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John Macdonald of Kildare

John Macdonald of Kildare

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Surnames: Macdonald
I am looking for the father and mother of John Macdonald b Aug 4, 1812, Kildare, Ireland. I have found one record that lists his father as William. John moved to Ottawa about 1840. He married Ezilabeth Charles. The first Candian cemsus I found listed his religion as Plymouth Brethern. Later he is listed as a Methodist.

Any information on his parents or where I could look would be appreciated.

Re: John Macdonald of Kildare

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Protestant records of all sorts would be held by the Church of Ireland, CofI was the dominant church at that time, due to the British takeover. There are few records in Ireland
for census, although they were 1841+ but all but a few
were burned in the Four Courts Fire 1922.

Two forms of census substitutes exist:
1820-30's Tithe(Tax) Applotments (look for William here)
Available, National Archives, Dublin and on

1853 Griffith Valuation of Kildare There is NO William listed but 26 other MacDonald's in 14 Kildare parish's.

The names of some of the occupants are fairly unusual for the time and if they show up in your John's family you could probably be sure which are brothers, cousins, uncles!

John 3 x, Archibald, Felix, Daniel, Patrick 6, Michael, Geoffrey, Judith, Charles, Francis, Catherine. The women likely widowed as land was generally in men's names but often then the widow would apply to have the land lease in her name.

They didn't own the land but were tenants.
There were the people who owned the land, aristocracy, head-tenants people who would rent large tracts including
ministers who would then sub-let to the sub-tenant or occupier.

eg: the Duke of Leinster

There is an Irish History Foundation that has baptism records for parish's in Kildare, a few going back into the 1700's. 22 RC Parish's and 20 Church of Ireland Parish's.
You would just have to try your luck. The History Foundation is a not for profit but fee paying like most of Ireland's genealogy.

There are directories 1824, 1846 on
and free Griffiths and also directories 1870, 1881, 1894 but
if farmers they do not appears till the last two mentioned.

Any questions:

Annette Code

Re: John Macdonald of Kildare

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Thank you Annette! I will follow up on your suggestions.

I hope to find something because we have lots of info on John Macdonald in Ottawa. You see I found my 2nd cousin who had the family album and bible. Through the Candian census records I learned John was the deputy slide master at Chadiere Falls (relates to timber slides).

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to respond. I have been searching for over year for suggestions. I am in the US so if you know of a trustworthy researching groups in Ireland or Kildare -- let me know. I couldn't pay much.


Re: John Macdonald of Kildare

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The best I can suggest would be the history foundation, it is worth looking, 10E to view and 5E per record.

There must be a Heritage Society vs. genealogy office, google?

As far as genealogist's go I can't put names here if they
work for profit. I would suggest you look to the Trinity College genealogy department Eneclann for referrals. Nothing comes cheap in Ireland. I do know of two personally that work there but I know both are so busy they can't take on new work.

In Canada we had a Prime Minister John A. Mcdonald!


Re: John Macdonald of Kildare

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Yes and I was always told we were related to him but I haven't found the connection yet. My second cousin has lots of his photo's of John A Macdonald in the family album but who knows. That side of my family was described to me by my mother as aristrocrates. I was also told they were Scottish. My cousin confirmed they had money and were educated. However her records and the Candian census indicate the macdonald's came from Ireland.

My grandfather H. A Macdonad married my grandmother (from highlands) who was in service -- domestic. My guess he was dis-inherited for marrying her. He was an inventor and I've found 3 if his patents through the Candian data base. Well, my grandfather died in 1936 and my father died in1963 so I was very disconnected from that side of my family. has made it possible for me to learn so much it has been amazing experience. In fact, I found cousin in Scotland I never knew I had. Last year, I made the trip to Scotland to meet them.. I didn't visit Kildare but hope I can make the trip some day.


