoder, kone. Manden tjener udensogns, Svansen Ekernførde amt [[Karby sogn] nu Tyskland]
Johan Kristian Siem, 14, son, born in Holsted sogn, Malt herred, Ribe amt
Grethe Sophie Siem, 10, daughter b Holsted sogn, Malt, Ribe
Ane Marie Siem, 6, daughter born in Holsted sogn, Malt, Ribe
Lovise Kristine Siem, 4 , daughter Holsted sogn, Malt, Ribe
Marie Margrethe Siem, under 1 year old, daughter born in Holsted sogn, Malt, Ribe

from Inger on DIS-Danmark. In 1860 census, the birthplace of Anne Siem's mother Caroline Bernberg is given as Kappeln in Slesvig (now Kappeln in Tyskland/Germany) - it is near Flensburg:

Ribe, Malt, Holsted, Lintrup, , et huus, 24, FT-1860
Caroline Bernberg, 32, married, housewife, huusmoder, lever af sin jordlod, born in Kappeln Slesvig [nu Kappeln i Tyskland]
Johan Christian Siem, 5, unmarried, her son, Her i sognet ["her i sognet" means born in this parish, Holsted]
Lovise Christine Siem, 7, Ugift, hendes datter, born in Kappeln [nu Kappeln i Tyskland]
Grethe Sophie Siem, 1, Ugift, hendes datter, Her i sognet [Holsted]

Re: Kristensen (Christensen)

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Caroline Louise Dorothea Bernberg is the grandmother of your grandfather Christian Jepsen Christensen. (That's an informal rendering of her name). Christian married your grandmother Mette Kristine Nielsen, as you said, and it is interesting that Mette's family also migrated from northern Germany into southern Denmark. Mette's father was Niels Peder Nielsen and Mette's mother was Cecilie Marie Nielsen. I believe this is Niels Peder and Cecilie when they were newlyweds:

Ribe, Gørding, Vilslev, Jested By, Et Hus, 39, FT-1880, D3701
Søren Nielsen 58 Gift Husfader born in Jested, Vilslev Sogn, Ribe Amt
Mette Nielsen 50 Gift Husmoder Toste, Slesvig
Dorthe Marie Nielsen 10 Ugift Deres Barn b Jested, Vilslev Sogn, Ribe Amt
Niels Peder Nielsen 22 Gift Slægtning b in Beis??, Slesvig <--
Cecilie Marie Nielsen 22 Gift Slægtning born in Vester Torp, Slesvig <--

Gramtrans translates "Slægtning" as "Relative."

Ribe, Gørding, Vilslev, Jedsted by, 7, Huus, 142-F2, FT-1890, C1925
Niels Peder Nielsen, 33, Gift, Husfader, Arbejdsmand i Landbruget, born in Nordslesvig
Secilie Marie Nielsen f. Mamsen??, 34, Gift, Husmoder, born in Nordslesvig
Søren Kristian Nielsen, 4, born in Vilslev sogn Ribe amt
Mette Kristine Nielsen, 2, born in Vilslev sogn, Ribe <---

"f. Mamsen" means født Mamsen, born Mamsen = her maiden name

LINK to 1890 census:

LINK to that online family tree, showing Cecilie Marie Mamsen:
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