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Classification: Biography
Surnames: COATS

They traveled from Ireland to Pennsylvania to establish a community called Coatsville, but in search of prosperity they came down the Mississippi River to New Orleans. This was the journey of the family of Joseph Coats, his parents and brothers and sisters. Somewhere along the way his father and all their money disappeared. They arrived in Louisiana broke and down-trodden.

Joseph made a living on the docks and as a brick layer and eventually made his way to Livingston Parish. He met and married Rebecca Patterson; who was said to be a Choctaw Indian and a very Christian Woman. The Coats family is a prominent name in Springfield,as they have been there since the origination of the town. Joseph and Rebecca had 4 children. Their son Henry Clay Coats was my GreatGrandfather. Henry Clay married Rozilla Sprole and had 16 children, one of which was my Grandfather; Willie Bryan Coats.

I cannot end this biography without telling the most famous of my Grandfather's stories. It is the story of the demise of Rebecca Coats; his Grandmother. The story goes:

After Joseph and Rebecca had raised their children, they took in an orphaned boy of a family member. They raised him and treated him as their own. For some unknown reason, the boy decided to rob Becky while Joseph was out in the fields. He hit her over the head with a smoothing iron and killed her. He was found and promptly taken to the "Hanging Tree" by a posey headed by Joseph and Becky's son Henry Clay. After the boy was dead and cut down from the tree, he fell face first to the ground. Henry Clay said to the posey "bury him where he lays." One of the Posey members started to turn the body over and Henry Clay stopped him. "He's facing where he's going" Henry replied and turned and mounted his horse.

If you would like further information on this biography or The Coats Family of Livingston Parish, please feel free to contact me by e-mail.

Pam Martin


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Classification: Query
Is this Coates family related to the Coates family of Dr. Coates who the Coates Chemistry Lab on the LSU campus was named for ? there is a branch of the Coates family from Sproxton, England in Yorkshire and Stoke Gregorey, England as well as Castle Loch Mabaron in Scotland
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Classification: Query
I am looking for information on Martin B and Thomas Morris Coats. They married sisters Alice Eugenia and Martha Matilda Zeigler sisters of Andrew Milford Zeigler, my Great Grandfather. I have approx. 16000 names in data base and have little on these lines.
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Coates, Ziegler, Gordon
I suspected Martin B had a brother by the name of Thomas Morris who married sisters Matilda Zeigler and Alice Eugenia. My nephew came across a picture of Thomas and Matilda, but I couldn't match them to anyone in my line. And, I can't find a Thomas Morris that was a sibling of Martin B Coates. The only siblings of Martin B Coates that I've found are Morris T, Paul L, and Christerfield Coates. If you have sources showing Thomas Morris Coates being a brother of Martin B Coates, then could you tell me where to look? I sure would appreciate that. Martin B and Alice Eugenia (Ziegler) Coates are my maternal grandmother's parents. (My mother's middle name is Eugenia after Alice Eugenia. I'm Michael Behrens, grandson of Dorothy Loretta Coates LaVigne. My tree is "Michael Behrens Family Tree".) Anyway, I can't find anything on the death dates of Martin B and Alice E. I do know who Martin's parents are: Martin Morris Coates (from Yorkshire, England) and Colasta Gordon. I haven't been able to find any death dates on Martin B Coates or Alice Eugenia Ziegler.
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Coats
Really appreciate your note. You can contact me directly at Not signed up to Ancestry. com but have a tree posted, but its out of date.

Suspect the Thomas Morris is your Morris T. Would make sense that brothers married sisters. Other siblings than the ones you listed are Stephen, Martha, John, along with Martin B. These were listed in the 1860 census. Would be greatly interested in your line of the family. I have nothing on the three sisters of Andrew Milford Zeigler other than who they married. I have an extensive data base on the free site Roots Web.
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Surnames: Coates, Ziegler, Gordon, Behrens
I figured it out last night. lol. Apparently, families liked to call their kids by their middle names. I know this to be true because my grandmother (Dorothy Loretta Coates, daughter of Martin B., son of Martin M. Coates from Yorkshire, England) was called Loretta. I figured that his name must be Thomas Morris instead of Morris Thomas. As soon as I reversed the names, I discovered a lot of other good info. My grandmother's father (Martin B.)and his brother (Thomas Morris) apparently did marry two Ziegler sisters. On another note, I have a Andrew Ziegler born in 1860 and listed as the brother of Alice Eugenia. Their parents were Albert Augustus Ziegler (1836-1887) and Rebecca Wall (1824-1891). I don't know if this info about Albert and Rebecca is correct as of yet, and I need to confirm all this. (I recently added these names.) By the way, my name is Michael Lavigne Behrens and my family tree is Michael Behrens Family Tree. My mother was Carmen Eugenia Lavigne (1921-1971). She was married to my dad, Leroy Morris Behrens (III). He went by Jr., but he was not really a Jr. He just liked to be known as Jr. after his grandfather (Leroy Sr.) passed away. Don't ask me why he did this. Anyway, Carmen's father is Samuel Robertson Lavigne (1888-1960) who was married to my grandmother, Dorothy Loretta Coates. Samuel is buried in Kennewick, WA. I have a picture of the headstone. My family lived in Richland, WA during that period. My dad worked at Hanford Nuclear Plant beginning after WWII. He moved the family back to Louisiana in 1966. I have more info if you're interested.
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Yes, most of your information is correct. Albert died in 1881 not 1887. They are buried in the Zeigler Cemetery at Springville Cemetery just outside of Springfield La.
Chesterfield a brother of Martin B. married Annie Gordon a sister to the wife of Andrew Milford (son of Albert and sister to Martha, Alice, and Rhonda. Will see if I can access your web page.
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Coates
Thanks for the info! I really appreciate that.

While you're at it, do you happen to know what year Martin B. Coates (brother of Chesterfield) died, and can you point me to the source? I've looked everywhere and can't come up with anything.
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Classification: Query
I dont have the date. The information I have came from the Livingston Parish History published in 1986 written by my 2nd cousin (deceased) Gloria Lambert Kerns. Not sure of her sources probably her mother who was my Grandfathers sister. She was a semiprofessional genealogist. Since I am not a member of, I cannot open you tree, but would love to add your information to my tree. Any inf. you can send would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Marvin
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