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Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

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Surnames: Roerink, Dongelmans, Donkelmans
Hi all,

I'm trying to find information about my grandmother's parents. She was born in 1922 in Groningen to Anna Marie Roerink and Jan Roerink (I believe). Jan died around the time of her birth, so I am not sure if Roerink was his last name or her maiden name. My grandmother was named Janna. Jan worked for the JB Wolter publishing company at the time. Anna later married a Louie Donkelmans or Dongelmans, and they lived in Arnhem. My grandmother had been there during the second world war. There was a son, Jan, as well as two daughters, Marie and Annie.

Any information that you could provide would be a huge help!

Re: Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

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Surnames: Roerink Dongelmans Dijkman Smits
Here is an index to his death:

Detail result: (Deceased)

Source Civil register - Death
Archive location Groninger Archieven
General Municipality: Groningen
Type of record: overlijden
Record number: 1352
Registration date: 20-11-1922
Deceased Jan Roerink
Gender: M
Date of death: 20-11-1922
Age: 33
Place of death: Groningen
Father Gerrit Derk Roerink
Mother Hillegonda Dijkman
Partner Johanna Maria Dongelmans
Relationship: echtgenoot
Additional information geboortepl: Arnhem; beroep overl.: chef metaalzetterij

So the greatgrandmother's first names were Johanna Maria and her last name Dongelmans. The marriage of the greatgrandparents:

Source Civil register - Marriage
Archive location Gelders Archief
General Number of finding aid: 0207
Item number: 9105
Municipality: Nijmegen
Type of record: Huwelijksakte
Record number: 242
Registration date: 25-07-1913
Groom Jan Roerink
Date of birth: 06-05-1889
Place of birth: Arnhem
Bride Johanna Maria Dongelmans
Date of birth: 08-12-1891
Place of birth: Arnhem
Father groom Gerrit Derk Roerink
Mother groom Hillegonda Dijkman
Father bride Martinus Dongelmans
Mother bride Johanna Smits
Additional information beroep Bg.: machinezetter; beroep Bd.: zonder beroep; beroep vader Bg.: timmerman; beroep moeder Bg.: zonder beroep; beroep vader Bd.: schilder; beroep moeder Bd.: zonder beroep
See the site for this information.
They married in Nijmegen, but were both born in Arnhem. Their birthdates are in the marriage record. Their marriage and birth records are available at Familysearch.

Re: Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

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See for the link page where all the original records can be found. Find the record first on genlias since it is a searchable database to get the exact birth/marriage/death registration dates, also note the record number that can make it easier to find the actual record. Let us know if you need any help finding the actual record and/or for translation.

Re: Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

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There is still a lot more to be found but to get started:

You may already have found these:

Bron Burgerlijke stand - Huwelijk
Archieflocatie Gelders Archief
Algemeen Toegangnr: 0207
Inventarisnr: 1111
Gemeente: Nijmegen
Soort akte: Huwelijksakte
Aktenummer: 50
Datum: 04-05-1876
Bruidegom Gerrit Derk Roerink
Geboortedatum: 23-08-1849
Geboorteplaats: Lent
Bruid Hillegonda Dijkman
Geboortedatum: 02-09-1847
Geboorteplaats: Nijmegen
Vader bruidegom Rijn Derk Roerink
Moeder bruidegom Hendrina Peters
Vader bruid Jan Dijkman
Moeder bruid Hillegonda van Eijkel
Nadere informatie beroep Bg.: tuinier; beroep Bd.: dienstbode; beroep vader Bg.: geen beroep vermeld; beroep moeder Bg.: zonder beroep; beroep vader Bd.: geen beroep vermeld; beroep moeder Bd.: geen beroep vermeld
Bron Burgerlijke stand - Huwelijk
Archieflocatie Gelders Archief
Algemeen Toegangnr: 0207
Inventarisnr: 5073
Gemeente: Elst
Soort akte: Huwelijksakte
Aktenummer: 12
Datum: 18-08-1832
Bruidegom Reinard Derk Roerink
Leeftijd: 22
Geboorteplaats: (Lent)
Bruid Hendrica Peterse
Leeftijd: 21
Geboorteplaats: (Dodewaard)
Vader bruidegom Willem Roerink
Moeder bruidegom Hendrica Heijmans
Vader bruid Arie Peterse
Moeder bruid Johanna Caters
Nadere informatie beroep bg.: arbeider; beroep bruid: dienstmeid; beroep vader bg.: arbeider; beroep moeder bg.: zonder beroep; beroep vader bd.: geen beroep vermeld; beroep moeder bd.: geen beroep vermeld
You may not have found these records at
Huwelijkse Bijlagen, or documents that had to be submitted at a marriage can be very useful

