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Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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Surnames: Hutchinson, Beers, Finch
I'm looking for info on the family of Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, Onondaga, New York. From cemetery and newspaper data I've found so far, Dr. Hutchinson died 23 Nov 1846, age 83 years, and is buried in Tully Village Cemetery. Samuel married Hannah (?), a former resident of Cortland, New York who died 25 Sep 1839 at Tully, age 57 years. I'm trying to determine if Samuel and Hannah (?) Hutchinson are the parents of Narcissa Hutchinson of Tully who was born about 1792 in Connecticut, and married Edwin Beers of Tully. Edwin died 10 Apr 1843, age 57 years and is buried in Tully Village Cemetery. Narcissa and Edwin had at least two children: (1) Mrs. Hannah Finch who was born in New York and died 4 Nov 1852 at Syracuse, New York, age 40 yrs, 8 mos; and (2) Edwin Jr who was born about 1814 in New York.

Re: Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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Surnames: Hutchinson, Beers, Beer

There were about a dozen Samuel HUTCHINSON's in the US in the 1790 census, mostly in New England. There were 7 HUTCHINSON households in Windham Co., CT, 6 in the Town of Lebanon.

HUTCHINSON, SAML (1790 U.S. Census)
Series: M637 Roll: 1 Page: 237

There were 3 households in Tolland Co., CT, and one in Hartford Co.

In 1800 there were only 3 households in Lebanon, but one was Samuel. There were a few more households in Hebron, CT, this year. This time there were 5 households in Litchfield Co. In 1810 there were only 2 households in Lebanon, CT, and no Samuel. There were 16 HUTCHINSON households in CT in 1810. In 1820 there were still not so many HUTCHINSON's in CT; the most remaining in Hebron.

(Just a reminder that there were about 6 HUTCHINSON patriarchs arriving in MA in the the early 1600's. And, if they were like the KIDDER patriarch, it was about 1750 when the Kidder descendants started moving out of MA. And, one man took his family to Windham Co., CT.) (And, it was about 1750 when families left RI and moved to CT; my DEXTER's to Windham Co.)

In 1820 there were 3 HUTCHINSON households in Onondaga Co., NY, but not a Samuel. There were 16 HUTCHINSON's in NY that year, in about 20 different counties. There were only 3 Samuel's in NY in 1820.

I cannot check the 1850 census; some people can. In 1860, there were ~350 HUTCHINSON's in NY- in almost every county.

I find Edwin BEERS in the 1820 census:

BEERS, EDWIN (1820 U.S. Census)
Series: M33 Roll: 67 Page: 170

Surprisingly there were 68 BEERS households in NY in 1820. In 1810 there were 44 households, and 3 in Onondaga Co. In 1860 there were 232 BEERS' in NY state. And, 6 were in Onondaga Co., including this:

BEERS, NARCISSA (1860 U.S. Census)
Age: 68, Female, Race: WHITE, Born: CT
Series: M653 Roll: 830 Page: 901

That's all for now.

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

P.S. There were 25 people with BEER spelling in NY in 1860, including 3 in Onondaga, Co. (Syracuse area).

Re: Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hutchinson Beers Woolsey Woolcot
Thanks for the response - I didn't think it would be an easy task to determine the right Samuel.

My interest is really more with Narcissa Hutchinson Beers than with Samuel (guess I should have said that from the beginning). In 1850 & 1860 US Census and 1855 NY Census, Narcissa Beers is listed as operating a boarding house in Syracuse, NY. My gr-gr-grandparents, David Woolsey and Harriet Woolcot Woolsey apparently lived with her ca 1850-1857. In the 1855 NY Census, David & Harriet are listed as Narcissa's cousins and I’m trying to figure out how they were related. David's brother Hiram and Harriet's sister Lavinia Castle were also living with her in 1855 but oddly they are both listed as boarders rather than cousins.

I don't know for certain that Narcissa is a Hutchinson - I'm going by Descendants of Anthony Beers (Regan, vol 4, 1982): ""EDWIN, b. 1790-1800; d. possibly in Onandaga Co., NY 1830-1840; m. NARCISSA HUTCHINSON of Tully, Onandaga Co., b. 1790-1800. Information received indicates that Edwin of Tully and wife Narcissa sold land in Onan. Co. 26 Oct. 1825 which he had purchased 18 Mar. 1823, that an Edwin Beers, Jr. was mentioned in a land record of 1836, and that a Narcissa Beers of Syracuse, Onan. Co. purchased land 25 Apr. 1850, but these records have not been seen. Census records indicate this couple had at least 2 sons and 2 daus., b.c. 1810-1830, but their names are not known. A Mrs. Narcissa Beers of Syracuse was m. in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., NY 4 Sep. 1860 to Samuel Voorhees, M.D. She may have been Edwin's widow." From Onondaga records I've just reviewed, this info seems correct, but I haven't found anything yet for Dr. Voorhees and Narcissa past Sep. 1860.

As for Dr. Hutchinson, I found the following in the book Revolutionary soldiers resident or dying in Onondaga County (Beauchamp, 1913): "Doct. Samuel Hutchinson, | Died | Nov. 23, 1846, | in the 83d Y'r of his age. | For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ | shall all be made alive. | Tully cemetery. He is locally reported as a Revolutionary soldier, probably serving from Vermont, but the name appears five times in Mass., and was frequent in 1790.." I don't know how reliable the report was - NSDAR doesn't seem to have anything to corraborate this.

