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Floyd P. Johnson looking for information

Floyd P. Johnson looking for information

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Surnames: Johnson
Floyd P. Johnson wife Eppie Stansell/Talmage died in California. Had children don't know all there names except one was Curt. His wife was Lilly. Eppie had one other child named James D. Long. Floyd died in 1971 and Eppie Died 1968.

anyone has information please let me know. Cause I have no clue where to find this information.

Re: Floyd P. Johnson looking for information

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Classification: Query

Johnson board subscriber, not related, live in Texas.

Source Information: California Death Index, 1940-1997 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000. Original data: State of California. California Death Index, 1940-1997. Sacramento, CA, USA: State of California Department of Health Services, Center for Health Statistics.

Name: Eppie E Johnson
Social Security #: 560287075
Birth Date: 12 Jul 1891
Birthplace: Alabama [incorrect information]
Death Date: 10 Feb 1968
Death Place: Alameda
Mother's Maiden Name: George

FLOYD JOHNSON 10 Aug 1892 - Dec 1971 94605 (Oakland, Alameda, CA) (none specified) 559-20-3032 California
[not in California death index]

Name: Floyd Patrick Johnson
Birth Date: 10 Aug 1892
Residence: 1609 Everett St, Alameda Co, California
Birth: Mt Pleasant, Texas [Titus County]
Race: White
name of person who would always know his address, wife of same address
Employer: Oakland Army Port, 14th St, Oakland, CA
Roll: WWII_2393861

4 April 1930; Census Place: Precinct 8, McLennan, Texas; Roll: 2374; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 60; Image: 930.0.
Floyd P Johnson age 38 born in Texas, was 29 when he married, father/mother listed Alabama, mixed crop farmer, rented
Eppie E Johnson age 39 born in Texas, claimed she was 30 when she first married, father/mother listed Alabama
Doyle Johnson age 10 Texas
Raymond Johnson age 8 Texas
Curtis Wilburn Johnson age 5 Texas 1 Dec 1924 died 29 Apr 1994 Fresno Co CA, mother's surname listed as Stancell, birth not filed when born.
Erma L Johnson age 2 9/12 Texas listed as a son no birth record found
Arthur Johnson age 3/12 Texas
J D Long age16 son Texas

Date of Birth: 21 Jun 1920
Birth County: Hill
Father's Name: Floyd Patrick Johnson
Certificate Number: 31232
Roll Number: 1920_0007

DOYLE JOHNSON 21 Jun 1920 -14 Feb 2003 (P) 28333 (Dudley, Wayne, NC) (none specified) 547-24-0241 California

North Carolina Death Collection, 1908 - 2004
Name: Doyle Johnson
Gender: Male
Race: White
Hispanic Origin: Non-Hispanic
Marital Status: Married
Social Security Number: 547240241
Father's Last Name: Johnson
Age: 82 Years
Date of Birth: 21 Jun 1920
Birth State: Texas
Residence County: Wayne
Residence State: North Carolina
Residence Zip Code: 28333
Education: 12th grade
Date of Death: 14 Feb 2003
Death City: Goldsboro
Death County: Wayne
Death State: North Carolina
Autopsy: Autopsy Not Performed
Autopsy Findings: Autopsy findings were not considered in determining cause of death
institution: Hospital Inpatient
Attendant: Physician
Burial Location: Burial in-state
Recorded date: 21 Feb 2003
Source Vendor: North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics

U.S. Veterans Gravesites
Name: Doyle Johnson
Service Info.: F1 US NAVY WORLD WAR II
Birth Date: 21 Jun 1920
Death Date: 14 Feb 2003
Cemetery: Emmaus Baptist Church Cemetery
Cemetery Address: Dudley, NC 28333

U S Public Records Index
Name: Doyle H Johnson
Birth Date: Jun 1920
City: Goldsboro
County: Wayne
State: North Carolina
Zip Code: 27530
Phone Number: 919-722-6977
Record Number: 716620612
Irene Y Johnson born abt 1919
Doyle Johnson born abt 1946
also listed at 108 Spring Dr, Dudley, Wayne Co, NC

