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Create checklist from GEDCOM?

Create checklist from GEDCOM?

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I would like to find a piece of software that could create a spreadsheet (or even text file) extract of all persons in a certain time period or that meet certain criteria, their birth date, their death date, etc. to use as a checklist of people to research and records to find. Does anyone know of an easy way to query a GEDCOM and get this type of information?

I am a software engineer, skilled in many programming langagues and technologies, but I'd rather not write it myself due to lack of time.


Re: Create checklist from GEDCOM?

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Import it into TMG and use the report writer there.

Re: Create checklist from GEDCOM?

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Any decent genealogy program will let you write custom reports. That's one of the reasons I like Roots Magic. You can pick basically any field - name, birth, death, marriage, military service, bar mitzva date, caste (I don't use those last two, myself) and have them print.

Once you format the report, you can select who to print. For instance, anyone born before 1900 and after 1800 with "Pennsylvania" in any fact place. (This assumes you've been terribly consistent with your place names and haven't used "PA", "Penn", "Pennslyvabia" and "Pennsylvania", that thurd being a slip you didn't catch. RM will "suggest" place names for you, just like Excel will "suggest" text in columns, so if you use it, staying consistent is remarkably easy.

Then, you "print" to a text file; RM puts a tab character between columns, so when you import the report, tell the Excel wizard you used tab to delimit.

I do this 3 - 4 times a week when I find a hot new data base and I want to check everyone who might be on it against it.

The same technique would work for The Master Genealogist, I assume, from the other answer. When I had both FTM, PAF and RM's predecessor, FOW, on my Windows 3.1 machine at the same time, FTM didn't have a good custom reporting feature. They may have added it.

Note you would have to buy RM or TMG, create a database called "Temp" or "Smith" or "Excel" import the GEDCOM and then write the custom report. I have a couple of custom reports with the basics - name, BMD Dates & places, spouse - that I run as needed, changing the selection criteria to suit.

With RM, it takes me a couple of minutes to format the report, and one or two more to set up the selection criteria.

You have to be careful not to select "not blond OR not redhead", since that will select no one, but it should be child's play to anyone who can spell SQL.
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