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Wendy Aguero (View posts)
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I have heard our ancestors are from Spain. My grandmother is light haired with light eyes and skin. They were born in Cuba. There are alot of Agueros in Miami, Florida. My dad side is Aguero.


DANNY (View posts)
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Aguero Surname

Jose Antonio Aguero (View posts)
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Hi, Wendy. All the Agueros in Cuba are more or less related. Spanish, Criollos, Mulatos and Blacks. Original family comes from Camaguey. Most migrated to Santiago and Havana. The Aguero name comes from Santander and Burgos, Spain. There weas a brach that migrated to Aragon, Spain and were the silversmiths to Queen Isabel. My grandfater, Jose, was a lawyer in Santiago and had a lot of children. So you must have a lot of cousins and uncles. He dropped the "de" from "de Aguero" Our direct lineage comes from Joaquin de Aguero, who was hanged by the Spaniards for freeing the slaves in Cuba (a hundred years before the US). Had enough?

aguero's from Cuba

alex aguero (View posts)
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My father was born in Camaguay his mane is Elidio Ramon Aguero, my grandfather's name is Aurelieo Aguero also from Camaguay, my father has a sister named Angelita and a brother named Norman. Since I know very little of my families past, any info would be interesting. thanks

My mom side is aguero from camaguey, cuba

rosa cancio (View posts)
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Hi to all the families Aguero's. Iam presently living in miami , florida. My mom side of the family is Aguero. My grandfather was Pedro Aguero, Died in April 30, 1942. He left behind a wife by the name of Rosa Diaz De Aguero, three daughters by the name Olivar, Olga, Riquilda, and one son by the name of Millan Aguero. Hope to hear from you soon!!!!

Re: aguero's from Cuba

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angelita sounds like one of my older relatives. My fathers side is aguero and they had a large family. I do know my father in some way was related to a former dictator. My uncles were eduardo, lolo , emilio. My grandfathers name was enrique. Email me and maybe we can find out if we are related ,, we could well be,, I am related to the Agueros listed in the Miami phone back lol. My email is

Re: aguero's from Cuba

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Surnames: Aguero
Hey don't know you but would like to know the family history.My name is Teresita Aguero from the Island Of Guam. We have pretty much Agueros here all related. Would like to know more about you.

Re: Aguero Surname

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Surnames: Aguero, Lynch
I can more or less "confirm" this "legend". I say "confirm" and "legend" because I have yet to find any proof linking my family to Joaquin de Aguero. Except that my great-grandfather (or great-great) Joauin M. Aguero left Cuba after Joaquin was killed. My dad loves to tell this story that we are directly descended but without proof I remain hesitant.

The same goes for the story about the silver smiths.

I am trying to find a way to get records out of Cuba, which is difficult with the USA's continuing asinine embargo. If/when I get records proving (or disproving) direct lineage I will let everyone now.

Re: My mom side is aguero from camaguey, cuba

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from my mothers side we are Aguero as well and from Camaguey, Cuba also--we got to be related for sure, I also know a man named Jose Aguero descendant of Joaquin Aguero, works for cable company and we just met a day ago, can you please reply, My name is Carlos,from camaguey; Cuba

Im from Camaguey....

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My family last name Aguero from Camaguey...and my greatgrandpa name was Manuel Aguero, my grandpa Manuel Aguero, my father was too, Iam Manuel Aguero and my grandson name is Manuel Aguero...We are desdendant of Joaquin Aguero, and the Fray Manuel Aguero from Spain.Also we have Aguero family in Miami and California.
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