Name: Ramon Roy Johnson
Date of Birth: 15 Jul 1922
Birth County: Hill
Certificate Number: 39137
Roll Number: 1922_0008

RAYMOND JOHNSON 15 Jul 1922 Oct 1969 94544 (Hayward, Alameda, CA) (none specified) 560-28-5986 California

Date of Birth: 2 Jan 1930
Gender: Male
Birth County: McLennan
Father's Name: Floyd Patrick Johnson
Mother's Name: Effie Ethir Stansell

Name: James D Long
Social Security #: 455074406
Birth Date: 5 Jan 1914 - birth not filed when born
Birthplace: Texas
Death Date: 20 Aug 1985
Death Place: Alameda
Mother's Maiden Name: Stansell

1930; Census Place: Precinct 1, McLennan, Texas; Roll: 2374; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 27; Image: 100.0.
George W Johnson age 60 born in GA was 22 when he first married [birthplace listed as Germany] father of Floyd Patrick, worked at cotton mill
Annie Johnson age 55 born AL, was 17 when she married, father TN mother AL mother of Floyd Patrick
Clyde Johnson age 22 son born OK work at cotton mill
Marion Johnson 17 aka Barney Johnson was born in OK but says Alabama worked at cotton mill

1930; Census Place: Precinct 4, Martin, Texas; Roll: 2374; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 7; Image: 1077.0.
Edward L Anderson 51 1879 IA was 28 when he married, father IL, mother IA
Tempy A [Tempie/Tempe A JOHNSON] Anderson 40 TX married when she was 19, dtr of G W and Annie Johnson, Tempy said both parents born AL
Albert P Anderson 19 son OK married when he was 19
Viola May THAMES? Anderson 15 dtr in law LA father/mother AL, Albert Pool Anderson & Viola May Thames had Thelma Beatrice Anderson 15 Aug 35 Howard Co
Melvin Rothwell/Rothwell Melvin Anderson 17 son OK married Eunice Faye Powers; Melvin Rodney 28 Oct 43, Gary Lynn 31 Oct 47 and Vicki Kay 23 Jun 50 all born Hill Co
Mary L J Anderson 7 dtr TX - ? Mary Lee Juanita Anderson born 17 Aug 1922 Hill Co
Neva Joe/Nevajo Beatrice Anderson 4 5/12 dtr TX - born 20 Oct 1925 Martin Co
Lornce G Anderson 1 8/12 son TX - Lawrence George Anderson born 17 July 1928 Martin Co, father L Ed Anderson mother Tempy A Johnson

Name: Tempy Alvia Anderson
Death Date: 18 Mar 1955
Death County: Jackson Texas
Certificate: 13799

1930; Census Place: Precinct 8, McLennan, Texas; Roll: 2374; Page: 11A; Enumeration District: 60; Image: 945.0.
Grover Cleveland Cook 44 born 20 Jan or June 1885 GA registered WW I Draft in Grayson Co TX died 31 Aug 1971 Waco, Mc Lennan Co, single
Mayme/Mamie Lee STANSELL Cook 40 - Mamie Cook born 27 June 1890 died 15 Jan 1975 Waco, Mc Lennan County
Daisey/Daisy Bell[e] Cook 17 dtr married N Fay Mosley; Virginia Fayrene Mosley born 17 Sep 1935 McLennan Co
Naomi Jane Cook 8 dtr married Marion Edward Bird; Edward Woodrow Bird 20 Nov 42, Barbara Elaine Bird 6 Feb 47 Mclennan Co
Willie Cook 6 son
Julian Cook 2 1/12 son
Howard Woodrow Cook 4/12 son married Betty Jean Forde; Gregory Howard 5 Nov 1951 and Judy Kay 12 Feb 59 McLennan Co
Iassac R Cook 74 father
Martha J Cook 73 mother

1930; Census Place: Precinct 1, Grayson, Texas; Roll: 2337; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 16; Image: 1031.0.
Buell W Parker 23 TX abt 1907 was 21 when he married father/mother TX
Rena Parker 22 TX abt 1908 TX was 20 when she married, father listed GA, mother TX
Lois Parker 17 sister
Eva Yowell 45 born TX widow TN MO listed as mother in law
Wanda? Wauda Yowell 3 1/12 TX sister

