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HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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Looking for some help. I have been able to locate my 2nd great grandfather in Ireland (Michael Holden). He died in Athy Ireland (1891) as did his wife Esther Page. I have all of the children and did find one son married in Athy as well but left for the US shortly after. My question is how can I go about finding more info? I think I've exhausted everything I could think of-ancestry, rootsireland and other various sites. I was in contact with someone who was a true genealogy researcher for Kildare. We communicated a few times and stated they could do my research. I was told that I could just put the $ into the rootsireland site to pay for it. My next question was would they find more than what is found on the rootsireland site and never heard from them again! Lesson learned and no $ lost! So my 2 questions are-any hints on where I could find more and 2-where do I find a reliable researcher in Ireland (or US who can get Ireland records)? We are trying to take my Dad to Ireland next year for his 70th bday and hope we can find out more info thru a genealogist and possible having them (or put us in contact)give us tours of things that would be of interest to us.

Re: HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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Have you looked at Griffiths Valuation? There are 3 Holdens in Kildare
I presume you've looked at the online censuses for 1901 & 1911?

And a Tithe Applotment record

Name: Patt Holden
County: Kildare
Parish: Moone
Townland: Ardscull
Year: 1828

And this site might also be of interest It mentions the death of John Holden, damask weaver, in May 1765!

Happy hunting!

Re: HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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You should look to Trinity College for your genealogist although I'm sure there are many reliable ones. Under
Eneclann the genealogy division of Trinity you will find information. I know two who work out of there but last time I asked were too busy to take on any more.

I don't think there were would be anything different from roots as the Kildare genealogy office would have got any information they have from local Parish records. Roots H.O. is in Kildare, and they have research abilities but you pay more than for just the records. At least you would know they are reliable.

Are the family RC or Protestant, Holden sound english so could be Protestant. If so you can access the actual
parish registers yourself. These are held in Dublin
at the churches own Representative Library to 1899. You can do your own research. It take a long time so prepare for that if you want to do it. Its never on one page or just open a book but solid research on your part. They are very helpful there. It is free just your time or for you to pay a genealogist for their time. I would put aside two full days there as they close 2 hours for lunch. (RCB Library) is where you go. There is a map. I took the bus and found it very convenient from in front of the National Library #14. Just lets you off close by and same opposite side for return. Its about 1/2 hr. in busy traffic. Make sure they are not closed for what they call Bank Holidays over there - our
long weekends. You have to leave the building for the 2 hr. lunch. They are open in the evening one night but can't remember. Check the website. You have to go either to the pub in one direction or the hospital cafeteria for lunch. Also the National Library closes as well on these holidays and has hours for specific types of research so if you are going in the evening you need to check the website.

I went to Ireland to do my husband's family as I was quoted a minimum of 500 Euro's and I felt at the time that covered my airfare. I've been several times now.

If RC you would go through the microfilm at the National Library, you can do this yourself. RC records are in local custody. Don't necessarily expect a 'happy to see you' for
either of the dominations. If you want to visit the church it will be locked now, so write first or phone once you are
there and make an appointment. Most Parish's are on the internet now. The graveyards are free to visit and take a digital as they even take good pictures in the rain. They take best pictures in cloudy or shady conditions. Also take some white tissue paper and some black wax crayons as even those where the carving is poor and hard to get a picture you will be able to do a rubbing. You can then iron that onto fabric and frame them if you are so inclined. You can also use black paper and a gold crayon like they do in church for the metal inscriptions.

Will you have a car or taking tours. I have the name of a good fellow that met me one afternoon to drive me around an area, a personal tour. It was about 90E but cheaper than renting a car which when I was on my own the car rental wouldn't let me although I had booked ahead. I will wait for an answer to that questions before chatting on.

St. Michael's church (this indicated to be Church of Ireland but not sure as rc is in the web name?)" target="_blank">
Rev. Cliff Jeffers, The Rectory, Church Rd. Athy 0598631446

Have you tried the rootsweb-Kildare county info? + Kildare (look for archived photo's) United Kingdom+Ireland+Kildare
Different information depending the counties.

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Re: HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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Re: HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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Very strange marionoya!I also have a James but born in 1859-however his parents are listed as Michael Holden and Ester Page. I wonder if we are onto something! I have seen Ester Page spelled as Esther Paige in any combination.

Re: HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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I had a g-g-aunt who was christened Henrietta, but was also known as Esther, Hester & Etty.

Re: HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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hi. my grandmother was esther a. hayden dickow. her parents were ellen and david hayden, who's parents were Michael and esther paige holden. Michael and esther paige had two grandmother esther and a son james, both born in ireland have you been able to find any pictures? any info on my irish relatives would be greatly appreciated. I think I have my info correct.
thank you


Re: HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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I am so happy you contacted me. No I don't have any pictures. I actually found that Michael and Esther (Paige) Holden had 5 kids:

Unknown male
John Holden
Eleanor Holden
James Holden (he is my great grandfather)
Ellen Holden

I obtained this information from an obit for James. It stated that he had a brother (unknown) and sister (Eleanor)"who stayed in Ireland". I can tell you that Michael and Ester are both buried in Athy, Kildare. This is also where John and Mary (Lawlor) married. They married in Feb 1869 and arrived in the US in April and had a baby in June of 1869. My father did not know his father very well and died when my Dad was about 15 so I'm really having to do my work on this side of the family.

I just enlisted the help of a genealogist in Ireland to research the Holden side. She said it would take about 6-8 weeks to complete and its only been about 2 weeks. Sure hope I found a good genealogist and not being taken so we shall see. I will let you know what I find.

Here is my lineage for the Holden's
son James
son John
son John - this is my father
I have been able to locate Baptism Records for James and Eleanor (children of Michael and Esther)

James-dob 1-26-1859 baptism 1-30-1859 address is listed as Newton Allen Parish is Castledermot County Kildare
Sponsors were John Murphy and Elizabeth Curren.

Eleanor dob 6-8-1852 baptism 6-13-1852 address is listed as Matthews Lane Parish Athy County Kildare Sponsors were Patrick Ward and Margaret Ennis.

Do you know any of the following people:
Ruth Holden
Cornell Holden
George Whitfield married to Phoebe Holden

I keep finding these people and they are residents of the Auburn NY area and/or buried/lived in the same place(s) of Holden's I can confirm. Not sure if you are familiar with Auburn or not but its a very small town and find it hard to believe they are not related in some way-I just can't piece it together. If they are related then I have pics of them. Go figure-I can find pictures of "maybe" Holden's but none of the Holden's I do know. My Dad does have one picture of his Dad which I will get a copy of but other than that-nothing. I will keep it touch and please do the same. Wish me luck with the "hired help" in Ireland- hoping for the best!

Re: HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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I am new to all this searching, and can't really afford to pay for a big search. I've been very curious about my relatives and irish roots. I was born and raised in auburn new York and still have a few relatives living there. I think james, your great grandfather would have been my grandmothers brother? I never knew any of my grandmothers relatives. do you live in Ireland? I live in texas now. my father Richard king moved our family here in 1970, from auburn ny. i'm 61. my grandmother, esther a. hayden dickow. my mother Dorothy ellen dickow king passed away in 2010. as far as I know, esther hayden was born in auburn? sorry I can't be much help to you. thankyou for all your information and nice to meet you.

Re: HELP!!! Holden-Athy/Kildare

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What relatives do you still have in Auburn? I try to make it there once or twice a year to take pictures of locations I've been able to find thru research. I do think they were brother and sister. I live in Rochester but born and raised in Syracuse.

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