For the marriage of Reinard and Hendrica Peterse they start at:

page 2388: Extract out of Bapt book of Lent, Reinard was born on 19 Sept and baptized 24 Sept 1809.

page 2389: Certificate of military duty, Reinard got number 83 and thus did not have to serve there is a physical description of Reinard:

Height 1 El 669 Strepen - I think it was already metric so about 1.70 meters tall. (I could be wrong it varies from region to region)

Facial Feature - Long
Forehead - High
Eyes - Grey
Nose - normal
mouth - idem, also normal
chin - round
hair - light brown
eyebrows - same
no distinguishing features

page 2390: cover page

page 2391: extract of death record of Arie Peterse who died 20 Jul 1820 at the age of 48 at Dodewaard, Gelderland.

page 2392: extract of Bapt record of Hendrica Peterse was baptized on 19 Nov 1810 at Dodewaard, Gelderland.

page 2393: extract of death record of Johanna Katers who died on 25 Aug 1812 at Dodewaard.

Re: Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

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Wow, this is great information!

Jan, thank you for the fantastic first bunch of steps. Even with my limited experience at this, the pieces you provided allowed me to go back even further fairly quickly.

Luke, also thanks! I'm discovering I had a much deeper ancestry in the Netherlands than I imagined.

I confess, I'm finding my lack of language skills to be a bit of a hindrance. I was looking up words as I event in order to perform a few searches on genlas . Are there ways of getting scans or digitized copies of actual documents, or is my best hope to just expect transcribed database information?

I also know that my grandmother travelled to meet and marry my grandfather in order1947, according to a passenger manifest I have. Janna Roerink travelled from Amsterdam to New York . I also have a physical visitor permit from Amsterdam1959 when her mother visited my grandparents on an RCAF base in Germany. She had remarried at this time.

Is there any record of registered addresses that can be searched?


Re: Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

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You can find scans of all the original documents from The easiest way to get them although still difficult without a fluency in Dutch is to locate them first on

When you have the actual birth/death/marriage registration date and the record # you can then try to locate the actual documents on

like I did in my previous message for the "marriage supplement documents" all the other documents can be found that way aswell.

Re: Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

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link to the marriage document of the marriage of Jan Roerink and Johanna Maria Donglemans on 25 Jul 1913 is here:

knowing it is record # 242 (from genlias) it makes it easier to find

Re: Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

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Hi Luke, I took a run at finding the digitized copy of Jan's death record, and found it quite frustrating (or myself quite inept.) An in-browser translator helped, but I found myself looking at a huge document of scanned microfilm with no way of finding the proper record (1352). Can I email you to walk through the proper way to look this stuff up?

Re: Anna Marie Roerink Dongelmans?

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Edited: 1353534420000
my email is

I can try to outline the procedure so someone else might benefit from it too. Finding the original records really makes genealogy so much more fun, and you never know what you might find.

1) Finding the record on
We have:
- name Jan Roerink
- death date 20 Nov 1922
- municipality Groningen, province Groningen
- record # 1352
(maybe easier to write it down so it is right in front of you)

2) Go to -> select province Groningen

3) Select municipality Groningen (

4) You should now have a listing of links to all the documents available for the city of Groningen.

geboorten - births

huw.-aangiften, huw.-afkondigingen - applications to marry
huwelijken - marriages

huwelijkse bijlagen - marriage supplement documents ( difficult to search but often very rewarding, these are the documents that have to be submitted in order to get married. For example a certificate of military duty.

Overlijden - death records

5 Near the bottom you should be able to find:

10699841 Overlijden 1922 [463 img]

So there are 463 images for that year, we know it is record # 1352 but we also know that November is about near the end of the year so jumping to image 400 should get us fairly close.

But we are gettign ahead of ourselves we need to click on the link:

10699841 Overlijden 1922 [463 img]

we are at image 1 you should be able to see the line :

Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1792-1952 Groningen Groningen Overlijden 1922
Image of 1 of 463

Where you see image 1 of 463 fill in 400 as an educated guess, 400 being somewhat towards the end of 463.

If all done correctly you should see this page:

and it looks like we are at record 1282 so we did not quite go far enough.

425? brings us to record 1362

the actual record can be found on page 422

A little bit of bad luck the record number has accidentally been covered up with only the "2" visible but towards the center of the page you can see the name Jan Roerink underlined it is the right record.

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