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Loyalists in east Florida

Loyalists in east Florida

Steve Cox (View posts)
Posted: 987083594000
Does anyone have info on any Loyalists who stayed
in east Florida after nearly everyone else
had fled to the Bahamas or Canada? My ggggg grandfather,
John Cox, was said to have drowned in the
St. John's River around 1786-7, which is after
most of the Loyalists had left. Thanks.

Steve Cox, Fremont, NE

Loyalists in E. Florida

Posted: 989999988000
Edited: 993230595000
Concerning the query about Loyalists in East Florida - In most cases, the latest they departed East Florida was in 1784. The reference to a drowning in the St. John's River (the correct spelling st the time) is that this river is the Saint John River in the province of New Brunswick in Canada. This province was a part of the colony of Nova Scotia, and after the American Loyalists arrived there in 1784 in the 10s of thousands, they wanted to have their own government, which they did, and the colony became the two provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Loyalists in east Florida

Steve Cox (View posts)
Posted: 990113146000
I only have family legend to go on. Do you have
any documentation of loyalists drowning in the
Saint John River of Canada? As far as I know
it's always been believed that my ancestor
was in east Florida, and we have found some
accounts of a few loyalists staying behind
after 1784. If I could find anything concrete
that places my ancestor in Canada, rather than
east FL. then I could continue my search in
Canada. Thanks. - Steve Cox

Loyalists in E. Florida

Posted: 990359287000
Edited: 993230595000
Hi Steve. Yes, I will look in my notes to see what I have on a John Cox. When they say East Florida, most times they are really talking about the city of St. Augustine. From there in 1784, all of those who wanted to go to Canada (Nova Scotia), went there on the "Argo" and landed in Nova Scotia in the summer.
Now it is my understanding that many of the Loyalists in E. Florida were already refugees of Georgia, N & S Carolina and surrounding areas having fled there to get away from the Americans after the fall of Charleston. Does this relate in any way to yout ancestor?
Give me a couple days and I will check on your John Cox. In the meantime, since John Cox may turn out to be a somewhat common name, is there any thing else you can tell me about him which would place him for me in the colonies previous and during the war?


Steve Cox (View posts)
Posted: 990384922000
My John Cox was probably of British birth.
He supposedly married a woman from Charleston
named Ann or Mary Ann Brown, and her father
was said to have owned a rope factory there.
Since she was born in 1769 I would guess his
birth date to be around 1765. There was also
talk of a relative, perhaps a sister, who
owned a castle in Edinborough, Scotland.
Even though Cox is a British name, he may well
have been Scottish. I'm just guessing he was
born somewhere in Britain and emigrated to
America around 1780. He and his wife had one
son, John Charles Cox, born in 1787, some say
South Carolina, others say Florida. John
Cox died around that time (drowned) and his wife moved
back to South Carolina, settling around
Orangeburgh, and married a man named Gideon
Jennings, a captain. John Charles Cox and
his half-siblings apparently were on very good
terms, all moving to Mississippi in the early
1800s. That's about all I know. Most records
that show the marriage of Gideon Jennings to
Cox's widow have her listed as Ann "Unknown".
The oral tradition in the family has Cox
drowning in the St. John's River in Florida but
this would have to be around of after 1787, since
he fathered a son born that year. Our family
research has discovered that there were some
Loyalists that remained in east Florida after
the other loyalists fled to Canada and the
Carribean but Spanish censuses don't list a
John Cox. These Loyalists apparently were
hidden far back in the wilds there.

So, anything you can find would be appreciated.
We're at a road block here. There was no
shortage of John Coxes in early America!
Thanks for your help! - Steve Cox

E. Florida - Cox

Posted: 991072931000
Edited: 993230595000
Hi Steve -
Could you send me your e-mail address. I am working on a rather lengthy e-mail answer to you on Cox and Loyalists.

Coxl- E. Florida

Steve Cox (View posts)
Posted: 991117092000

My email is:

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks (in advance
for your research!)

Steve Cox

Cox - E. Florida

Posted: 991244241000
Edited: 993230595000
Ok Steve, will send you a message in a few days. I did find record of your Cox, but would like to add a couple a research points with it to help you do more research.

Cox- E. Florida

Steve Cox (View posts)
Posted: 991289015000
Thanks! I'll look forward to receiving it. Can
you also mention your sources? Thanks again.

Steve Cox

Cox- E. Florida

Steve Cox (View posts)
Posted: 991894222000

I haven't received the info you said you had, in
case you sent it out already. You really
have my curiosity up! Thanks!

Steve Cox
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