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Abraham Fulton

Abraham Fulton

Mary Hamilton West (View posts)
Posted: 958332683000
Abraham Fulton was my GGGGF, was born in North Ireland, near Articlave. He attended 2nd Dumbo Prespyterian Church. He came to America in 1772 from Articlave, Ireland. (My Mother says HIS father came from Ayershire, Scotland to Ireland, possibly to flee a famine there.) (The Ayreshire Scottish crest is exactly the same as the Articlave Ireland crest, and Mother says they were all Scots, not Irish, though Abraham was born near Articlave, Ireland.)

Abraham Fulton was married to Margaret Guthrie, also born in Ireland, but Mother gave me neither's birth or death date.

However when Abraham and Margaret Guthrie Fulton came to this country they settled in Little Sewickly Creek, in Westmoreland County, PA. Both died there and are buried in Mount Pleasant, PA Presbyterian Church's cemetery.

Their son was my GGGF Robert Fulton, who also resided (born?)in Westmoreland Co. He was born in Aug.?, 1797, and died on Aug. 31, 1875 in Pittsburgh, PA. He married Elizabeth Crow, who was born in (?)1807, in Licking County, PA, where both Robert and Elizabeth resided. Elizabeth died young at the age of 41, on Jul. 7, 1848. Robert Fulton served in the PA Militia as a private in the Revolutionary War.

Their children were: 1.) Rev. Henry Fulton, who married Julia Hunter, and had 2 children; 2.)Nancy Fulton (see next paragraph); 3.)Shephard (sp?) Fulton, no children; 4.)Rebecca Fulton, who married John Ross, and had 5 sons; 5.)William Fulton, 1 son, Walter.

GGGF Robert and GGGM Margaret Guthrie Fulton's daughter, Nancy Fulton, was my GGM, born on Jan. 21, 1836, and died on Oct. 13, 1921 in Groveport, OH at Ed Wildermuth's home there. She was married to my GGF George Lintner Hendren, who was born on Jan. 3, 1837, and died April 29, 1912.

Their daughter was my GM Harriet Leora Hendren, born Nov. 26, 1864, and died on Nov. 8, 1933, in our home in NJ while visiting us. She was married to William M. Bonebrake on Sept. 15, 1887. He was born on May, 31, 1865 and died in March ?, 1918. They lived in Columbus, OH where their daughter (my mother) was born.

My mother, Ruth Hendren Bonebrake Hamilton, was born July 27, 1891 in Columbus, OH, and died near my sister's family in Keene, NH, on July 23, 1978. My father was Floyd Eugene Hamilton, born in Batavia, NY on April 3, 1890, and was killed in an auto accident in Somerset, PA on Sept. 2, 1969. They were married on June 2, 1919. Both of my parents were Presbyterian missionaries to Pyeng Yang, Korea, where I and my 4 siblings were born and lived until our evacuation to America, just before WWII.

I hope this sketchy information, which is all Mother could tell me, will be of some help to any of you who are related to any of these individuals. If you are, I would appreciate hearing of any further info concerning them that you can give me, and how you are related to them. Thanks ahead of time.

Correction re Abraham Margaret (Guthrie/Guthry) Fulton

Mary Hamilton West (View posts)
Posted: 958763877000
In my previous #247 message I realized that I accidentally wrote that my GGGF Robert Fulton was married to my GGGGM Margaret Guthrie instead of to my GGGM Elizabeth Crow. GGGGM Margaret Guthrie was married
to GGGGF Abraham Fulton, as I correctly had it in my earlier paragraph. Sorry! Any such ancestors in your line? Message #110 from Patrice Fulton Stark gave some information that seems parallel to my own info, including dates. I would love to hear from her.

Abraham Margaret (Guthry) Fulton

Patrice (Fulton) Stark (View posts)
Posted: 958904116000
Mary, a kind reader (Mary Montgomery) alerted me to your message. The information posted in message #110 (24 January 2000) contains my best suggestions for futher research on this line. I am not a descendant.

Regarding your message (#247, 14 May 2000), you have made a good summary that is generally correct, with a few minor errors. Your Mother has been doing good research. Here are a few comments:

1) I have never seen a birth record for Abraham Fulton, just estimates based on the age of his oldest son, James Fulton, who married in 1772.

2) I have never seen a record in Ireland or Scotland that refers to a son Abraham Fulton "who went to America." To my knowledge, nobody has proved the father. I've seen "guesses" that the father was a William Fulton -- no proof offered.