Re: John Macdonald of Kildare

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There were many Scots in Ireland part of the British effort to have more Protestants than Catholics, there were so many UK and Scotland farmers brought over in "plantations" as they were considered more hardworking than the indgenious

My husband's Great x3 grandfather was William Code and is supposed to have known and been friends with John A.
I've read a lot of information trying to confirm this.
Both were in the same area but with the last name Code you get a whole lot of nothing but computer code's when I try to find anything.

I'm not sure they were aristocrats as such but were better off than farmers, as educated and were in professions.
I don't think he was disinherited people from all walks of life in Canada married each other as there just were not a lot women to marry. At that time that area of Canada was
completed wooded and very swampy, lots of mosquito's and just had mud roads that barely were wide enough for carts
and the bush started 1 foot from the edge. They had to clear the land to start farming.

There are some good drawings on the website

I hope you get to visit Ireland, its so beautiful. I can't imagine coming as a woman from rolling hills and farms to Canada at that time. I wouldn't of got off the boat.


Re: John Macdonald of Kildare

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I'm sure you are right. From what I can figure out - J Macdonald worked all his life for the public works dept at Chaudiere Falls as deputy slide master. It took a year to figure out what a slide master was! The Candian government records are online which is really nice.

It looks like my 1st great grandfather was born on Victoria island (near Ottawa). Think they lived on the island near Chaudiere falls. My 1st great grandmother's father was a contractor (John R O'Connor). Several great grand uncles were machinist (Macdonald). My grandfather (H A Macdonald) went to McGill University.

I wish I could figure out where the O'Connor's came from in Ireland. I can't imagine what it was likein late 1700's or early 1800's. Your description of it tells me I need to get some history books on Ottawa and surrounding counties. They were hardy people for sure.

Well, I am glad I connected with you. When you search for your husbands people, have you tried last name "," and first initial?

My 2nd cousin tells me the family owned an island at some point. She sent me pictues of their cottage on the island. They also loved scull racing. She sent me pics of metals they won in various races in Ottawa. My cousin has many stories and pictures. The Oconnors were from Ireland too. They moved to Ottawa much earlier than the Macdonald's. The O'Connors lived in Leeds County as far back as 1824 because JR O'Connor was born in Leeds county in 1824. His mother E Robertson was also born there.

I've never been to Ottawa or Leeds County. But that is another trip I plan to make.

Re: John Macdonald of Kildare

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Now I'm curious what is a 'slide master'?

Ontarians are big into Islands or 'cottage country', they have a lot of lakes. The cottages used to be just that but now they are show homes.

If there wasn't so many O'Connors/McDonald's in Ireland and most records not in existance you might stand a chance to find them. I have some Leeds genealogy records somewhere from the Leeds Genealogy or perhaps History Society. Wouldn't even know where to look.

Don't go to Ottawa/Ontario is the summer, hot and humid.
Spring or Fall. I live in the best part of Canada the
wet coast-the west coast. Just out of Vancouver.


Re: John Macdonald of Kildare

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My name is Jon Canwell and I came across this post while searching for John Robertson O'Connor. I can't help you with MacDonald family, but John was an older brother to my second great grandfather Owen Fletcher O'Connor. I would be interested in exchanging information. I may be reached at .

Thank you

Re: John Macdonald of Kildare

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I could invite you to my tree. You would be able to see the info I have on the O'Connor family. Just let me know.

Most of the info I have came from my second cousin who was given the family bible, photo albums and cemetery map etc. I have posted everything I have on my tree. Not much on the O'Connor's: cemetery map of family plot at hull cemetery (st James church). I have a photo of Mary alice O'Connor who was John R's daughter. I found census documents and marriage certificate online through ancestry. I also found a map of property owned by John R O'Connor through a different website. I believe John robertson's father (John R O'Connor) immigrated from Ireland but haven't figured out exactly where in Ireland. It may be that I found the property for John Robertson's father - not sure because they are both named John R O'Connor and sometimes referenced as JR O'Connor in some documents.

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