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2nd. Regiment of Orange County Militia (NY), Col. Haye's-Eckerson's Company

2nd. Regiment of Orange County Militia (NY), Col. Haye's-Eckerson's Company

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Does anyone know where I can find more information on the 2nd. Regiment of the Orange County Militia, Eckerson's Company of Col. Haye's Regiment? I am specifically interested in any engagements, battles, etc. that they might have been involved in. My GGGGG Grandfather, Cornelius Cor. Smith (Smit)of Rockland County, NY received a land grant for his service and I have found muster rolls for him. I would also like to know how to find out where that land grant would be located.Any help would be appreciated.

Re: 2nd. Regiment of Orange County Militia (NY), Col. Haye's-Eckerson's Company

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Militia were formed within the Counties for defense within the county. Most County Militiamen did not see much active duty, let alone 'battles' or 'engagements', but this did vary by time and place (such as in the central Mohawk River Valley ). All free white males aged rughly 16 to 16 (varies by time and place) were obliged to be available for militia duty, if only to turn out for regular drills and nose-counts.

If you consult a late 19th century or early 20th century County History, it should give an account of any incidents involving the County Militia in the County. Since the Militia was not a standing army, it did not conduct 'campaigns', but you may find some documentation of active duty.

Militiamen were not entitled to either State or Congressional Bounty Land Warrants that were promised to members of Continental and State Regiment soldiers who completed 3 years' service or more. When offered, the Warrants were not 'for' any specific lands, but were supposed to entitle the veteran to claim a given amount of land in some place to be established after the War.

It is possible that your man was allowed Bounty land for some special service (after petitioning either the NY Legislature or the Congress) or pursuant to active-duty service other than in the militia.

Some Bounty Land Warrants were offered for service in the Indian Wars and War of 1812. In these cases and those of the Revolutionary War Land Warrants, the veterans usually sold the land rights, often even before specific lands were made available for actual land claims.

For information on Bounty Land available to NY Revolutionary War soldiers, do a web search for "Military Tracts" and "The Balloting Book".

Many men who were adults during the Revolutionary War moved to Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and western Virginia where land grants could be purchased or obtained in right of settlement. Numerous genealogical writers have mistakenly assumed that these grants were related to War service. A very few of the grants in present West Virginia were related to Virginia service in the French and Indian War, and some Virginians with Revolutionary War service claimed land in KY and in the Virginia Military Tract in Ohio, but there was no such arrangement outside NY State for New Yorkers.

How do you know that your Cornelius Smith received a 'land grant', if you do not know where it was?

Good hunting,

Re: 2nd. Regiment of Orange County Militia (NY), Col. Haye's-Eckerson's Company

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I was wondering if you ever received any additional information on the experience of the 2nd regiment as I too have 3 ancestors in it. My folks did not appear on the land bounty list however.

Interestingly a book I started began on page one relating a letter from Col Hays to Genl Nathaniel Greene complaining about his men in the seocnd regiemnt. The book is called The Winter Soldiers. As you can imagine, I was shocked to see something about my ancestors' regiment right at the outset of this book. The Col's complaints were about not getting his men to show up regularly and about their desire to go home to put in their crops or check on their crops.

I'd be interested to share anything I have which might help.

Bill Parker

Re: 2nd. Regiment of Orange County Militia (NY), Col. Haye's-Eckerson's Company

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Surnames: Smith, Haring, Taylor
Unfortunately the only information I came up with was that the records of 2nd Orange County Militia were destroyed in a fire in Albany in 1911. I was able to locate Cornelius Cor Smith's homestead and mill (1760)in Tallman, NY. The home is still there but the mill was gone. Just foundations left for the mill. I used old maps to locate it.
As far as specifics on the participation in battles of the Regiment, I have not had any luck. I have not done any research lately but will resume in the spring. If I locate anything that may help you I will let you know. Good luck!
PS: Thank you for the information on "Winter Soldiers". I will look it up.

Re: 2nd. Regiment of Orange County Militia (NY), Col. Haye's-Eckerson's Company

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You say "My folks did not appear on the land bounty list however."

