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Henry Holt

Henry Holt

Lori (View posts)
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The Henry Holt I'm looking for (I believe) was b. Tennessee between 1840-1850, d. Kentucky before 1920. Had a daughter Darcus (Darkus). I have conflicting spouses, but I believe he was married to Matilda Baldwin. Can anyone tell me anything about him? Any help will be most appreciated!

Re: Henry Holt

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Surnames: Holt, Baldwin, Newsom, Newsome
Hi Lori,

I'm researching your Henry Holt, also. So far, I have only a theory, that being that he was perhaps the son of Kendrick Holt who appears in 1860 in Claiborne County, TN. He is a mystery man, for sure. He was the second husband of Matilda Baldwin, whose first husband was Lackey Newsom. Matilda and Lackey were my GG-Grandparents. Lackey was killed in the closing days of the Civil War, on February 28, 1865. Henry and Matilda were married by August, 1865. They were very young--only 18! Yet Matilda already had three children by then (was married first at 14). By 1870, Henry and Matilda were 23 and living in Floyd County, KY. Henry appeared on the 1890 Special Veterans Census in 1890, listing as having served 9 months in 1862 in the 5th Tennesee Cavalry, Co. B. He would have been only 15.

Henry Holt is shrouded in mystery. Some thought he was hiding out from the law; some thought he wasn't a Holt at all. Yet, he was always consistent with his birthplace and his age, which placed his date of birth as 1847 in Tennessee, which is the correct date and place for him to be Kendrick's son. However--there is NO PROOF.

When I search for information on Kendrick Holt's son, Henry, I cannot find any. Although Mary is an extremely common name, I note that Matilda and Henry Holt named their first daughter Mary. Perhaps this is in fact the one and the same Henry Holt and daughter Mary was named for his mother.

Did your Darcus Holt marry Samuel Newsome? He is related to Matilda Baldwin's first husband, Lackey Newsom.

I have some interesting anecdotal information about Henry Holt, along with a picture or two of him and Matilda.

Re: Henry Holt

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Not related, but did a little searching through the census records. I did finally find Kendrick hiding out in the 1870 census as William K. Holt. You can see this is Kendrick from the children. So, I think this will put your theory to rest as Henry is still living with him. I will put all I have been able to find at the bottom.

There is something that is strange. In the 1880 census, I do not see a daughter named Darcus. Although I know nothing about this family.

I have also placed a couple of RootsWeb links at the bottom. The first one does have Darcus in the family list. The second link has a story about Henry. It states that he was thought to be a full-blooded Cherokee. If this is true, could be a reason why you cannot find out anything about his youth.

Good Luck! John


Magisterial District 2, Pike, Kentucky

Henry Halt abt Jul 1845 Tennessee Head
Matilda Halt abt Aug 1844 Tennessee Wife
Rhoda Candell abt Jan 1890 Tennessee Granddaughter

Civil District 6, Claiborne, Tennessee

Henry C Halt abt Jan 1848 Tennessee Head
Mary E Halt abt May 1855 Tennessee Wife
Ruthford B Halt abt 1878 Tennessee Son
Dellia J Halt abt May 1879 Tennessee Daughter
Mina B Halt abt Jul 1880 Tennessee Daughter
Delphia Halt abt May 1889 Tennessee Daughter
Dasey Halt abt 1896 Tennessee Daughter


Antioch, Floyd, KY

Henry Halt abt 1835 Tennessee Self (Head)
Tilda Halt Antioch, Floyd, KY abt 1845 Kentucky Wife
Noah Halt abt 1864 Kentucky Son
Mary Halt abt 1866 Kentucky Daughter
Evins Halt abt 1868 Kentucky Son
Andrew Halt abt 1870 Kentucky Son
Pery Halt abt 1872 Kentucky Son
Sious Halt abt 1874 Kentucky Son
Rena Halt abt 1878 Kentucky Daughter


District 8, Hancock, TN

Wm K Halt abt 1837 Tennessee Male
Mary Halt abt 1826 Tennessee Female
Henry Halt abt 1850 Tennessee Male
Rufus Halt abt 1853 Tennessee Male
James Halt abt 1856 Tennessee Male
Elbert Halt abt 1858 Tennessee Male
John Halt abt 1860 Tennessee Male
Mary Halt abt 1864 Tennessee Female

Precinct 5, Floyd, KY

Henry Holt abt 1847 Tennessee Male
Matilda Holt abt 1847 Kentucky Female
John Newson abt 1863 Kentucky Male
Isabela Newson abt 1864 Kentucky Female
Noah Newson abt 1865 Kentucky Male
Mary Holt abt 1867 Kentucky Female
Evin Holt abt 1869 Kentucky Male

1860 Subdivision 6, Claiborne, TN

Kendrick Holt abt 1828 Tennessee Male
Mary Holt abt 1830 Tennessee Female
Eliza Holt abt 1846 Tennessee Female
Henry Holt abt 1848 Tennessee Male
Sarah Holt abt 1851 Tennessee Female
Rufus Holt abt 1853 Tennessee Male
James Holt abt 1855 Tennessee Male
Elbert Holt abt 1858 Tennessee Male
Breckendridge Holt abt 1860 Tennessee Male
Elizabeth Halt abt 1788 North Carolina Female

1850 Subdivision 33, Hancock, TN

Henry Holt abt 1787 North Carolina
Elizabeth Holt abt 1787 Virginia
[Next door]
Kenderick Holt abt 1828 Tennessee
Mary Holt abt 1827 Tennessee
Louisa Holt abt 1846 Tennessee
Henry Holt abt 1848 Tennessee

RootsWeb links to Henry and Matilda:

Re: Henry Holt

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Holt, Baldwin
Thank you so much for your careful reply concerning Henry Holt! I have decided that my theory that Henry Holt being a so of Kendrick Holt cannot be correct in light of the following two facts:

In 1870, Henry Holt, son of Kendrick Holt, is living with his parents in Hancock Co, TN.

In 1870, Henry Holt, married to my Matilda Baldwin, is living in Floyd Co, KY., and is only 10 years younger than Kendrick Holt, his suspected father.

Henry still could be related to this family, but it does not seem that he is a son of Kendrick Holt.

One of the links you sent was from the research of my cousin, who in turn got her information that Henry Holt was a "full blooded Cherokee" directly from my mother, whose only source was family lore. Given the location in eastern Tennessee, Henry Holt certainly could have had some Cherokee or "melungeon" blood. We still don't know!

My sincere thanks for your taking the time and care to reply. When searching for truth, it is equally important to disprove theories as well as to prove them.

Thanks again!
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