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Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

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Surnames: Gallion, Burchfield, Tipton
I am a Gallion and a Burchfield, the two families were in the same general area of TN and NC and I also have a Tipton in my tree.
Is Tipton connected to Gallion/ Galyan too?

Re: Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

George T. Galyon (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Galyon, Tipton
My name is George Tipton Galyon as was my father's and as was his Uncle. My father was born in Knoxville ca. 1906. I have never been able to find out where the name "Tipton" came from. There was a prominent Presbytyrian cleric from Jefferson Co. named C.C. Tipton. Since my people came to Knoxville from Jefferson Co. I can guess they may have used the name "Tipton" because of t his cleric. There were no Tipton/Galyon marriages that I know of.

Re: Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

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Surnames: Tipton, Burchfield, Gallion
Hi George, you are the person I was thinking about when I made this post. What I got to wondering was..
There were Tiptons in Cades Cove TN, and there were Gallions in Sevier TN. There were also Burchfields' (I'm a Burchfield and a Gallion)in the area.
So I was wondering about a connection in marriage with your name...
Hmmm guess not. Well you never know sometimes, my father was originally named Shirley Brooks Gallion... Which was changed to Brooks Sheryl, I assume he complained about it.

The way he got his name is his mother was so grateful for the midwife's help she named him after the midwife. After seeing his first census 1900 Pemiscot Cty MO, I can only assume the midwife's name was Shirley Brooks :)
You never know how a family gets another name in their name. ;)

Re: Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

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Surnames: gallion, burchfield, knott
Hello Cherl..I do not know of any Burchfield-Gallion connection back in Sevier Co.

I do not see a Sheryl Brooks in my 1900 and 1910 Pemiscott Co., Mo. census and I don't know where the Pemiscott Co. Gallions "come from". Here is what I have:

Pemiscott-Little Prairee Twp.
William Gallion/22 yrs./born in MO. servant to Wm Knott

Ruffie (11yrs) and Lillian M. (10 yrs.) "bound" to Wm. Richie. Both born in Mo. not evident to me in the 1910 census.

Nancy Gallion (55 yrs)-born in Ill. with son Oscar Harvey (24 yrs)born in Ill. and step son Thomas Gallion (8 yrs.) born in Mo. none of these family show up in 1910.

In the 1910 Pemiscott Co. census I have:

Henry (28) and Etta (25) both born in TN

William H. (31), Kate(39(, and Carl (2); born in TN, TN, and MO respectively.

William H. (32)born in Mo., Minnie (32) born in TN, Willie M.(daut., ? yrs, born in Mo), Gladys (daut., 4 yrs., born in Mo), and Sherman (son, <1), born in TN.

I have no prrior knowledge of any of the above.

Re: Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Gallion, Wade
Hi, Yes that is my immediate family. Brooks is in the 1900 census. I'm not sure how much information you've collected in general on Gallions but I can send you photos of the census pages if you like. :) I know you have a huge amount of info on the Gallions. (probably because we are so cool) LOL.
William is my grandfather and he was born in Sevier TN. His Father is John A Gallion and mother is Melinda J Wade. But other than that my info is sketchy at best. I do know that John A Gallion was killed in a bar fight or over a poker game. That's why the kids end up as indentured servants and Thomas was with Nancy Gallion.
William, Ruff, and Lilian were placed with or "bound" to Wm Richie. I also know that as a boy, (before he was a teenager)Ruff avenged his father's death by going to the home of the man who shot his father, knocking on the door and shooting the man when he came to the door.

I have tried to find records of the incidents with no luck. I am sure Ruff was punished by the legal system but I just can't seem to find any information.

Re: Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

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Surnames: Wade, Gallion, McMillan, Strong, McCampbell, Young
I have Thomas A. and Melinda Wade in the 1880 Sevier Co., TN census with son William (1 yr. old). I note that Thomas and Melinda were married in Sevier Co. on 4-16-1879 in Knox Co., TN. Amanda next shows in the 1910 Ala. (Morgan Co.) census as a "widow" with sons Laty P. (b.'83), Wm. M., and DIL Josie V., and GD Cordie A. (b.'06)..and your information does affirm her "widowhood". John A. was listed as a "teacher" in the 1880 Sevier Co. census.