Rena Mae Stansell and B W Parker had Melba Jean Parker born 30 Nov 1930 Grayson Co TX

1930; Census Place: Sand Springs, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Roll: 1933; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 36; Image: 784.0.
Arthur A Thornal 45 TX
Belle Thornal 36 TX
Tessie Thornal 11 OK dtr
Wanda Bee Thornal 7 TX dtr
Tommie Dee Thornal 4 10/12 TX dtr
Clarence Stansell 20 1910 TX son in law was 19 when he married, father listed AL, mother TX
Mildred Stansell 19 1911 TX daughter

1930; Census Place: Sand Springs, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Roll: 1933; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 39; Image: 883.0.
Robert L Stansell 34 TX was 24 when he married, father/mother listed AL, worked @ cotton mill
Eva Lee WHEELER Stansell 30 TX was 20 when she married, father/mother MS born 27 July 1899 died 31 Jan 1979 Alameda Co CA
Anna M Stansell 8 TX
Ervin W Stansell 7 TX
Imogene Stansell 5 TX
Louise Elizabeth Stansell [Souza] 3 TX born 21 Dec 1926 died 23 Feb 1995 Marin Co CA, mother's maiden name Wheeler, father surname Stansell; Lawrence George Souza born 8 Jun 48 Alameda Co, Betty A Souza born 3 Jan 58 Alameda Co and male Souza born 24 July 1961 Alameda Co CA, Eileen Marie Souza 8 Jul 55 Alameda, Leo R Souza 27 Oct 56 Alameda Co
Emma Lou Stansell [Hunter] 11/12 OK - born 17 May 1929 died 9 Apr 1987 Contra Costa Co, mother's maiden name Wheeler, father surname Stansell had Susan Marie Hunter 30 Mar 51 Alameda Co and Margie E Hunter 15 Feb 56 Alameda County

Pauline Gertrude Stansell [Loth] born 2 Dec 1930 OK, died 8 Jan 1982 San Bernardino Co, mother's maiden name Wheeler, father surname Stansell. Donald E Loth 10 Sep 1968 San Bernardino and Robert L Loth 20 Apr 1971 San Bernardino.

Following children born Alameda County CA 1940's, mother surname Stansell:
Bobbie Jean Fore 15 Dec 44
Linda Darlene Fore 5 Mar 47
Mary Lou Fore 9 Jul 48
Sandra Lee Fore 17 Mar 51
Rose Marie Rogers 26 Apr 1940
Sharon Lee Wilkerson 28 Feb 1947

1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 2, Hill, Texas; Roll: T625_1818; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 40; Image: 862.
Dwelling # 55
Ed Anderson age 40 born Iowa 1880, father/mother IL
Tempey A JOHNSON Anderson age 28 wife born TX 1894, father GA, mother AL
Dorthie Anderson age 11 dtr born OK
Albert Anderson age 9 son born OK? AR?
Rothwell Anderson age 7 son born OK? AR
Floyed Johnson age 27 brother TX
Eppie Stancell 28 divorced ?
Jay D Long 6 TX father unknown

1920;Census Place: Hillsboro Ward 1, Hill, Texas; Roll: T625_1818; Page: 15A; Enumeration District: 35; Image: 737.
George W Johnson 49 GA 1871 father/mother GA father of Floyd Patrick, works @ cotton mill
Annie Johnson 45 AL 1875 father/mother AL mother of Floyd Patrick
Bertha Johnson 16 TX
Clyde Johnson 14 OK
Barney Johnson 7 OK
Luther Johnson 23 TX
J W Johnson? 70 listed as boarder born TX
Julian Johnson? 15 listed as boarder born TX
J W Buckaloo 35 listed as boarder born TX

