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bilyeu's in missouri

bilyeu's in missouri

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My greatgreatgrandmother was a Bilyeu. Mary(1-7-1855) And I think that her father was Samuel and mother Matilda and they were in camden co. missouri in the 1860 census. I got very excited when I read the part about the cherokee relationship because as a child I was always told that I had cherokee blood line but now that I am interested in all of this most of my relatives have passed on. Please e-mail me at if you can help me at all.
Thank you,

Missouri Bilyeu's

Denise (View posts)
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Not sure of any relation, but is Camdenton, MO. in Camden County? I am a descendent of Bilyeu and one of my great-aunts lived in Camdenton, MO for many many years. She is still living. Would love to find out if there is any relation. My great-grandfather was Louis Clyde Bilyeu. Not sure of his Date of Birth. I believe he died in 1966. Not positive about that yet, I will do some checking. He has several living children. Their mother (my great-grandmother) was LouAddie Evelyn Keeth-Bilyeu. Would love it if you had any more information. Thanks
Denise Kluge

corrections to Bilyeu's in Missouri

Denise (View posts)
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please read my posting on Bilyeu's in Kansas and the corrections to Bilyeu's in Kansas for more information. Thanks (sorry for all the confusion) Denise

Bilyeus in Mo.

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Hi Denise,
First of all, yes Camdenton is in Camden Co. Mo. Then the only thing I have been going on is the census records for that county.I found a Samuel(which I am beginning to believe is really Simon) Bilyeu in the 1860 Osage Twp. Camden Co.MO.Here is what it says:
Samuel(Simon) Bilyeu age 38 born Ky.
Matilda age 34 born Ky.
Anna age 16 born Mo.(twin)
Peggy age 16 born Mo.(twin)
William B.Smith age 12 born Mo.(stepson)
John P. Smith age 9 born Mo. (stepson)
Mary Bilyeu age 5 born Mo.(this I think is my grgrgrandmother)
Isaac age 4 born Mo.
Peter age 2 born Mo.
This is second marriage for him and atI think second for Matilda also. The marriage records show her as Matilda Smith so I do not know what her maiden name is and don't know if I ever will. My Mary was born in January of the year 1855 and the census was taken July 1860 so I am hoping that this is her because she would be 5 at this time. I also have not found anymore on the Smith boys and I wonder if ny chance they changed their names to Bilyeu? I don't know if they adopted like that back then or not?? In the 1870 census of Camden Co. Mo. I found:
Matilda Bilyeu age 44
John age 19
Mary age 15
Isaac age 14
Peter age 12
Malinda age 10
She is head of the household so I wonder if Simon has passed away?? I will let this all sink in and give you my email so you can email me
Thanks and look forward to hearing from you


Denise (View posts)
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Some of the information doesn't match. My Grandmother (Cleeta Bilyeu-Kite) tells me that the Bilyeu's lived in Missouri, not Kansas. Obviously at 85, there my be information she has forgotten or doesn't know, although she is pretty darn together for 85 :-) . Her father Louis Clyde Bilyeu was the son of John Henry Bilyeu and Ida Adeline Jones-Bilyeu. They lived in Miller County. Her father married LouAddie Evelyn Keeth (Bilyeu) and they had 6 children. I do believe that John and IdaAdeline had several children. I will find out more.

Miller Couty Bilyeu's

Denise (View posts)
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Have you done any checking into Miller County census records??

Miller County Bilyeu's

Denise (View posts)
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Have you done any checking into Miller County census records??

Simon Bilyeu

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Yes, that is Simon, not Samuel. The twins are from his first marriage to Mary, and I think in the 1850 Census, only one twin was given so a lot of us assumed the other twin was deceased by then. They never lived with Simon and Matilda as far as I know; their grandparents, Andrew and Anna Bilyeu raised them.

Simon Bilyeu

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Thanks Mary for your input. These Bilyeus are sure a fun bunch to trace! I have made an odd discovery though, I found Simon and Mary's three kids living with Andrew and Anna in the 1850 census of Miller co. but in the 1860 census only Simon's kids Andrew and Peggy(which I think is Margaret) are living in the house with Andrew and Anna. BUT in the 1860 census of Camden co. Mo. Simon is remarried to Matilda and the twins are both listed in that household!! Anna and Peggy I am thinking are possibly living with father and new wife and also hopping back and forth to be with grandparents Andrew and Anna. What do you think or have I confused you even more?? Do you happen to know if Simon's son Andrew married to an Amanda Wyrick on 1-5-1862? Let me know your thoughts, Jamie

Bilyeu family of Missouri, etc.

Angela Bull-Rosenthal (View posts)
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Hi Jamie, Denise and any others I am leaving out. I have been searching for clues into the genealogy for a while, but had nothing to offer until my grandmother sent me all of the papers for my birthday. I have nearly a complete history of our branch of the family, dating to their arrival in this country in 1661! I am descended from Isaac Bilyeu, who was the son of Pierre Billou, and the brother of your Andrew Bilyeu. Please get in touch with me as soon as you see this so we can talk; I am so excited to find a relative out there! Angie
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