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Oritsky and name variations

Oritsky and name variations

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Hi, I am trying to find out information on my great grandparents who were living in the Arma/Rosthern area. Unfortunately, the name was written in various ways but we believe that it was supposed to be Oritsky.I have found the following information: They were born in Austria and were of Galician origin. Does anyone have any information about the Galican people and their settling of the Rosthern area? Any idea where the parents would be buried ( I have checked a few cemeteries listed online and they are not listed). From the documents that I have:

This is to certify that Hourila Uricky of Rosthern in the province of Saskatchewan- farmer is now the owner of an estate in fee simple of the NE quarter of Section 4 in Tsp 42 In range 2 West of the 3rd meridian in Sask (Rosthern) in the Dominion of Canada.
containing 160 acres more or less .Reserving all mines and minerals upon or under land.
Signed on 10th of March 1911, PO address- Rosthern, Sask
East Sask Land registration ( the land map states it is actually 42A)

1901 SASKATCHEWAN (#205)
Uretzki Hawrilo -Male- white-Head- Married- unknown birth date- born - 1860- age - 40 -born- Austria- racial-Galician -immigration- 1898-farmer- R Catholic

Uretzki Wasalyna -F -Wife -M- May 8 1866 - age -34 - born- Austria- ditto

Uretzki Fedor- M -Son- S - unknown- born- 1889 - age-11 - born Austria -

Uretzki Eudoria- F=-Daughter - Mar 13 1893 - age 8- born Austria

All are Roman Catholic and immigrated 1898.

1911 Census of Saskatchewan- District 216- Saskatoon, Subdistrict 26

Hawrila Oritzka- Male- Head- married- 4-2, 42, 2
age 49- birth- Aug. 1861- Birthplace- Austria- spouse name- Wasalus- immigration year- 1898- Tribal- Russian- 1902( couldn't read what this stood for- possibly when they built their home as another record I have states that date)- religion- Catholic- farmer
Oritzka Wasaleis F Wife M Dec 1871 40
Oritzka Bazia F Daughter S Apr 1893 18
Oritzka Peter M Son S May 1908 2

Medical records concerning their son Peter were in the name of Oritsky.
Hawrila died around 1927 as the land was transferred into his wifes name then ( she may have died around 1930 as another transfer went to the son).

Their land was quite near to Reed Lake.

If anyone can provide me with any further information or even general history I would be very grateful. Kim

Arma Saskatchewan

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Hi there,

Not sure if I have replied to you previously so I will do it again to be sure! The town of Arma died long ago and it is where my father was born. There is a small family cemetery that is just off the the main highway by a few yards. My GGparents and many other direct relatives are buried there. However, someone has listed the graves but for some reason they did NOT include all of the headstones. I have been to this graveyard many times so I am quite familiar with "who" is thereI am guessing that it is for personal and likely petty reasons... in any case it is unfortunate. There is a bit more information that might help you find what you are looking for. The Sask. river divides 2 distinct heritage groups. On the Arma / Rosthern side the people were and still are for the most part Germans from the Volga area in Russia along with some Polish/Germans. These 2 groups were all Lutheran or Mennonites. The other side of the river were predominately Ukrainians (Galacians) and Orthodox Catholics. If your search has not led you to the churches you may find that you will have more luck there. There has always been a river crossing between these areas (ferry)and the distance across is very short. You could yell loud enough to speak to someone on the other side! My own grandfather had a lot to say about the Galacians so I have always been aware of the difference between the people. Thank heavans times have changed and these differences mean nothing anymore.
In closing, have a look at a map and you will find the names of all of the villages opposite the Rosthern side. One other thing you should be aware of is that the land that was farmed was not always the land that was lived on.

Re: Arma Saskatchewan

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Surnames: oritisky and varients
Hi! So nice to hear from someone out there! I really appreciated your information but it doesn't work I am afraid. Looking at my Cummins map from the U of S archives, i can see my great grandparents land and it was West of the river towards the Alma side about 1/2 a section E of Reed lake. My grand father always said he was Polish and all docs have indicated he was Galician so by all rights they should be on the other side of the river but they aren't.

My brother and I tried to drive out to there last summer but the road was dreadful so didn't get very far. I wish I knew about the cemetery though - that was really helpful and odd how all of the headstones are not transcribed!

I have recently written the Rosthern library for advice but have not had a reply from them and as I live abroad I can't just visit them so I might have to come up with a different plan.

Are you familiar with the book "old and new furrows"? On page (289?) they list a number of Ukrainian families that came to the area in 1898 and my great grandfather is one of them so that was a great clue but they didn't give the name of the village they came from - just Galicia. I tried to work side ways and research some of the othe families listed but no luck yet. So I still don't know if he was Ukrainian or Polish!

I thought about contacting the church but I am not sure how to go about it as on some docs they are Rutherian, Roman Catholic and then Greek Catholic.

