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First Indian Muslim in US?

First Indian Muslim in US?

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Who was the first recorded Muslim to arrive in the US from India? Anyone know if this is known?


Re: First Indian Muslim in US?

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I don't think that that fact could be found, because:

1) People were coming to North America for hundreds of years before immigration records were used.

2) It is likely that at least one Indian Muslim was enslaved in the US at some point -- and the backgrounds of slaves are very difficult to trace.

3) I don't think that all immigration records/ships' lists recorded religious affiliations...?

Some Ellis Island records did record "Ethnicity" and some passengers have "Islam" under that BUT I doubt that these were the first Indian Muslims in the US...

Re: First Indian Muslim in US?

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When researching Muslim history in the West, you need to know that Western writers used various terms, including:

Please note: Today, many Muslims find these historic terms offensive.

Re: First Indian Muslim in US?

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Agreed on all points. But if anyone knows who the first "recorded" Muslim from India was to arrive in the US, I hope they will post his/her details here.

Re: First Indian Muslim in US?

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Although Wikipedia is not always trustworthy, this article may be helpful:

I would document this elsewhere, just to be sure.

Re: First Indian Muslim in US?

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Excellent book on Bengali Harlem and the Lost Histories of South Asian America.

The author is looking for descendents to post their lost family history to his website and he is working on documentary.

Re: First Indian Muslim in US?

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You should post this to a new thread. It is not about the message subject so lots of people are not going to see it.

I would take a look at the Ethnic categories. If a board there doesn't fit, then you can ask for a new board to be created.
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