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Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

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Surnames: Hansen, Jorkelsen, Jorkelsdatter, Larsen
Anybody researching a link to this family?
These are my husband's ggg grandparents and we are looking for connections and info on family in Norway and the ancestors of these two people. We have most of the descendants as most of the family of the above immigrated to New Zealand 1873.

Lars HANSEN was born in 1813 in the little town of Opstad
or Opsten Braaten as it was then known. At age 24 he married Eli JORKELSEN (formerly Jorkelsdatter) in 1837.
Eli (Elizabeth?) was born 15 February 1816.
Thereafter the family adopted the name of LARSEN and contrary to Norwegian custom retained this name to be perpetuated by future generations.
In Opstad they raised a family of six children:
Hans born 1838; Karen 1843; Lars 1853; Elizabeth 1857; Halvord 1860 and Karl 1861.

Re: Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

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My best guess is that this family was from Hedmark in Norway. There was/is a small parish there called Opstad in the clerical district known as Sør Odal. While they are not then living on a farm by the name of Bratten at the time of the 1865 census I believe this to be the family -
There appear to be several farms by the name of Bratten in that parish - so there must be a family connection of some sort.

Re: Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

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Surnames: Hansen, Jorkelsen, Jorkelsdatter, Larsen
Thank you very much for this help. This is my first time trying to decipher Norwegian documents and understand the naming process. In this census the wife Eli seems to have the name Thorkildsdatter. Does this mean that my information of a surname of Jorkelsdatter is wrong?
If you could help me understand the document I would appreciate it very much. Thanks again.


Re: Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

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The spelling of names and places is often altered after Norwegians emigrated. Sometimes the children will pass along what they HEARD said, other times the spelling will be adjusted to make it easier for new neighbors to at least make it sound like the original, etc. But even in Norway you have to keep yourself flexible when looking for spelling... it is rarely completely consistent. My advice - think "Sounds Like"...

You can study about Norwegian naming practices/patterns and the census columns and their meanings at this website -
and a couple more that may help -

Hopefully we've identified the location in Norway - and you'll find that there are many resources available for continued research.

Re: Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

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PR did a good job with the census search. The emigrants I found leaving Oslo in 1873 on the digital archives (going to New Zealand) seem to verify her find and your information.

There is an Opstad main farm (# 100) in Sør-Odal in Hedmark, so PR might be on track with her census find. Opstad is also the name of the parish church there.

Fylke: Hedmark
Kommune: Sør-Odal
Sogn: Opstad (parish church)
GÃ¥rdsnummer: 100
Gammelt matrikkelnr: 113
Navn på gård: Opstad (name of the farm)

Here's the same year census in another format (1865)

Distriknr Side Skoledistrikt Sogn Prestegjeld Gardsnavn Overskrift
799 11 241 Sæter Ulleren Anex Søndre Odalen Lia 1
Personnr Husholdning Fornavn Etternavn Familiestatus Yrke Sivilstand Alder Kjønn Fødested Stort kveg Får Geit Bygg Havre Poteter
4955 15 1 Lars Hans. Husfader Husmand med Jord g 53 m S Odalen 2 6 1 2/8 2 2
4956 16 Eli Thorkildsd. hans Kone g 50 k N. Odalen
4957 17 Christian Lars. deres Søn ug 16 m S. Odalen
4958 18 Lars Lars. deres Søn ug 13 m S. Odalen
4959 19 Halvor Lars. deres Søn ug 7 m S. Odalen
4960 20 Karl Lars. deres Søn ug 5 m S. Odalen
4961 21 Karen Larsd. deres Datter ug 23 k S. Odalen
4962 22 Lisabet Larsd. deres Datter ug 9 k S. Odalen
4963 23 1 Hans Lars. Inderst Dagarbeider g 27 m S. Odalen
4964 24 Karen Hansd. hans Kone g 26 k S. Odalen
4965 25 Elisabet Hansd. deres Datter ug 3 k S. Odalen
4966 26 Laurits Hans. deres Søn ug 1 m S. Odalen

The father is a tenant farmer, so not a landowner.

