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Middlesex regiment

Middlesex regiment

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My GGF was in the Middlesex regiment prior to being sent to the labour corps. His name was William Trainer. I have been unable to establish which theater he was in and my curiosity is killing me! He died in 1919(feb 17) in Edinburgh and was married to a Scot Christina. He is listed in the CWGC site though cause of death is listed as pneumonia...I can only assume as a result of his service hence being listed as a casualty of war.
Can any one help me solve this mystery?

regimental info2 29073 MIddlesex....transferred 154105 ex 854 labour corps Royal Engineers

Re: Middlesex regiment

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Sounds like he was victim of the infamous influenza pandemic, many finally succumbed to pneumonia and he would have almost certainly first fallen ill abroad and been shipped back to hospital.

Obtain an actual copy of his medal index card from

Medal card of Trainer, William; Corps/Regiment Labour Corps Royal Engineers, ex Middlesex Regiment; No 154105 ex 85433; Rank Private

That will give his medal entitlement and the theatre of war he 1st served in.

To trace any more details you would probably need to know which battalion he served with, that is only available from the actual medal rolls, his entry [entries] being located using the reference from the index card. Medal rolls are held at the National Archives, Kew [some regimental museums and very occasionally but limited to local regiments some main town libraries], but rolls are not available online.

The main theatres, up to 31/12/1915 were:
1 Western Europe; 2 Balkans; 3 Egypt; 4 Africa; 5 Asia; 6 Australasia
From Jan 1916 they were changed. See for more on those.

Add a reply to this if you need more help.

Re: Middlesex regiment

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hi there
i did download the medal card but it did not give any info regaring the actual medal entitlement nor the theatre...all it had was the info on the lookup screen....

Re: Middlesex regiment

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hi again....looks like 29th middlesex
and 301st royal engineers company(labour corps)

these are all the details from the card...maybe these mean something to you...I'm stumped!

enlistment 29/8/14
discharge 19/2/18

cause of discharge...difficult to read.....A.D(?) or A.O 265/14
pass or poss a.2

action taken list LC 1031

that sall it badge or medal listed on the card

no theatre listed....darn!

Re: Middlesex regiment

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Sorry for delay in responding, for some reason I didn't receive the usual reply notification about your message.

Sounds like a "silver war badge" card. The cause of discharge the A.O. Number is the Army Order authorising his discharge, the "pass" or "poss" is actually "para" and I suspect the the 14 maybe is 17 so the whole thing becomes AO256/17 para a2 [or 2a] which I think indicates "unfit through sickness", but that will need confirmation. It's possible there is another card or it's missing.

If he enlisted August 1914 he may well have served in the 11th [service] battalion, one of the first new army battalions formed in response to Lord Kitchener's appeal for 100,000 volunteers [K1], in which case he served in France from 29 May/1st Jun 1915 see ,but again identifying the battalion will need confirmation and I'm afraid that can only be done by looking at the Middlesex Regiment medal rolls.

Your reference to the 29th Middlesex can be slightly misleading, the 29th was a "works battalion" and wasn't formed until 1916, 2 years after William had enlisted, it was made up of men who were no longer fit to serve as 1st line infantry at the front, either through wounds, sickness or age; they transferred to Labour Corps when it was formed in 1917.

You may be interested in this site and you may wish to contact the author.

The L.C 1031 is the Silver War Badge Roll reference number LC being Labour Corps' badge roll.
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