I'll keep the message board posted as I make progress.

Thanks again. Charlie

Re: Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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I am looking at a rejected Revolutionary Pension application file for Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, Onondaga, NY.
Included in the file is a form signed by Mrs Narcissa Beers of Syracuse stating that she has a direct interest in the case as she is the daughter of Samuel Payne. Also in the file is a son John Hutchinson.

I found a snippet view in Google books
"One year, for which he received a discharge, which he has lost. The above service, he states, was at
and about New London, in guarding the coast.
Joel Payne, of the town of Villanova, State of New York, states that the said Hutchinson and himself were
both draughted, in the month of May, 1780, for the term of six months, and entered into the service of the
United States as private soldiers in the same company, commanded by Captain" snippet cuts off here

changing search terms I get the next snippet:
"Daniel White, who resided in the town of Coventry. Immediately after they were draughted, they marched
to New London, where they were stationed, and remained during the whole of the term of six months,
under the command of Colonel John Jone.
Nathan Mixer, Esq, a justice of the peace, certifies that he has known the said Joel Payne about nine years, and
that his character for truth and" end of snippet

These snippets are unfortunatly attached by Google Books to a book entitled "Teaching atlas of nuclear medicine"
(obviously incorrect) but in the common phrases section Google books gives "26th Congress, 2d sessions, Revolutionary
Claims, Revolution pensions, etc.

I am more than 80% certain that Samuel is the son of Samuel Hutchinson and Eunice Badger, born in Lebanon CT on
11 Jan 1765, grandson of Eleazer Hutchinson and Jemima Wright. Joel Payne is the nephew of John Payne who married Samuel's sister Jemima Hutchinson.

Here is the image for Narcissa (it's on Ancestry)

Re: Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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Surnames: Hutchinson

One set of my ancestors is Jacob HUTCHINSON and Eliza CROSBY of 1800's Winchester, MA. Jacob is descended from George, arriving 1630 MA Bay Colony. (Eliza is descended from Simon CROSBY (son) 1600's Billerica, MA).) So, those 2 names are 2 of my main researchers. One of the mysteries I have is whether Eliza's ancestor, Simeon CROSBY, b~1760 MA, fought in the Rev. War. When I asked this on the Rev. War List, researchers several sites and some Google / Books I should look at. I saw the CROSBY name mentioned maybe 6 times and there was a Simon, but I don't know whether he was Simeon CROSBY.

What I've never done good research on is whether the HUTCHINSON men of Charlestown, Woburn, and Winchester, MA, fought in those early Wars. But, if I look at the sites recommened this past week, I'll probably find the HUTCHINSON name mentioned a half-dozen times.
look in archives of American-Revolution List

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

P.S. I just noticed I posted on this thread before; I'll go look to see what I said.

P.S.2 The related names to the above names are KIDDER and RICE, etc. There are KIDDER, RICE, CROSBY, and MOORE books, but I know of no HUTCHINSON book. Part of the problem is that there were about 6 HUTCHINSON patriarchs in the MA Bay Colony.

Re: Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Hutchinson Beers Woolsey Wolcott
Thanks very much for pointing those records out to me. I haven't had the chance to go through all of the pension records, but this clearly validates the connection between Samuel Hutchinson and Narcissa Beers. Now, onto the next challenging question -- how does Narcissa connect to "cousins" David and Harriet (Wolcott) Woolsey of Syracuse.
Thanks again,

Re: Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Hutchinson, George
I wonder if the following obit might refer to the son of your Dr Samuel. I know the Samuel in this obit is related to my line yet haven't nailed down exactly how, perhaps you could help? Anyway here is the obit >>>
WAUSHARA ARGUS Wautoma, Wisconsin
09 MAY1879 SAMUEL HUTCHINSON, Junior., d. Apr 14, 1879 - - - - (CONN)
At Hancock, wis., April 14, 1879, aged 86 years...As was his father SAMUEL HUTCHINSON, Senior., "he was born in Connecticut, and like he was a soldier of his country. His father was a surgeon in the Revolutionary struggle with Great Britain, and when the war of 1812 came on he gave the subject of this sketch a gun and horse, and with tears in his eyes told him to "go". At the age of 30 he was married to Miss Mary George....He was buried by the side of his wife who died about nine years ago. His funeral was attended by a large number of citizens who came to the town about the same time, 1854. His sons CEYDON and GEORGE, and MRS. YOUT (or Yost), his children, lived to follow him to his narrow home. He removed from the state of New York to Racine, Wis., in 1837, when it was a very small place, and being a good carpenter and joiner, built the court-house and jail erected at that time.

Re: Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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Thanks for the obit. The two Samuels may be related but I haven't gotten that far in the research yet. Thanks again, Charlie

Re: Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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I don't know if this helps but wasn't Elmira Pathen, the granddaughter of Ezra and Olive Hutchinson, married to a William Woolsey? See:

This Ezra might have been a nephew to Samuel? I am researching the Patchen and Merritt line, and Caroline Patchen married Elisha Merritt, but the page I linked to above spells the last name Merrill.

Re: Dr. Samuel Hutchinson of Tully, New York

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Surnames: Hutchinson Woolsey
Thanks for the tip - it's quite interesting. I'll definitely investigate it further.
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