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Tracing Baruch, Elizabeth Beckwith d 1869, 1877, Albion

Tracing Baruch, Elizabeth Beckwith d 1869, 1877, Albion

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I am looking for confirmation of the identity of the parents of Elizabeth, wife of Rev. Baruch Beckwith. Rev. Baruch Beckwith and wife Elizabeth lived in Albion with their son, William, who was a merchant who in 1860 census was doing quite well for himself. Rev. Baruch Beckwith was a Baptist minister. He died Nov 10, 1869, in Albion. His wife, Elizabeth, died 2 Sep 1877, I am unable to discover where she died, but most likely in Albion or atleast she would be buried with her husband.

I want to know where they married, where she lived at the time, and who her parents were. The 1860 census quixotically reports that she was born in New London, Connecticut. Ancestry says she was somebody who was supposed to have married someone else. Beckwith genealogy is poorly written and looks as poorly researched, and says she was the daughter of William Keeney and Betty Moore of New London, the woman who is supposed to have married somebody else.

You'd have thought that in allegedly December 1806 (none of their descendants ever heard of citing a source), they married in Connecticut, but they managed to leave no record behind in Connecticut of the event. Elizabeth Keeney allegedly married hte somebody else in New York. No records ever exist in New York.

It should not be hard to determine for a fact who Baruch Beckwith's wife actually was, and who she was not. But the resources are proving obscure.

First, in what cemetery would most people in Albion have been buried 1869 - 1877? That list of cemeteries on the Genweb page doesn't even give a clue what cemeteries are where, let alone in which one in Albion most people were actually buried. Every community has one or two main cemeteries.

Second, are death certificates available for this town for this time? If so, where would I send for them? Elizabeth Beckwith's death certificate had better give her birth date and her parents.

Third, would there have been obituaries for these people, and if so, how would I find them? I'm having trouble connecting with the right person at quite possibly the wrong town library, and I can't make any contact at all with the county historical society. Now, this was a Baptist minister and his wife who died while living with a merchant son worth 4,000 and 6,000 dollars in 1860 - far more than the people around him. If obits were done on anyone these people should have them.

Thanks alot!

Dora Smith

Re: Tracing Baruch, Elizabeth Beckwith d 1869, 1877, Albion

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Reached town clerk. She says death records don't exist before 188_ probably because they burned in a fire. They weren't sent to Albany that early, were they? She found the Beckwiths buried at Mt. Albion, and referred me to the cemetery office for any grave records. The gravestone iteslf doesn't have enough information; it gives her exact date of death but only her year of birth.

Rev. Baruch Beckwith was a Baptist minister who preached in Albion among other places, though he was in his 80s and evidently unable to live alone when he died. Are there any Baptist church records from Albion? And for that matter any biographical information available on the Baptist church's ministers?


Dora Smith

Re: Baruch Beckwith

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Doubtful that this couple married in "1806". Try the First Baptist Church, W. Park St. Albion. Vital records not mandated in NY State prior to about 1880 and don't exist (fire not to blame on this one). shows "Baruch Beckwith & Co." dry goods in Palmyra NY in 1818.

There are also NY State censuses in 1855, 1865, 1875. Hoag Library in Albion (was "Swan Library") has local weekly microfilms. Good Luck!
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