1910; Census Place: Saline, Alfalfa, Oklahoma; Roll: T624_1242; Page: 14B; Enumeration District: 13; Image: 873.
Edward L Anderson 31 born IA, married 1 yr, father IL, mother IA
Tempe Anderson 18 born TX, father AL, mother TX
Dorothy Anderson 1 OK
Charles J Anderson 53 IL
Amanda J Anderson 49 IA
Lucy Anderson dtr 16 IA
Lena M Anderson grd dtr 3 OK IA KS
Sarah Anderson mother 76 IL KY IN

1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 1, Grayson, Texas; Roll: T624_1556; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 62; Image: 628.
George C Cook 24 GA - Grover Cleveland Cook married 2 yrs, father/mother GA, working at cotton mill
Mannie L Cook 21 TX - Mamie Lee Stansell father GA mother AL

1920;Census Place: Justice Precinct 5, Falls, Texas; Roll: T625_1801; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 81; Image: 1036
G C [Grover Cleveland] Cook 34 GA 1886 parents GA
Mamie STANSELL Cook 30 TX father GA mother AL
Chudon? Cook 9 son TX 1911 - Clenton? married Edna E born abt 1913 lived in Pct 8, McLennan Co 1930
Daisy Bell Cook 6 1914
Rena Mae Stansell 12 sister in law
Clarence Stansell 10 brother in law

Howard Woodrow Cook born 24 Nov 1929 McLennan Co, father Grover Cleveland Cook, mother Mamie Lee Stansell.

1910; Census Place: Justice Precinct 2, Hill, Texas; Roll: T624_1564; Page: 4B; Enumeration District: 160; Image: 374.
William J Stancel 46 1864 GA father/mother GA married 24 yrs father/mother GA
Ella C Stancel 39 1871 AL father/mother AL 15 children, 8 are living father/mother AL
Effie Stancel 17 1893 TX
Balma Stancel 15 dtr 1895 TX
Robert L Stancel 13 1897 TX
Corene Stancel 11 1899 TX
Talmadge W Stancel 7 1903 TX
Rena M Stancel 3 1907 TX
Clarence R Stancel 5/12 1910 TX son

1910; Census Place: Dryden, Harmon, Oklahoma; Roll: T624_1253; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 124; Image: 1075.
G W Johnson 39 GA 2nd marriage 18 yrs, father/mother GA
A E Johnson 35 AL 1st marriage 6 living children [wrong info] of 10, father TN, mother AL
F P Johnson 16 son TX
L W Johnson 12 son TX abt 1898
B C Johnson 8 dtr TX abt 1902
C C Johnson 6 son TX abt 1904
B V Johnson 4 dtr OK abt 1906
Clide Johnson 2 son OK abt 1908

2 June 1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 4, Titus, Texas; Roll: T623 1672; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 120.
G Johnson 30 5/1870 GA, married 5 yrs, father/mother GA
Annie E Johnson 26 2/1874 AL, father AL, mother KY
Tempie A Johnson 8 5/1892 TX
Floyd T Johnson 4 2/1896 TX
Luther M Johnson 2 1/1898 TX

1900; Census Place: Justice Precinct 4, Liberty, Texas; Roll: T623 1655; Page: 23A; Enumeration District: 38.
Will Stancel born Nov 1863 GA married 14 years, father SC, mother GA farm laborer
E C Stancel wife born Dec 1869 AL, 10 children were born, 5 are living, father/mother AL.
Mamie Stancel born Sept 1889 TX
Effie Stancel born July 1891 TX - Eppie
Balma Stancel born Dec 1894 TX dtr
Lee Stancel born Jan 1896 TX
Correan Stancel born Mar 1900 TX

Name: Ella C. Stansell
Death Date: 29 Jul 1917
Death County: McLennan
Certificate: 19894

Name: W. T. Stancell
Death Date: 27 Feb 1918
Death County: Dallas
Certificate: 6565

WW I Draft Registration Cards, 1917 - 1918
Name: Robert Lee Stansell
City: Not Stated
County: McLennan
State: Texas
Birthplace: Marlin, [Falls Co] Texas;United States of America
Birth Date: 13 Jan 1896
Race: Caucasian (White)
Roll: 1983385
DraftBoard: 1
tall, slender, brown eyes, dark brown hair
laborer Brazos Valley Cotton Mill city of West, Texas, single, supporting father/mother 5 June 1917

No record found for Floyd Patrick Johnson or brother Luther.

