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Andrews of Illinois

Andrews of Illinois

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Surnames: Andrews
Quartus Andrews married Esther House in 1849 or 1850 and they lived in Pearl City area, Stephenson County, Illinois with Quartus's brother Thomas J. Andrews. I have found that during the 1845-1850 era there were several Andrew and House families who purchased land in the Pearl City area.

I am looking for information on both Esther and Quartus' family members and where they came from. Esther claimed she was born in Canada, May, 1833. Quartus born in Ohio in 1826.

Re: Andrews of Illinois

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Classification: Query
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I saw your message today. I am copying some information. Use what you can. You might try contacting Alvin Andrews He is researching the Andrews Family history. My e-mail is

Warren Andrews b1788 (simsbury ct)
Theodocia Andrews b1791 (Warren's 1st)
Charles Andrews b (Theodocia's father)
Theodosha Andrews b (Theodocia's mother)
Warren D Andrews b1818
Quartus Andrews b1826
Mary Andrews b1828
Anson Andrews b
Catherine ? b1830 (Warren D's 1st)
Susan Andrews b1843
Caroline Andrews b1845
Theodola/Theodocia Andrews b1848
Adelaide Andrews b1851
George Andrews b1854
Henry Andrews b1857
Unknown Andrews b1860
Thomas Jerome Andrews b1821
Ann Reber/Andrews/Armstrong b1833 (Thomas's 1st)
Jacob Reber b (Ann's father)
Mary Reber b (Ann's Mother)
Roxy Andrews b1852
Hulbert Andrews b1854
Orion E Andrews b1856
Myrtle E. Andrews Gates b1860
Schuyler E Andrews b1861
Truman J Andrews b1864
Lottie L Andrews b1867
Minnie M Andrews b1868
Merci Fenton (Orion's 1st)
Unknown Andrews b died before 1900
Dana Pitt Andrews b died before 1900
Glen W Andrews b1884
Orie E Andrews b1884
Archie Armstrong Andrews b1887
Eben Bryon "Ed" Andrews b1889
Clara ? b (Glen W's 1st)
Fronia Nelson b (Archie's 1st)
Raymond E. Andrews b (Archie's son)
Jeannette E Andrews b (Archie's daughter)
Donald R Andrews b (Archie's son)
Nellie Esther Marcy b1892 (Ebens 1st)
Lawrence Andrews b
Evelyn Andrews Fandrei b abt 1911
May June Andrews b abt1917
Cecil Lawrence Andrews b abt1925
Joy Jeannette Andrews b abt 1913
James J Andrews b abt 1921
Robert R Andrews b abt1926
Havilah O Gates b (Myrtle's 1st)
Vivian T Gates b
Lyde Gates b
Lila L Gates b
Elyesia Gates b
Augie R Gates b
Lena M Gates b
Verne G Gates
Vera A Gates
Margaret Jane Smith b (Schuyler's 1st)
Lila J Andrews b1888
Lawrence J Andrews b1889
Alvin Norman Andrews b1892
George Ellis Andrews b1894
Bertha Gast b (Schuyler's 2nd)
Anna M Woodruff b (Truman's 1st)
Anna Andrews Hodgdon b (Truman's daughter)
Unknown Cronk b (Lottie's 1st)
Unknown female d1900
Samuel Cronk
Unknown Cronk b
Mollie M Cronk b1887
Billy J Cronk b1891
Samuel J Premo b (Millie's 1st)
Unknown Premo b
Unknown Premo b
Wealtha M Premo b
Esther House b8may1833 (Quartus's 1st)
George House b abt 1800 (Esther's father)
Emma Andrews b1851
Luther Andrews b1854
Levi Andrews b1858
Laura LaLinda Andrews b1861
Amanda Esther Andrews b1865
Ira andrews b1867
Jesse Quartus Andrews b1869
George Hiram Andrews b1871
Ida Jane Andrews b1874
Asa Warren Andrews b1876
Unknown Owen b (Mary Andrew's 1st)
Unknown Owen b (son)
Mary T Owens b (daughter)
J C Bradley b (Mary's 2nd)
Unknown Bradley b (son)
Florence Ella Bradley b (daughter)
James R Moomaw b (Florence Ella's 1st)
John Marcy b1662
Sarah Hadlock b1670 (John Marcy's 1st)
James Hadlock b (Sarah's father)
Sarah Draper Hadlock (Sarah's mother)
Anna Marcy b1687 (daughter)