Militiamen were not offered Bounty land. Militia duty was an obligation of every able-bodied free white male aged roughly 16-60 (varies by time and place). Most existing rosters were created when men appeared for regular drill (not considered active duty).

Bounty land was offered to men enlisting in the Continental Army who served at least 3 years. The Levy Troops also were offered bounty.

It is essential when conversing about Revolutionary War records, to specify whether you are talking about Continentals, State Troops or a County militia regiment - a number alone does not adequately indicate what sort of unit is the subject.

The militia could be called out for defense within the County if and as needed, and might include patrolling, guarding prisoners, assisting with escorting supplies bound elsewhere, etc. In pretty rare emergency instances militia units were sent outside the County.

Re: 2nd. Regiment of Orange County Militia (NY), Col. Haye's-Eckerson's Company

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Surnames: Myer/Myers
My 4g-grandfather, John Myers, served as an Ensign in the 2nd Regiment under Col. Hay! The following is a transcription of one of the affadavits his wife submitted in her application for a widow's pension. (Her application was approved.) I used this in my recent application for DAR membership.

[Transcribed by Judith Myers Ahrens, 4 Feb 2011]

"State of New York
Rockland County

On this twenty-fifth day of June 1839 personally appeared before me Abraham B. Stephens, one of the Judges of the said county, Catharine Myer, a resident of the town of Ramapo in said county, aged eighty-four years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the Act of Congress passed July 4, 1836. That she is the widow of John Myer, who was a Ensign in a company commanded by Capt. Hendrick Tenure, in Col. A. Hawkes Hay's Regiment, and served during the Revolutionary War as follows. That early in the month of July in the year 1776 the British having taken possession of the Hudson River at Nyack and Harverstraw, when Capt. Tenure and his company was ordered out to guard along the said river at Nyack and her husband went as Ensign aforesaid and served until late in the month of November of said year, either along said river or at the Long Clove (?), or Clarkstown, the time the British sailed to New York for the winter with but little intermission of a day or two at a time. As a great part of the company had enlisted into the five Months Service, those remaining had to serve as might be called one continued tour to state the time her said husband served from the time he left home to his return, she cannot but believe that he was not at home at any time for one week, and was out two, three and four weeks at a time, and is confident that he served not less than three months in said year in tours as aforesaid not including the time he was absent from the company as his first tour was full half of that time.

That early in the Spring of the year 1777 the different companies was divided into four classes and the officers of the companies did also take tours in serving in the field and her said husband did serve and perform his full share of actual duty in the field during the years 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780, and 1781, and serving at least one week in each month during said years commencing in the month of April and ending in December in each year except the year 1781, in which year the regular tour of duty ended at the news of the taking of Lord Cornwallis, serving at stations as aforesaid or at Tappan town and different other station in this county or on scouts in the County of Bergen in the State of New Jersey to Closter, Schralenberg, Liberty Pole, and as far down as Fourt Lee.

That owing to the great length of time since the aforesaid services was rendered and the imperfection of her memory of the recitate (?) thereof and the irregularity of the different tours, she found it impossible truly to recite all his services or more particularly to state the commencement and end of each tour and the number thereof, has caused her delaying her application and the foregoing recital thereof is as fully as her memory and the information she has received from men who served with her said husband during said war will enable her to state the same – and the annexed commissions and affidavits is the proof she now offers to prove the same.

She further declares that she was married to the said John Myer by the Rev. Samuel Verbryck on the fifth (?) day of May in the year seventeen hundred and seventy four, that her husband the aforesaid John Myer died on the twenty first (?) day of April eighteen hundred and eighteen – and that she has remained a widow ever since that period, as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereunto annexed.

Sworn to and subscribed on the day and year first above written –
Before me [signed by] Abm. B. Stephens, Judge
[Catharine signed with her mark]

I do certify that I am acquainted with Catharine Myer the above deponent and believe her to be a person of veracity whose testimony is entitled to the fullest credit and further that by reason of old age and infirmity she is unable to attend court or to subscribe (?) her name. [signed by] Abm. B. Stephens, Judge

Re: 2nd. Regiment of Orange County Militia (NY), Col. Haye's-Eckerson's Company

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Here's what I did..

The militia did fight.....

Ulster neighbor to Orange
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