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Great, Great, Great Grandparents

Great, Great, Great Grandparents

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Surnames: Abuja, Druml, Drumel, Levine, Nessman
I am trying to find some information on a Maria Abuja and Josef Druml. They would have been born in the mid 1800's. They had 6 children: Helen, Magdalena, Josephine, Markus, Theresa, Katherine.

Helen married Paul Drumel
Leana (Magdalena) married John Levine
Katie (Katherine) married Vincent Levine (brothers)
Josie (Josephine) married Vincent Nessman
Markus Druml was unmarried
Theresa married Anton Hebein (my great grandparents)

Feistritz an der Gail ancestors

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Surnames: Abuja, Drumel, Nessman, Schuller, Schnabl
My maternal great-grandfather was Michael Schnabl (or Schnabel), was born in Feistritz an der Gail, Carinthia, Austria in 1866. Michael's father was Johann Schnabl and his mother was Helena Nessman, whose parents were Thomas and Agnes Nessman.

Michael Schnabl emigrated to West Milwaukee, WI about 1890. He and wife Catherine were married in Milwaukee in 1897. One of the witnesses to their marriage was Urban Abuja, whom I presume was most likely a friend and/or neighbor.

My grandmother, Mary Schnabl Schuller, was Michael and Catherine Schnabl's first child. At Mary's baptism, her godmother was Magdalena Drumel. I am told that Mrs. Magdalena Drumel was a lifelong friend and neighbor to my great-grandparents in West Milwaukee.

I don't recognize the particular individuals you have mentioned in your query, but was struck by the familiar last names. Are your ancestors from Feistritz an der Gail? There are quite a few Feistritz's throughout Austria and several within Karnten/Carinthia alone.

I am beginning my research in Austria and would like to know if anyone may know how to get Catholic church records in Carinthia. Or know anything more about the following people:

Frank Schuller, born in Feistritz an der Gail, 1868.
Helena Schnabl, mother to Johann Schnabl, grandmother to Michael Schnabl.
Helene Nessman.
Thomas Nessman.
Agnes Wiseck, married to Johann Schnabl.

genealogy - druml

Susanne Wolfe (View posts)
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Surnames: druml
I, too, am searching for DRUML in the Kärnten province of Austria. (GöRTSCHACH-FöROLACH) I recognize the name MARKUS DRUML from searching the following site '';. Says that he immigrated into the USA via the ship Waesland, but does not give a year. You might try the ELLIS ISLAND website 'ELLISISLANDRECORDS.COM'

I have a MAGDALENA in my family tree also, my great-great aunt, but she is burried here in the states (ILLINOIS) and was married to a MICHAEL TSCHURWALD. Could she have been married twice and emmigrated to the USA??

I am actually searching for my great grandfather, PAUL DRUML. (BIRTH YEAR 1877) I understand that he could have been adopted. Any information that you can provide if any would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


drumel - genealogy

Susanne Wolfe (View posts)
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Surnames: drumel
If you are looking for church records, you can notify the Latter-Day Saints site. They have many, many records on microfilm and microfiche. Search the Library on the site under place. Enter Kärnten, and many options will come up. You will then need to call your local LDS library (the site will help you find one near you) and you can have the fische sent there to research.
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Surnames: Druml
Paul Druml(1). Parents: Josef h:19?? landwirt, owner of T Druml and Paula Agnes b Wallner (Only her H Druml.
Paul f:1785 Druml(1) was born in 1750. Parents: Peter h:1761 Druml. Children were: ?? (also Andreas??) Druml.
Paul von St Geogren to Milwaulkee Druml(1) .

Druml Family Name

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Surnames: Druml, Maier, Primschutz, Primschitz, Oswald, Richtig
I am in search of DRUML family history. The family immigrated to Milwaukee in the early 1900's. They came from Hemagor, Austria --Noetsch, Carinthia, Austria -- Koestendorf, Gailthal and St. Georgen, Gailthal, Austria. Frank or Franz Druml was born in March of 1878 (My grandfather) and Agnes Marie Maier was born in December of 1882 (my grandmother). The Primschutz were daughters born of my grandfather before he came to America.

Re: Great, Great, Great Grandparents

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Surnames: Nessman
I have a Caspar Nessman whose brother was named Vincent. They both came to America around the late 1880's or 1890's. Caspar married Elizabeth Brandstetter. Is there a connection?

Re: Druml Family Name

Arlene Crowfoot (View posts)
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I am very much interested in your Richtig line.. My great grandfather, Stephan Pfeifer's mother was Elizabeth Richtig who married Anton Pfeifer.. When he came to US in 1893/ he landed in Iron Mountain, MI.. The family said he has a sister, Agnes but we have not found her family.. Old family members remember seeing her when they were young but I have not found her or her family..I have traced the family to Kaerton, Austria with no definate town except Feistritz and St. Jacob. If you have any information, I sure would appreciate it..

Re: Druml Family Name

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Surnames: Wucherer, Drumel, Klampfer, Kuglitsch, Kroisenbacher
According to my second cousin's wife's social security application (ss-5), her mother's maden name was Franziska Drumel. She was married to Leopold Kroisenbacher. I have been able to trace many of the Wucherer and Kroisenbacher family members back to either Arnoldstein or Pochau, Kaernten, Austria which is accurate according to my father's stories; however, I have not had too much success tracing the maternal side of the families. Perhaps Franzisa is a member of your Drumel line.

Re: Druml Family Name

Kyle Richtig (View posts)
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Surnames: mcdonell, richtig, wagner, ray
I am interested in any information you have on the Richtig family. I am trying to compile a family tree of as many richtig's as possible.
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