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seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

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My boys are currently researching the Civil War. If anyone has any info re: Noyes serving in the Civil War, please email it to me. A couple of years ago I read about a Noyes in the Northeast who was a Headmaster of a School at the time of the Civil War. The school had doubled as an Underground Railroad Safe House. Unfortunately, I did not write down the source of my information. Therefore, I'm researching it again.

If anyone has information to share, I'd appreciate it.

Re: seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

Carol Piers (View posts)
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I did locate a list of 576 Noyes' who served in the Civil War at a National Parks Service website. The url is:

If anyone has personal info. re: individual Noyes Soldiers, we'd love to consider it for inclusion in their reports.

Re: seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

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I am a Noyes descendent. I am a direct descendent to Thomas Alonzo Noyes of Solon, Somerset County Maine. He served in the Civil war, I have a copy of his pension card with his wifes name on it. Any way, about the underground railroad, Skowhegan was a stopping point in the underground rail road to Canada. You can find this information in the Book titles Skowhegan on the Kennebec by Louise Helen Coburn. It was put out by the State of Maine, Skowhegan. Your library may not have it, but you might be able to get it or copies through an Inter Library Loan. Ask your librarian. I know that Freeport Community Library has a copy. It is in 2 Vols.
Hope I have helped.

Re: seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

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Thanks, Kim! I'll definitely research it. Sounds like very interesting information. We are not direct descendants of Thomas Alonzo Noyes. I have a Noyes family history booklet for our line, but right around the time of the Civil war, it stops listing siblings and concentrates on our direct line. Who is Thomas' Father & Grandfather?

Re: seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

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Here goes
Thomas Alonzo b nov 18 1837 m Susan Young
George W b jan 5 1805 m Caroline Avery
Isaac Chamberlain b nov 28 1781 m Mary Gibbs
John b mar 13 1743/44 m Mary Fowler

Did your line come to Maine?
I was talking to my grandmother and she remembers vaguely her gggrandmother Susan Young Noyes as a very old woman when she would visit her ggrandmother Alberta Noyes Hodgdon Knights. Any way, she remembers stories told about the underground rail road by her "grammy Knights".

Re: seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

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What a rich history! Since our last post I've been trying to locate a Civil War Poster I'd previously found seeking soldiers. According to the poster, they only enlisted men who won competitions for the best shots. I had printed out the poster for my boys to take to school & I'd thought I'd saved it, but apparently not.

Yes our line came to Maine through Bela Noyes, a Revolutionary War Soldier. He was one of the first settlers of Norway, ME in. (Called Rustfield at time.) Several of the original settlers fought together in the Revolution. His brother John Noyes, also a Revolutionary War Soldier, settled there shortly afterwards.

I see your Thomas married Susan Young. Could she be in the Nathaniel Young Jr. line? Below is a quote from the Noyes Family booklet I have:

"There were a number of Noyeses in this army of emigrating patriots who came into what is now Maine. John Noyes, a brother of Bela Noyes, also a soldier in the Revolution, either came with Bela Noyes or settled here shortly afterwards. Nathaniel Young, Jr., whose family plays an important part in this story of Bela Noyes, was already living in Maine, his father having settled in Gray before the war. Doubtless the Youngs and Noyeses were acquainted before Bela Noyes came to Maine, since both Bela Noyes and Nathaniel Young, Jr., were at Valley Forge during that trying winter of hunger and privation. Subsequent events seem to indicate that they were very well acquainted, for when sons of Bela Noyes - Levi and John Noyes -- reached a man's estate, they both sought wives among the fair daughters of Nathaniel Young."

My husband's ancestor married Mary Young b. in Norway Me 1804

Several of Bela's descendents in the Warren Albert Noyes line (b. 1862, Topsfield) still meet in ME every July for family reunions

Re: seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

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Thats true about the best shot contest, that was also in the book Skowhegan on the Kennebec. I dont know yet who Susan's parents were, she and her brother were living with another family in 1850 when she was 17, just before her marriage to Thomas.
You say they still have reunions in Topsfield? My husband and I have been going there for the week of the 4th of July for about 8 years now. Not much there! We stay in some cabins at a place called the Birches. But, I have possibly found a connection to my Hodgdon family, or at least where they may have come from besides the possibility of NH. The town of Hodgdon is not very far from there.
My step fathers family, the French's, settled in Norway the same time as your Noyes family. He has in his notes some Noyes' in connection to his French family in Andover Ma.
Who were Bela's parents? My line came from Essex County Ma to Merrimac NH and into Weld, Franklin County Me which is not that far from Somerset County.

My brain is going faster than my fingers! :)

Re: seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

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I'll check into the location of the reunions. It's usually in late July.

My husband is a descendant of Nicholas Noyes one of the founders of Newburyport, Essex County, MA

His ancestors leading from Bela Noyes to his last English born ancestor are as follows: (This is our direct line, but I have sibling lists, if your're interested)

Noyes, Bela (1757 - 1833) - male
b. 20 JUL 1757 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
d. 21 AUG 1833 in Greenwood, Oxford, Maine

Noyes, John (1729 - 1795) - male
b. 8 FEB 1728/29 in Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts
d. 1795

Noyes, John (1699 - 1792) - male
b. 6 DEC 1699 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
d. 18 DEC 1792 in Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Noyes, Nicholas (1671 - 1718) - male
b. 18 MAY 1671 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
d. 8 NOV 1718 in Abington, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Noyes, John (1646 - 1692) - male
b. 20 JAN 1645/46 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
d. 1691/92 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts

Noyes, Nicholas (~1615 - 1701) - male
b. ABT 1614/15 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England
d. 23 NOV 1701 in Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts

Noyes, William (~1568 - <1622) - male
b. ABT 1568 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England
d. BEF 30 APR 1622 in Cholderton, Wiltshire, England

Re: seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

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Well, our shared line seems to end with Deacon Nicholas Noyes b 1614/15. This is my line:

Thomas Alonzo b 1837
George W Noyes b 1805
Isaac Chamberlain Noyes b 1781
John b 1743/44
John b 1720
Samuel b 1690/91
John b 1645/46
Deacon Nicholas Noyes b 1614/15
Rev. William Noyes b 1568
Robert Noyes b 1518
Nicholas Noyes b 1496
Robert Noyes b 1467
John or Robert Noyes

I have the places of birth, but you prob have the same sources I do. I only have my direct line. The siblings are listed, but nothing further about marriages or anything.
I just talked to my mother and she said that a Noyes married a French somewhere back in Norway. Small world.
Yes, I would like to have any information and I am willing to share what I have as well. What I have is some 29? pages long, but it also includes sources.

Re: seeking info re: Noyes in the Civil War

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I was looking for information about the Noyes genealogy book so a librarian friend of mine could help me "borrow" it through local library system. I am a descendant of Nicholas Noyes and Mary Cutting's son Cutting Noyes. As to the Civil War? My brother found a cousin (from James Noyes, I think, but would have to check my information, although Israel Chamberlain rings a bell) through his Civil War re-enactment. I'm willing to share what I have if anyone is interested.
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