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George Washington Kearnes

George Washington Kearnes

Angela Kerns (View posts)
Posted: 969888651000
The George Washington Kearnes in my family has a different spelling, if you will notice. I am looking for relatives, figured I'd take one of my ancestors and see if I might have someone help me build from there.

George Washington Kearnes
Born: 6 Oct 1841 Crawford Township, Buchanan County, Missouri
Died: 17 Aug 1914 Walthill, Thurston County, Nebraska

This man is in my family tree. I'd like to find other relatives, but the spelling changes so often.

His children were:
From marriage to:Julia Ann KINNAMON
- Richard KEARNES
- Laura KEARNS
- Charlotte KEARNS
- Maggie KEARNS
- LeDora Mae KEARNES
From Marriage to:Matilda Jane LANE
- Sherman KEARNS
- George KEARNS

He was also married to: Matilda Jane McCORD

JONATHAN B.KARNES BORN: 24 Nov 1806 Bedford County, Virginia DIED: 12 Mar 1881 Plattsmouth, Cass County, Nebraska
CYNTHIA LEE BORN: About 1804 Knox County, Kentucky DIED: 1851 Mills County, Iowa

His siblings were:
Rachel J. KARNES
Jonathan Jr. KERNES
Prudence Ota KEARNS
James C. KERNS
Michael KERNS
Andrew Sampson KERNS
Mary Ann KERNS
Alexander KERNS

George Washington Kerns-Kearnes, etc.

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We are definitely related as I have all the same names--slightly diff. order! I show Geo m. to Matilda Jane McCord on July 29, 1860 and to Julia Ann Kinnamon on Dec. 12, 1869 with all 7 ch. as don't have birthdates for them. I have his father as Jonathan mar. to Cynthia Lee on Sept 12, 1827 in Harlan, KY, with 8 children--Michael, b. 1828, Andrew Sampson, b. 1829, Mary Ann, b. 2-15-1835, Jonathan Jr. b. 3-8-1836, Geo. Wash. b. 10-6-1841, Prudence b. 1846, James, b. 1849 and Alexander, b. 1851. I do not know who the final 3 married, but have the names of the others' spouses, but not their families--so perhaps you can help me with that.

I show Jonathan's father as Michael Kearns, Jr. b. 1770 d. 1847 mar. Mary Bales, b. 1782 d. 1863 with 11 children--Geals D. b. 9-15-1905; Jonathan, b. 11-24-1806; Rachel B. b. 10-1-1808, Leah W. b. 8-8-1810, Noah S., b. 5-29-1813, Ann Elizabeth, b. 1-17-1816, John N. b. 10-18-1818, Prudence O. b. 6-16-1820, George Sampson, b. 12-23-1823, Mary M. b. 3-3-1825, and James C. b. 1-6-1828. Of these, I know who they mar. (2 died young) but have continuation only on Jonathan and George.

Michael Jr.'s father was Michael Sr., b. 1730, d. 1807, m. Catherine Shaver, b. 1744, d. abt. 1791. They had 17 children--I have all their birthdates, marriages, some children.

Then Michael's father was Nicholas Kearns, b. abat. 1698 in Germany, mar. Catherine Engen, b. abt. 1702 in VA. They had 9 ch. I have birthdates for all, but cont. on only 2.

My line is from my Mom--
Beulah Almeda Kerns, b. 1907, d. 1995
Milton William Kerns b.1884 d. 1970
Christopher Seth Kerns b. 1847, d. 1930
Jacob Kerns, b. 1814 d. 1872
Job Kerns, b. 1771, d. 1862
Michael Kerns, Sr. b. 1730, d. 1807
Nicholas Kearns, b. abt. 1698 in Germany.

I haven't worked much on my Mother's line--so it's pretty sketchy, but perhaps we can each fill in some blanks. Doriss


Jean Gross Johnson (View posts)
Posted: 978801994000
Do any of you have ancestors who married into the Gross Family. Perhaps from Hampshire or Morgan county? Thanks


Posted: 989763309000
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I have a Kerns/Gross connection in my files. A Marian E. (Mask) Gross married Joseph Samuel Kerns. No marriage date for them. She was born 12-14-1943 in Sepulpa, Okla. He was born 6-22-1940. They had 5 children. Any connection?

Re: George Washington Kerns-Kearnes, etc.

Betty Jennings (View posts)
Posted: 997574967000
Hi Doris,

I noticed on that your ancestors are:
Nicholas abt, 1698, Michael 1730, Michael Jr. 1770, and
Jonathan 1806, George Washington, 1841.