13 Jan 1896 Sep 1966
95007 (Brookdale, Santa Cruz, CA) (none specified) 552-07-6215 California

California Voter Registrations, 1900 - 1968; Alameda County 1940
Robert Lee Stansell, 624 East 7th Street, textile worker, Democrat

U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942
Name: Robert Lee Stansell
Birth Date: 13 Jan 1896
Residence: 6938 Lockwood St, Oakland, Alameda, California
Birth: Marlian, Texas
Race: White
Name and address of person who will always know address: Eva Stansell, wife, above address
Employer; Todd Shipyard # 1, Richmond, Contra Costa, CA
Roll: WWII_1838218

Name: Robert L Stansell
Social Security #: 552076215
Birth Date: 13 Jan 1895
Birthplace: Texas
Death Date: 10 Sep 1966
Death Place: Alameda
Mother's Maiden Name: George

? TALMAGE STANSELL 06 Mar 1904 Sep 1978 95705 (California) (none specified) 444-01-3309 Oklahoma

1880; Census Place: Hackneyville, Tallapoosa, Alabama; Roll: T9_33; Family History Film: 1254033; Page: 309.4000; Enumeration District: 141; Image: 0222.
Jessee J. George 34 1846 AL father/mother AL
Epsie Ann George 44 1836 GA father/mother GA
William George 17 1863 GA son
Elizabeth J. George 12 1868 AL dtr
Ella C. George 10 1870 AL dtr
Annie A. George 8 1872 AL dtr

1880; Census Place: Wicker and Pinckneyville, Clay, Alabama; Roll: T9_7; Family History Film: 1254007; Page: 111.2000; Enumeration District: 38; Image: 0834.
Barnett L Stansell 1843 GA father/mother SC
Mary E Stansell 1841 GA father SC/mother GA
William T Stansell 1864 GA son
Sarah E Stansell 1867 AL dtr
Webster K Stansell 1869 AL son
Roan W Stansell 1871 AL dtr
Dorcas Stansell 1872 AL dtr
Charles W Stansell 1875 AL son
Eula L Stansell 1876 AL dtr
Nancy S Stansell 1878 AL dtr

Alabama Marriages, 1809 - 1920 selected counties
Spouse 1: Wm. T. Stansell
Spouse 2: Neasy George
Marriage Date: 17 Apr 1885
Marriage Place: Clay
Performed By: M. G.
Surety/Perf. Name: J. H. Guthrie
OSPage: 520

Re: Floyd P. Johnson looking for information

Posted: 1206227246000
Classification: Query
Thank you, you have gotten me farest I have ever gotten.

All ways seemed to hit a brick wall

Re: Floyd P. Johnson looking for information

Posted: 1207417016000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Johnson
Hi There - Floyd P. Johnson was my uncle - my Dad's oldest brother....Email me and I will see what I can do to help you. My Dad died in l944 when I was 2 yrs. old so I don't know much about his family but my brother knew all of them......


Re: Floyd P. Johnson looking for information

Posted: 1207418469000
Classification: Query
Wow!!! Who ever you are, you are wearing a hallo right now. I cannot believe all this information you have found and shared. You have no idea how long I have been looking for my Grandparents George W. & Annie E. Johnson. This is such a common name and I am so very grateful to you and to people like you that go to so much trouble to help us out here. Many many thanks and you have already earned your crown in Heaven.

Dani Parr

Re: Floyd P. Johnson looking for information

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Classification: Query
Thank you for your wonderful information. I am the daughter-in-law of Rothwell (Rocky) Melvin Anderson (son of Edward L Anderson & Tempy A Johnson)Faye Powers had 3 children Melvin R Anderson,Victoria Kathleen Anderson (deceased)and Gary Lynn Anderson Married Susan Lynn Anderson 7/2/1966 we had 3 children Brian Kevin Anderson, Michael Scott Anderson(Deceased) and Melissa Leigh Anderson.

Please contact me at
and I can give you more information on our family. I would like to know if you had any information on Eunice Faye Powers.

Again thanks for you information.
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