Here appear to be four of the kids, emigrating out of Oslo on Nov. 14, 1873, with the widowed mother Elen Torkildsen. Going to New Zealand, they are from the Sør Odalen parish (in Hedmark (as PR found). They are on the Hero shipping line.

28121 Oslo 2613A 1873 Nov. 14 Elen Torkildsen f E 58 S. Odalen New Zealand 4667 Norsk Betalt Hero
Elen Torkildsen, female, widow, age 58.

28122 Oslo 2613B 1873 Nov. 14 Lars Larsen m u Arb. 20 S. Odalen New Zealand 4668 Norsk Betalt Hero
Lars Larsen, male, unmarried, worker, age 20.

28123 Oslo 2613C 1873 Nov. 14 Elisabet Larsdatter f u Pige 16 1/2Ã¥R S. Odalen New Zealand 4669 Norsk Betalt Hero
Elisabet Larsdatter, female, unmarried, hired farm girl (Pige), age 16 1/2 years.

28124 Oslo 2613D 1873 Nov. 14 Halvor Larsen m u Dreng 14 1/2Ã¥R S. Odalen New Zealand 4670 Norsk Betalt Hero
Halvor Larsen, male, unmarried, hired farm hand (Dreng), age 14 1/2 years old.
28125 Oslo 2613E 1873 Nov. 14 Carl Larsen m u Dreng 12 1/2Ã¥R S. Odalen New Zealand 4671 Norsk Betalt Hero
Carl Larsen, male, unmarried, hired farm worker (dreng) 12 1/2 years old.

It seems like they might be going to New Zealand to meet someone already there? a relative perhaps?
You might find in contacting Sør Odal, that there was a cluster of people going to New Zealand. That often happened.

For example, this lady Karen Larsdatter could possibly be their daughter Karen emigrating in June of 1873 - with her husband and two children. The age, S. Odalen and destination of New Zealand make her a good match.

Hovding shipping line,

29115 Oslo 349A 1873 06 Jakob Isaksen m G Arb. 30 S. Odalen New Zealand 1110 Norsk œ 30 Høvding
Jakob Isaksen, male, married, worker, age 30.

29116 Oslo 349B 1873 06 Karen Larsdatter f G Kone 30 S. Odalen New Zealand 1111 Norsk œ 30 Høvding
Karen Larsdatter, female, married, wife, age 30.

29117 Oslo 349C 1873 06 Carl Larsen m u Dreng 5 S. Odalen New Zealand 1112 Norsk œ 30 Høvding
Carl Larsen, male, unmarred dreng(?) age 5.

29118 Oslo 349D 1873 06 Ole Hansen m u 7 S. Odalen New Zealand 1113 Norsk œ 30 Høvding
Ole Hansen, male, unmarried, age 7.

I don't get where little Ole Hansen came from unless he is the son of some other father or couple.

In 1870 there are 4 others from S. Odalen going to Wellington NZ.

19836 Oslo 2131A 1870 Okt. 06 Gulbrand Hansen Tovsetbraaten m G Arb. 22 S. Odalen Wellington, New Zel. 4480 Norsk Frit North Star
19837 Oslo 2131B 1870 Okt. 06 Tora Hansdatter f G 22 S. Odalen Wellington, New Zel. 4481 Norsk Frit North Star
19838 Oslo 2132A 1870 Okt. 06 Torkild Gundersen Sestbakken m G Skrædder 34 S. Odalen Wellington, New Zel. 4482 Norsk Frit North Star
19839 Oslo 2132B 1870 Okt. 06 Kari Olsdatter f G 27 S. Odalen Wellington, New Zel. 4483 Norsk Frit North Star

Now to contact Norway - or at least find info on the S. Odalen parish and the farm or parish of Opstad.

There is a lookups volunteer on this page that you should write to to see if she can find your family in her books from the parish.

