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Major update for Clan Donald DNA Project Website

Major update for Clan Donald DNA Project Website

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Surnames: Donaldson, Donald, MacDonald, McDonald, McConnell, McDonnell, McDaniel. Connell
The website for the DNA project for McDonald, MacDonald, McDaniel, McConnell, McDonnell, Donaldson, Donald, and other men whose male lines may be associated with the MacDonald Clan was updated during the holiday weekend. Many of the members of the project who were previously members of large “unclassified” groups within the project are now placed in smaller “classified” groups with men who are related to them. There are 3 new subgroups, an R1a Green group, an R1b Maroon group, and an R1b Yellow Green group, and other classified groups have expanded. The R1b Magenta group has grown to more than double its size in early November and includes a number of McDonald men.

You can see the tables here:

Immediately above some of the tables, there are new or revised notes on the groups in those tables. Some of these notes tell how the men were classified as members of particular groups. For some of the men added to the Magenta group, results for one of the markers in the 38-67 marker panels at FTDNA were critical in the decision-making process.

The note for the new R1b Yellow Green group states that the 464X test (a special test for the DYS464 markers) gives a distinctive results for members of that group. The Yellow Green group is part of a much larger group of related men, and most of those men would also receive a similarly distinctive result on the 464X test. I am working on a DNA project for the larger group, and I believe that some of the men who remain in the R1b Yellow Group of the project could be similarly grouped using 464X test results.

If you think that your family may fit into the larger group, you may contact me for more information, and you may want to visit our project website for the DYS464xccgg project:

I encourage all researchers with relatives in the Clan Donald DNA project to check out the revised tables AND the new network charts for the project. The network charts are a nice pictorial representation of the project data, showing a best approximation of a family tree for the men in the project. A chart including members of the R1b Magenta, Maroon, Yellow Green, and other groups may be found here:

and another one using data for more markers may be found here:

You can find links to charts for some of the other men in the project here:

If no male from your family line is in the project, and you have a suitable male family member available for testing, you may want to take advantage of the holiday discounts available for orders placed through DNA projects. A suitable male would be any male whose all male line goes back to a man of the surname being researched. Usually, both the male testing and the ancestor would have the same surname, but there are exceptions when a name has changed.

For families with one member already in the project, it would make sense to encourage testing of more distant relatives and suspected relatives while these discounts are available.

If you have any questions relating to participation in the Clan Donald DNA project, I would be happy to answer them for you. Just reply to this message through the message board or e-mail me directly.

Kirsten Saxe, co-administrator for the DYS464xccgg project (and McConnell researcher)

Re: Major update for Clan Donald DNA Project Website

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Surnames: McDonald
is there a Clan Donald Canada project? I know many came down to New England to work, so they could end up among the Clan Donald USA group.
I've been in contact with the Clan Donald USA genealogist over the past decade or more, but no-one related to me has ever contacted him. I've also spoken with the Clan Donald Canada in the past decade, and just contacted them again today.
my earliest known couple is Archibald and Margaret __?__ McDonald of N. Uist, Inverness-shire, Scotland.

Re: Major update for Clan Donald DNA Project Website

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Surnames: McDonald, McDaniel, Donaldson, Macdonald, McConnell
There is no separate Clan Donald Canada DNA Project, but Canadians, Scots, Irishmen, Australians, New Zealanders, and others can and have joined the Clan Donald USA Project, which reached the milestone of having over 700 members with results posted as of the most recent update of the project website.

The name Archibald McDonald sounds familiar. I may have seen him listed as the earliest known ancestor for one of the project participants on the Ysearch website. Ysearch is a free database sponsored by Family Tree DNA, which has done most of the testing for the Clan Donald DNA Project. Anyone with Y chromosome DNA test results from any lab may post them on Ysearch, and others can search that database by surname or by looking for DNA matches to their own results or to a possible set of results that they specify.

When I did a search for DNA results for McDonald men just now, I found 3 listings for men whose lines have been traced to N. Uist, and there were others whose lines have been traced to Inverness-shire. I looked at the 3 listings that I found for N. Uist, and I did not see Archibald mentioned, but I think that you might want to look at those entries yourself and also check out some of the others. The DNA results show that 2 of the N. Uist McDonalds are related to the MacDonald clan chieftains.

You will want to look for variant surnames like McDaniel, Donaldson, Macdonald, and McConnell in your searches.

Once you find some interesting ysearch entries, you may want to look for those men on the DNA project results tables. By clicking on their Clan Donald codes in the tables, you can easily find their genetic matches. If they have Ysearch entries and the project webmaster knew about them when he was posting their results, then you can easily navigate to those entries by clicking on their Ysearch IDs.

The project website has a lot of other useful information on its other pages. If your line is from the clan chieftains, you may find the History page titled After Somerled particularly useful. One man from the clan chief line told me about his ancestor from Kinlochmoidart, and I was able to find that ancestor's line back to Somerled using another MacDonald genealogy site that I believe is maintained by one of the other Clan Donald organizations. So information may be found in a few different places, even though there is just one Clan Donald DNA Project. It is best to have one large project, so that genetic cousins and project administrators can easily find each other and work together. Once researchers find their genetic cousins, they can work with each other in smaller groups.

If you have any questions, let me know. I'm curious now about Archibald, and wonder if he is listed as an earliest ancestor somewhere in the Ysearch database.

Kirsten Saxe
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