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Wish List - a little respect

Wish List - a little respect

Posted: 1380327772000
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All sites have issues - that is part of dealing with the online experience.

I have to object to the treatment by "support" when we report issues/problems or ask a question.

The standard reply is an insult. No matter how thoroughly we document the problem, we get the standard reply telling us to clear our cache and delete our cookies. We are also repeatedly told that we are the only person who has ever reported a problem and there have been no issues with the site. This comment, following admissions and apologies for problems by VPs and Product Managers on your own message boards, Facebook and the Support Community page, is an insult to our intelligence.

If you expect us to continue to pay the subscription fees, give us just a little respect.

Oh - and BTW - the standard gobbledook response from "support" is a mishmash of font sizes, even within a single sentence. If you are going to feed us garbage, at least put it in a pretty package!

Edit - now the SIXTH try to post this message.....

Re: Wish List - a little respect

Posted: 1380329043000
Classification: Query
Looks like just about the same message I used to get many years ago, when I was still bothering to (politely) report problems. After a while, I used to preface my trouble reports with a sentence like "Don't tell me to clear the cache and delete cookies. I know what I am doing and this issue is your problem, not mine."

Too bad Ancestry is still annoying customers (who are probably already annoyed because the site doesn't work properly) by using such an insulting and poorly written message. One of those poorly written sentences isn't even a sentence!

Talk about pouring lemon juice on a paper cut!

Re: Wish List - a little respect

Posted: 1380329260000
Classification: Query
Agreed meekernj!

Oh - it took multiple attempts to even post my message - if I see that man panning for gold one more time, I will definitely scream! I routinely Copy C my message before clicking on Post, because I know it likely will not post properly the first (or fifth) time.

Trust me - my original message included the information that my cache/cookies etc were cleared.
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