You can also go to this page to find Norwegians who have the parish info for that area.

scroll down to the bottom, and where it says Pick Resources by County, choose Hedmark from the drop down menu and then click get.
You will see all the Hedmark resources, but scroll down to the entries for Sør-Odal, and for each one you click, it will describe the book and give the name and link to the owners email address.

Braaten means a burned out place in the forest, a method of clearing land. So the braaten could have been a subfarm (bruk) of a main farm.

I did find this page that tells how the farms were listed and under what parishes, and from my little Norwegian I think it says that through time, Opstad was part of S. Odal and then N. Odal and back again.

Good luck with your search, I hope you can make that people connection back to Norway - that's the most fun.

Taryn from Minnesota, USA (with a cousin in Christchurch)

Re: Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

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Surnames: Hansen, Jorkelsen, Jorkelsdatter, Larsen, Thordkild
Thanks soooo much Taryn,

What a lot of info....I really appreciate it.
I have just started with Norwegian records and am finding it difficult. Some of this info conflicts with a book that was written on the family tree so this is interesting but I'm sure it's the same family. They had Eli's surname as Jorkelsen - the family bible they brought with them had's rather confusing. You were right about Karen being the daughter. She married Ole Isakson so that's where the son's names comes from. They are listed as tenants on the census from what I understand (so far). One of the strangest things I have found to date is that there is no mention in New Zealand of "Christian" a son. Maybe he had died before they immigrated in 1873? I have yet to find. It's like he never existed. They knew no one in NZ just had heard all the "stories" about this new land and decided in 1855 to go but it took until 1873. By then Eli's husband Lars Hans had died. Thanks so much again. I will have to look at the links and absorb all the info now.

Jorkel? and map search

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The Jorkel is a mystery that could be explained by bad handwriting, or interpreting the first letter in her land name incorrectly. But something I like to do is look at the census at about the same time and see if it is a name that exists in Norway, and also if it is clustered in certain areas of Norway.
census search online:

Also the letter o could be ø

So after searching some possibilities - and the nice thing about that census search page is you only have to put in the first letter or two or three -

I didn't find anyone in all of Norway in 1865 with the first name starting with Jork or Jørk, or any Jorkelsen or other patronymic form starting with Jork or Jørk. So that would lead me to believe the J should be a T. Of course Torkelsen has quite a few spelling variations.
Thorkel Thorkild Torkel Torkil Tørkel, etc.

My guess is that there might have been neighbors or others from the parish that left for NZ and had written back glowing letters about the land and opportunities.

It would be interesting to check the parish records and find out what happened to Christian.

If you live near a Mormon church (LDS) you can order the parish records on microfilm and search them yourself. They often have research assistants at their location.

I found Opstad, Hedmark on my good map - it's on the river running south out of a lake called Størsjøen, just to the NE of Oslo.

Good luck,

Re: Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

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Here is another record of census for 1865 on the digital archives that gives a little more detail.

school district: Sæter
Local Parish: Ulleren Anex
Main parish: Søndre Odalen (Sør Odal)
Farm name: Lia

1 stort kveg (1 big cow)
They had 6 får (sheep)
and one geit (goat)

That's all I can seem to come up with today.
Good luck,

Re: Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

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Surnames: Hansen
His, am replying to a posting from Liz Larsen in 2003 so some time ago! I live in New Zealand and am the great great grandchild of Hans Larsen son of Lars Hansen of Opstad, Norway. Hans and his wife Karen travelled to New Zealand in 1871. I have spent some time today reading accounts of their trip here, and life in NZ for the very intrepid Scandinavian immigrants who chose to come here.
Jana Seymour

UPDATED 2012 Re: Lars Hansen m. Eli Jorkelsen (Jorkelsdatter) Opstad, Norway 1837

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Larsen Hansen Torkelsdatter
Hi Jana

Thanks for your message. Yes alot of info since 2003!!!
Jorkelsen turned out to be Torkildsdatter.
Family came out from Norway in three separate voyages

The Larsen Family tree is at and the surname Seymour is listed (all living details private)

My husband is the great grandson of Carl & Johanna
Carl was Karen Larsdatter's youngest brother
He changed his name later to Charles in New Zealand

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