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Robert Henderson

Robert Henderson

Biff (View posts)
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Looking for where we originated. Born to J.W. and Rose Henderson, a son named Robert, born May 21st, 1914 in Post Falls ID. Siblings were John, Judson,Phillip,Genevieve,Marge (possibly Margaret). Appreciate any information you could pass on to me. Have run into lots of dead ends and little information. Thanks.


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If your related in some way to me, then the Henderson line we come from is from Scotland mainly! My Grandmother was born in Idaho, up in the Caldwell/Boise area, if we can make a connection, then I can give you a lot of history!

Hendersons from Scotland

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My clan came from Scotland but I have not traced any to Idaho. That doesn't mean anything though. I have only traced the direct line from me back to about 1600 when the migration to the Colonies by my direct ancestors started. So far I am back to about 1370 in Scotland but haven't branched out too far. Some of the female lines I have a one or two generation trace on.

Some goofball (e-mail BLOUBROWN@Yahoo,com not a good address anymore) ran the female line of Jean Murray back and back and back and ended up back to Adam and Eve. If you believe that pedigree is authentic I have a bridge in New York (Brooklyn) that I'll sell real cheap.

If I ever get any connection from my line to your line in Idaho I'll post a message for you but so far it looks like my ancestors left N.C., and Virginia and migrated across -some through Mississippi, to Texas.

There are supposedly some 267,000 Hendersons in the world who have telephones and most originated in Scotland - some passing through England for awhile first. LIke I said - the early ones were apparently among the first settlers in the Virginia Colony. They just didn't eat turkey so didn't get the publicity that the Massachutes settlers got.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Hank Henderson

Response to Robert Overy

Biff (View posts)
Posted: 986215203000
Robert: Thanks for the response and possible connection info. Am having a terrible time getting a msg back to you so hope this works. From what my mother told me, we're 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Scotch, and 1/2 English, but sorting it out is proving interesting. Mother wasn't a fountain of family history, so have no town names as point of origin. If I can find something further, I'll try to get back to you again. Thanks again for contacting me.....

Response to Hank Henderson, aka Arno A. Henderson, Jr.

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Hank: am having a terrible time on my work PC trying to get you answered, so will see if this works. Thanks for the reply. It would seem Scotland is the best bet for finding my "roots", with Ireland right up there. Idaho is as far East as I've been able to get so far, but will keep digging. Appreciate your response, and if a connection pops up, will contact you again. This is the biggest can of worms I've tackled to date.... : - ) But very interesting. Have a great day.


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Oh your welcome, if you find some more history, let me know and I will see on this end if there is a connection!

Hendersons from Scotland

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Thanks for replying, My grandmother is only the second generation born in the U.S. My GGGrandfather migrated over and settled in Idaho, I've got my Henderson side back to 1674 an Alexander Henderson, Preston, Pans, Haddingtonshire, Scotland but thats as far as I can get at the present time! Maybe we can make a connection in Scotland somewhere perhaps?

Biff re Henderson's

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The problem may not be in your puter. Mine is terminally ill and is scheduled for a "Throw it out of the window" overhaul any minute now.
It does the craziest things all on its own.

You have to get East of Idaho to find civilization - unless you go through Texas.


Re Scot Hendersons

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My line the Scottish starts with Thomas Henderson, born 1600 in Fifeshire, died 1708-09 in New Kent Co., Va
James Henderson, born 1550 inb Fordell Scotland, Died 1612 in Prince George Co. Va. His father was William Henderson born 1520 Scotland, died 1547 Scotland
George born 1490 in Fordell Scotland, died 1543 in Fordell.
James born 1470 in Fordell, died 9 Sept 1513 in battle of Flodden, Scotland.
Robert , born 1430 Scotland, Died 11486 in Inverkeithing, Scotland
John born abt 1400 died abt 1449 in Inverkeithing, Scotland.

Thomas, born 1360 died 1406 in Inverkeithing, Scotland.
Those are all father son from one hgeneration to the next.

Abt 1600 when the immigration to the Colonies started the line then comes directly down to me.

Hank Henderson


Robert Overy (View posts)
Posted: 986292919000
Am glad my msg to you got through. I'm not good at wandering around on the PC, so it's always a surprise to me when it works. Is Post Falls anywhere near where you GGG was raised? I haven't checked an ID map yet to see. Went into surnames listings and found Henderson amongst the Irish, but not the Scots...had one other reply whose ancestors also came from Scotland as opposed to Ireland, so perhaps that's the most likely.
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