John A. was son to Thomas Young Gallion of Knox Co. and his 1st wife Martha Jane McMillan who were married 5-20-1847 in Knox Co., TN. John A.'s blood brothers were Joseph Strong (a lifelong farmer in Jefferson Co.), and Drs. Ernest Wm. and Ernest McMillan Gallion of Jefferson Co., TN. Dr. Ernest Gallion died ca. 1900 in Jefferson Co. of meningitis. Dr. Thomas William Gallion went to Calif. where he died ca. 1915 somewhere around Bakersfield. John A. had one full sister; Susan E. who married a Fred H. McCampbell in Knoxville on 4-6-1892; and two half sisters Mary A. and Eva.

Does the Morgan Co. 1910 census entry for Melinda sound right to you?

NOw as to who Thomas Young's father was. Thomas Young was son to a Thomas and Alvira Deal Gallion who themselves were married in Burke Co., NC. Thomas Young was born ca. 1825 in Buncombe Co., NC which was formed from Burke Co., NC. Thomas and Alvira emigrated to Sevier Co., TN between `825 and 1830 and were in the 1830 Sevier Co., TN census. In 1840 and 1850 we find Thomas in the Knox Co. censi. In 1850 Thomas Y. established his household quite near to Thomas. References for the above are "Alabama Memorial Records-Jo Gallion; and Goodspeed's History of Eastern TN-Dr. T.W. Gallion of Dandridge, TN". However, I picked up the fact that the Y. in Thomas Y. stood for young from oral history phone communications. Thomas Y. went by the name "Young" and n ot by Thomas..probably did so to distinguish himself from his father. And that name "Young" is very important because it ties his family to that of Thomas and Mary Young Gallion of Harford Co., Maryland. We cannot be sure exactly how but I suspect that it is fairlt direct..I descend from Jacob Gallion who was son to Thomas and Mary Young Gallion. I suspect that said Thomas was a nephew to Jacob Gallion through a brother to Jacob also named Thomas. It is somewhat less likely but probable that our Thomas Gallion was a GS to Jacob through a son named Thomas...but I doubt that one because of other associations that I have made. Unfortunately, there were quite a few Thomas Gallions around ca. 1800.

Re: Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

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Surnames: Haney, Gallion
"Does the Morgan Co. 1910 census entry for Melinda sound right to you? "

No it does not. I don't think that is her.
I'm not really sure about the John & Melinda connection in the Sevier TN census.
My cousin, whom I've never met, convinced me of it but I've always had my doubts.

William Gallion grew up in Pemiscot Co. MO, with two younger brothers and sister, Tom, Ruff and Lillian until his father died.

None of the children knew their mother's name and their father died when when the kids were young.
He was killed in a bar room fight.

After Williams father was killed Ruff and Lillian lived bound to man. William was a servant for another man.

Ruff killed the man that killed John Gallion when he was 10 or 12 and served prison time for killing him.

It appears that Tom lived with a stepmother.
I believe her name was Nancy Haney, they show up in a Dunklin CO MO census.
I don't know why the 3 younger children were split up but I suspect it was poverty.

I have looked and looked but cannot find information on the death of John Gallion, I would think it must be somewhere but I can't find it.

Re: Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

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Surnames: Wade, Gallion
I now believe that the Morgan Co., Ala. census entry is not your Melinda Wade Gallion...but you can be dead sure about the Sevier Co., TN entry because there is also a marriage record with a date that goes along with that entry.

It is odd that you cannot find a newspaper entry for the death of John A. Gallion in a "bar fight". Especially at that date..189x....

Re: Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

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I even spent hours looking through reels and reels of court records. I've looked everywhere I can think of on the Missouri website.
Well, I pick this up every few years and go gung ho until I hit so many brick walls I'm dizzy :)_
There's always next year!

Re: Galyon/Gallion and Tipton connection?

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Wade, Gallion
Just to definitely rule out the John A. and Melinda J. of Sevier Co., I have the death certificates for their sons, William and Thomas, who both died in Knox Co. This rules out Cheryl's William as being the son of this John. Here's a link to the list of all the death certificate's I've got if anyone's interested.
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