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Identify this AU uniform please!

Identify this AU uniform please!

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Surnames: Rothschilld
This is my great-grandfather and this photo was taken when he served in the AU army during WWI.

Can anyone shed some light on the uniform he is wearing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Identify this AU uniform please!

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would guess most for Landwehr-Infanterie or Gebirgstruppen, Gebirgsinfanterie:

also looks for Zugsführer - Three six pointed white stars on the collar or collar patch:

the troops:

where did he live (was born)? this maybe could help more.
and you can then ask in the present country now - so if they have still the files. need to know to get the direction we need. maybe also some other details would help to know WHERE to search for his military-service.

Re: Identify this AU uniform please!

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Re: Identify this AU uniform please!

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Surnames: Rothschild
Thank you for the help!

He was Hungarian and lived in Putnok, Hungary. Though I'm not sure where exactly he was born.

Can you tell me more about the belt buckle? Or maybe the medallion on the left side of the cap?

According to my family, he was injured by mustard gas during WWI and later on (in the 20's) moved to Switzerland (he had family there and back then they used to believe that the fresh air of the mountains might help the lungs) where he eventually past away.

Do you have an email address of the people I should contact over in Hungary? And if so, can I email them in English?

Re: Identify this AU uniform please!

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oh, sooo bad about the mustard gas.
i know that much was used in WW1.....

the medaillon on cap i can not make out really. if would be better to see, it would help a lot to find faster where he belonged. the belt think all had the same. double-headed-eagle for Austria and Hungary standing:

ask for Hungary "Skoumi", he is from there and knows if and where to find military-records and other records you would need for your family-search.

but if was from Hungary then must have been normally from Honved from the hungarian part of the Empire i guess - so then ku Landwehr/royal hungarian Landwehr:
but i´m little bit confused as it looks like for the before stated from not-hungarian part. A-H-military can often be very confusing ;) maybe he was stationed in another part of Empire....

think military-service to find at state-archive in Budapest, but ask Skoumi before:

mmh, close to present slovakian border in any case.,or.r_cp.r_...
Losoncz(former now Lučenec, Slovakia. so Putnok nearly between Miskolcz/Miskolc and Losoncz on old maps when you go from Wien/Vienna to the east. on first map you can see what was stationed around by taking symbols right below. in any case head of military-commando for that area was 6 Kassa/ Kaschau. district-commando can have been 34 Kassa or 25 Losoncz (if he was really in his own area stationed). old maps for military in A-H:

when you can find his troops he was stationed it would be interesting to state here, as i´m very curios after knowing his residence-place and seeing his military-picture.

hope this helps in any way.
good luck!

Re: Identify this AU uniform please!

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forgotten this info:

info about jewish files in some former austrian-hungarian countries (has not Hungary)in german.
when maybe you have also to search in one of them a good help by taking a translator:

Re: Identify this AU uniform please!

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Can you provide the name and the birth year? Anyone in the family could help with the birth place?
As he was injured there is a chance that his record still exist, but the search is very difficult with a common (frequent) name without other data.
Living in the Hungarian part of the Monarcy does not prove that he served in the Honvéd Army. I don't remember the exact ratio, but approximately 75% of the draftees were directed to the common (k.u.k.) Army and only 25% to the Honvéd Army (k.u. Landwehr).

Re: Identify this AU uniform please!

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yes, it makes sense as the uniform does not look for Honved.

Re: Identify this AU uniform please!

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The vast majority of soldiers from Putnok where in IR25 of the k.u.k. or LIR 16 if they were in the Honved. It would be helpful if you would post the name of the soldier.

Re: Identify this AU uniform please!

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Thank you again for the help!

I sent Skoumi an email for now and will wait for a reply. I'm going on Sunday to meet a relative and gather more information and then I will probably call Skoumi if he doesn't answer by that time. As far as I know, my family assume he was born in Putnok but someone in the family has a photo of his grave in Lucerne, Switzerland and maybe on it the place of birth is written.

His name was Lipót (or Leopold) Mayer Jehuda Rothschild. I'm not sure about the year of birth but I can tell you that his wife was born around 1893 and his first child around 1913.

I hope this helps. I will come back if I manage to collect more information from my relative on Sunday.

Thank you once again!
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