John Marcy b1689 (son)
James Marcy b1691/1692 (son)
Edward Marcy b1695 (son)
Joseph Marcy b1697 (son)
Benjamin Marcy b1699/1700 (son)
Moses Marcy b1702 (son)
Samuel Marcy b1704 (son)
Sarah Marcy b1706/1707 (daughter)
Ebenezer Marcy b1709 (son)
Elizabeth Marcy b1711 (daughter)
Ebenezer Grosvenor b (Anna Marcy's 1st)
John Grosvenor b (Ebenezer's father)
Esther Clark/Grosvenor b (Ebenezers mother)
Judith Ainsworth b 1702(James Marcy's 1st)
Edward /Ainsworth b1688 ( Judith's father)
Joanna Hemengway b (Judith's mother)
Daniel Ainsworth b (Edward's father)
Alice Ainsworth b1685 (edwards mother)
Joshua Hemenway b1688 (jJanna's father)
Joanna Evens b (Alice's mother)
Richard Evens b (Joanna's father)
Mary Evens b (Joanna's mother)
Ralph Hemenway b (Joshua's father)
Elizabeth Hewes b (Joshua's mother)
John Hewes b (Elizabeth's fahter)
Mary Foot b (Elizabeth's mother)
Sarah Marcy b
Edward Johnson b1700 (Sarah's 1st)
Henry Lyon b 1703 (Elizabeth's 1st)
Thomas Lyon b (Henry's father)
Joanna Payson/Lyon b (Henry's mother)
Capt. John Marcy b1697
Mary Throop b1704 (Capt. john's 1st)
Joseph Marcy b1729 (son)
Stephen Marcy b1730 (son)
Elisha Marcy b16 Sept 1734 (James Marcy's son?
Esther Marcy b1751 (daughter)
Nathaniel Marcy b1733/1734 (son)
Rebecca Marcy b1735 (daughter)
Ichabod Marcy b1737 (son)
Hadlock Marcy b1739/1740 (son)
Smith Marcy b1741 (son)
Lydia Marcy b1744 (daughter)
Thomas Marcy b1746 (son)
Capt. David Perrin b (Esther Marcy's1st)
Abraham Perrin b (Capt. David's father)
Mary Morse/Perrin b (Capt. David's mother)
William Ripley Jr b (Rebecca's 1st)
Lorenzo James 1739?
Parker Morse Jr b1737 (Lydia's 1st)
Dr. Parker Morse b (Parker Jr's father)
Hannah Huse/Morse b (Parker Jr's mother)
Capt. Ichabod Marcy b1737
Elizabeth Grosvenor b1740 (Capt' Icabod's 1st)
Col. Ebenezer Grosvenor b (Elizaberth's father)
Lucy Che(e)ney/Grosvenor b (Elizabeth's mother)
Hannah Williams b1751 (Capt' Ichabod's 2nd)
Samuel Williams Jr b (Hannah's father)
Ichabod Marcy b1780
Betsy Waterhouse b (Ichabods 1st)
Elizabeth A Marcy b1816
William G Marcy b1818
George W Marcy b1824
Unknown Brown b (Elizabeth's 1st)
Laura Summers b (William's 1st)
William Grosvenor Marcy b1818
Luana Bartlett b1820 (William's 1st)
William Leroy Marcy b1846
Amanda Elizabeth Marcy b1847
Lewis Henry Marcy b1848
Lawson Bradford Marcy b1850
Emma Luana Marcy b1852
Rollin Alvarus Marcy b1854
Cora Ella Marcy b1856
Joseph Edwin Marcy b1858
Almira Etta Marcy b1860
Francis Fremont Marcy b1862
Lillie Marinda Marcy b1867
Joseph Edwin Marcy b1858
Luana Lalinda Andrews b1861 (Joseph's 1st)
Minnie Luana Marcy b1886
Asa Milton Marcy b1888
Nellie Esther Marcy b1892
Lila Ethyl Marcy b1897
Mildred Evelyn Marcy b1902
Alfred Parker Bates b1878 (Minnie's 1st)
Eben Andrews b (Nellie's 1st)
Herman Frederick Oppenlander b (Lilla's 1st)
Henry Kliever b (Mildred's 1st)
Nellie Christina Rickson b (Asa's 1st)
Carl Milton Marcy b1913 (son of Asa and 1st)
Bernice Lillian Marcy b1919 (daugher of Asa and 1st)
Helen Mildred Marcy b1916 (daughter of Asa and 1st)
Donald Eugene Marcy b1915 (son of Asa and 1st)
Carol Barbara Marcy b1930 (daughter of Asa and 1st)
Edwin Yost b (Bernice's 1st)
Muriel Rilling b (Donald's 1st)
A L Vernon b Carol Barbara's 1st)
Helen Johnson/Rulifson b1900 (Asa's 2nd)
George Smith Johnson b (Helen's father)
Candice Bosserman/Johnson b (Helen's mother)
Mildred Kester b (Carl Milton's 1st)
Eric B Marcy b1944 (son)
Karen Christine Marcy b1940 (daughter)
R A Hanson b (Karen's 1st)
Kevin Scott Hansen b1969 (son)
Mark Thomas Hansen b1968 (son)
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