I come from Nicholas, Adam, Henry, Henry and on

My problem is that I don't have difinite proof that Adam
is Henry #1 father. Henry #1 was born 1806, died 1843 in
Kentucky. He married Delilah in 1832. Sons were Silas 1834,
Henry 1836. Delilah also had a son...Job.On the Mo. 1850 census it shows Job as Job Jr. He was born two years after Henry died.

Would you have any information on this part of the clan.??
Anything appreciated. Thanks Betty

Re: George Washington Kerns-Kearnes, etc.

Angie Kerns (View posts)
Posted: 998442767000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Kerns, Kearns, etc.
I just now saw your message. I'm not quite sure how I lost your message. Anyway, I also read the reply to your message. I would be interested in trading information. My email is or if you would like to email me. If you have Yahoo messenger....add me. I use ladydreamchaser the most when I am online. We are definately related. I was told, however that our information about Nicholas is not true......that somehow he really isn't on our tree. I don't remember all I was told, but we can discuss it. :)

Have a nice day.

Re: George Washington Kerns-Kearnes, etc.

Posted: 998504613000
Classification: Query
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Hi Betty--I'm sorry but I don't have any Henry Kerns in my files, but there is probably one somewhere. I do not have all the children of all the family members. I have three different "lines"--they all start with Nicholas & Catherine Engen, and then Michael Sr. and Catherine Shaver. Then the first line is Adam Sr. and Mary McClanahan, Mahala Ann Kerns(apparently not married), her son Abraham Kerns who mar. Sirena Eleanor (Ellen) Kerns, their dau. Anjalettie Kerns mar. Christopher Seth Kerns, their son Milton William (my grandfather) & Dolly Ross, Beulah Kerns and Frank R. Dean, Sr (my parents).

The second line from Michael Sr and Catherine Shaver is through Job(1771) and Phoebe Clark, Jacob and Patsy Lawless, their son Christopher Seth Kerns who mar Anjalettie, etc. as above.

The third line from Michael Sr. and Catherine Shaver is Adam Sr. and Mary McClanahan, Job(1800) and Nancy Ann Meeks. their dau Sirena Eleanor Kerns and Abraham Kerns, their dau. Anjalettie who mar. Christopher Seth, etc.

It does get confusing when they marry cousins like that, doesn't it? If I can help you with anything else, write me at

Re: George Washington Kerns-Kearnes, etc.

Posted: 998505793000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1019921816000
Betty, thought I'd also send you Michael Sr's children as I have them: Mary Magdalene 1761, Jacob 1763, George 1764, Adam Sr 1766, Barbara 1768, Mary 1769, Michael Jr. 1770, Job 1771, Thomas 1772, Elizabeth 1773, Abraham 1774, Hannah 1775, Susanna c 1779, John 1781, Catherine c 1782, Moses 1783 and Rueben 1783. These children were by Catherine Shaver. I don't show any children by 2nd spouse, Elizabeth (surname unknown)

Then I show Adam Sr. 1766 and Mary McClanahan had Margaret 1788, Alexander c 1790, John 1797, Mahala c. 1798, Job 1800, Adam Jr. 1801, Ralph c. 1807, and James Nathen 1813.

Any Do you know when Mary McClanahan died? Any additions or corrections will gladly be received. Doris

Re: George Washington Kerns-Kearnes, etc.

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Classification: Query
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Surnames: Kernes, Pierce, Axton, Coley, Cranfill
I think I might have the Alexander you have in your tree. I have Alexander listed as b. 1852. Would like to see if we have any connection.

Re: George Washington Kerns-Kearnes, etc.

Posted: 1023057194000
Classification: Query
Hi Wendy-I have several Alexander Kerns, including one b. 1862, who d. 1952. He married Sarah Unk, b. abt. 1869 in Iowa. They had Hattie Kerns abt. 1887. PErhaps you can fill in more data on these persons.

I show Alexander's father as Jonathan B. Kerns, b. 08 Mar 1838 in Adair Co, KY; d. 11 Feb. 1916 in Mills Co, Iowa. He married Hannah Dunagan b. 06 Mar 1837 in Pittston, Luzerne Co, PA & d. 14 May 1917 in Mills Co, Iowa. They had 7 children.

The other Alexander Kerns: one b. 1790 in Jamestown, Adair, KY, mar. Elizabeth Pierce (I notice you also have that line). They mar. 02 May 1810 in Adair Co, KY. He was son of Adam S. Kerns and Mary McClanahan. I do not have their children.

The other Alexander was b. 1851 in Mills Co. Iowa, the son of Jonathan B. Kearns and Cynthia Lee. I have nothing further on him either.

Hope this helps! Doris
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