If you have an ideas about this I would love to hear them. Thanks for your reply.

name variations

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Nice to hear back from you. I am very familiar with the book about the Rosthern area history. Many branches of my tree are all over that book. One of them is related to the Malinowsky family. One of my grandmothers sisters married a Otto Malinowsky and he changed his family name to Malin at some point. You may find that there was a name change like this in order to "fit in" and Anglicize the family name. My GG grandfather was Philipp Krikau (Krickau) and he was one of the early settlers that brought a school, a church and the hospital to Rosthern. His wife was Katherine Kinzel who was a sister to A.C. Kinzel who also was responsible for the the school etc. along with the others. On the other side my fathers people are Knuth, Markwart, Bredlaw and others. Have you checked on the "Kenmare" school story? If your family was part of the Arma people you may find a trail there. Kenmare was a made up name derived from the above noted families. I have a mystery myself that I have not been able to solve. My Grandfather was a Schutt and he was a hired man for the Knuth's and I have no idea when he or how this came to pass. He married one of the Knuth daughters and I have not been able to find any info on him anywhere except one small reference in the Rosthern history about the marriage. By the way where do you live now? I would like to keep in touch with you off the message board. My email address is: Please reply to that address.

Re: Arma Saskatchewan ORITSKY

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Surnames: ORITSKY
Hi, You have found the location of the land of your
g.Grandparents in Saskatchewan.
Homestead Records are Available from the Provincial Archive in Sask.

People settled on the land granted to them. Don't know if there was a choice - re which side of a river etc.

Cemetery Transcripts: Not all cemeteries have been transcirbed - Some persons only transcribe their family and connected family intersts. Other Headstones are old, very difficult to transcribe. Because of costs, situations etc, not everyone had a headstone, some wooden crosses etc - that have deteriorated.
Cemetery Office - may have information re burials.
Town may have records - or burials . Records may have been transfered to the Provincial Archive.

Have you read - the history- Re Austro-Hungarian Empire -re Ukrainians/ Polish etc.
Polish are Roman Catholic.
Ukrainian - Greek Orthodox, Greek Catholic
Ukrainian were somtimes considered Ruthenian.
Immigration papers - may show some persons as Ruthenian. others as Galician - others Polish or Ukrainian -

Did your GGrandfatehr make application for NATURALIZATION.
This information should show - the date and place of birth -names of parents -etc. Date and port of Departure Date and port of Arrival.

Checked the book you mention - don't find the surname ORITSKY
What other variations do you have?

Do you know When? Where? your Ggrandparents passed away?
Registration of Death -Long form Death Certificate
May show all personal information required at the time * As known to the Informant.

OBITUARIES of your Ggrandparents may show some personal information that could prove helfpul

Marriage Registration for Children in Canada.
Depending on time frame. ,and requirements of the time.
Will show personal information - includes names of both sets of parents - religion etc.

Cheers, Stella

Re: Arma Saskatchewan ORITSKY

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Hello Stella,
In the census:1901 SASKATCHEWAN (#205)

Uretzki Hawrilo -Male- white-Head- Married- unknown birth date- born - 1860- age - 40 -born- Austria- racial-Galician -immigration- 1898-farmer- R Catholic

1911 Census of Saskatchewan- District 216- Saskatoon, Subdistrict 26
Hawrila Oritzka- Male- Head- married- 4-2, 42, 2
age 49- birth- Aug. 1861- Birthplace- Austria- spouse name- Wasalus- immigration year- 1898- Tribal- Rutherian- 1902- year of naturalization- religion- Catholic- farmer - can read and write- Rutherian

Saskatchewan- 1916 census- June 2 1916

District 25- Prince Albert (land- Tsp 42 In range 2 West of the 3rd meridian)Rural 403
Orinzky- Hawrila- head- male- married- 55- born- Galican- religion- Greek Catholic- canadian- immigration- 1898- not naturalized- Canadian- tribal- Galican- can speak English or french? no- language?- Galican-can read and write- ? no- occupation?- farmer- on farm-

so as you can see- in one census it states Roman Cath and the other Greek Cath. One indicates Ukrainian and the other Polish.

- note the various spellings of the name.
-in the book he is listed as Hawrylo Oricy. They state Ukrainians from Galicia but I know that part of galicia had Polish as well and my grandfather always stated he was Polish.
- GGfather died in 1927 or thereabouts due to land title change to his wife but I haven't got a death cert.
- I haven't found any naturalization and the census indicates he didn't.

- Some of the children died when young so didn't marry and I did find out what I did from one sons details.

Thanks for your suggestions- kim

Re: name variations

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Hi Karen,
I found your post helpful and interesting! I am just getting in to doing some family research and Wilhelmine Knuth and Otto Markwart were my great great grandparents. Both of my grandparents were born and raised in the Rosthern area so I have plenty of Rosthern blood in me but know very little!


Re: name variations

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Surnames: Markwart
Hi Rachel, This is a link to the Rosthern history book on-line. Do a Markwart search in the book and click on page 479 for the start of the bio and the other page numbers for tidbits. Butch
per page

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