3) Yes, most Fultons who settled in Ulster (Northern Ireland) have ancestors in Ayrshire, Scotland.

4) The reference to the 2nd Dunboe Church is in error. The certificate brought to America by Abraham Fulton is clearly from 1st Dunboe Presbyterian Church of Articlave.

5) Some descendants migrated to Licking County, OHIO (not Pennsylvania.) There are other Fultons who came to Licking County from Ireland around 1850 that may be cousins from the old country.

6) Is this family related to THE Robert Fulton? There is probably a common Fulton ancestor. Artist Inventor Robert Fulton was born 1765 before Abraham Fulton came to America.

7) If your name is FULTON, you are not a descendant of THE Robert Fulton. His only son, Robert Barlow Fulton, died unmarried. His only brother to live to maturity, Abraham Smith Fulton, died a few months after Robert. Though married, Abraham S. Fulton fathered no children.

Good luck with your research.

Patrice (Fulton) Stark
Posted: 959112300000
Edited: 993509742000
I ran across some place which gave the meaning of the word Fulton. Where it began,how it was changed on down until today.
I thought I would remember but was Interrupted and did not get it down.Now I have no Idea where it was.If anyone knows of this I sure would love to have it. I Know my linage back to John Fulton and Mary Ann Truax but they were not in that linage but I know someone back there had a sibling named John,the one I am looking for.

Your Reply re My Fulton Message #247

Mary Hamilton West (View posts)
Posted: 959114186000
Dear Patrice. I have had company ever since I read your reply, but no time to answer until now. Please excuse!

I can't tell you how grateful I am that you would be kind enough to critique my info in #247! As a new "hunter", I am absolutely amazed at your taking all that time to do so. Thank you SO very much!

I have not yet had time to digest all you wrote, yet pleased that much is not in error, and doubly pleased to have you make the effort to straighten out the "glitches". I will try now to compare your info to mine in order to correct mine and make it line up to yours. Boy, do I apprecialte what you have just done in writing to me. I am 73, and only recently have had the courage to start looking up my family tree. My mother died in the early 80's, and how I wish I would have understood back then how important it is to ask questions and more questions. I had a wonderful relationship with her, and I wish she could have known back THEN, how interested I am NOW in her heritage (and mine!), and that I am so thankful she took the time to put down what she knew in writing, and that she could have known how much I appreciate it now. She would have been so pleased! Because I WAS so close to her, I had every opportunity to learn more if I had only thought to ask those questions! (Let this be a gentle prodding to any of you younger readers, to be sure that YOU do not lose your present opportunities todo what I did not!)

That is why I am thanking YOU, Patrice, for extending, and clarifying the information she left for me.

And no, I do not have Fulton in my name. The Fulton came from my mother's grandmother, Nancy, who married a Hendren, Mother's maiden name. Mother married a Bonebrake. I am also trying to explore those lines as well.
Many thanks again! Sincerely, Mary Hamilton West

Martin Fulton

Posted: 959456875000
Edited: 996332187000
FULTON comes from old English meaning" field
near the town"
My gggrandfather Martin married Catherine Green in 1832 in Athens Ohio
There son William Martin Fulton married Rose
Secoy and had my grandmother Nettie Awilda
Who married Albert H. Bretz
Am looking for more family out there!
Posted: 959519654000
Edited: 993509742000
Hi Linda
My gggrandfather was Isaac Fulton who married Mary Ann Truax.His father was John Fulton. Icannot go any futher back than this.
These people lived in Ohio. I know all of
Isaac's siblings and none was Martain.
Something interesting on the Fulton name.
Plaease let me know if you found this.I may not made the instructions plain.

John Fulton and Mary Ann Truax

Posted: 960031731000
Edited: 1002753971000
To Bee again. We definitly are working on the same family please answer. Isaac's mother was Mary Ann Truax. I can get you to John Fulton's family in Morrow Co., OH
I would like to go back from there.

John Fulton and Mary Ann Truax

Posted: 960039271000
Edited: 993509742000
Hi June
I know my linage from John and Mary it is back before them I cannot find.
Did you check the article on the Fultons that put on the message board?
Posted: 960042406000
Edited: 1002753971000
I checked all of your messages and don't
understand where you find that informaation that you were talking about. Is it on the message board? I have a lot of information on the Truex family and one more generation on the Fulton side. I am really interested in finding details on their children even though they lived right here in my area. June
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