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Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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Surnames: Cahill/Kelly/Butler/Loakman/O'Keefe/ Curran
The Leinster Leader of March 1958 had the following article reproduced in the 'Kildare Online Electronical History Journal' and I'm trying to establish if the mentioned Sergeant Martin Butler was born Liverpool 1906 son of Sergeant Martin Butler, born Calverstown, Co Kildare 1865, died Naas 1941, who was my grandmother Mary Cahill's 1st cousin. If correct his mother would be Anne (Nannie) Loakman and his brother Leo Anthony Butler whilst his paternal grandparents would have been George Butler and Marcella Cahill.

"Under the heading ‘A Visitor to Naas’ there is news of the visit home of Sergeant Martin Butler who had just left the Malayan jungles for a three-week holiday in Ireland. Sergeant Butler had fought all through the Second World War and had the distinction of being the first soldier on the British side to meet the advancing American Army in South Italy. The Naas man had indeed featured in the international press at the time of this episode, according to the Leader correspondent."

Seeking any information on the family.

Mr Terry Arthur.

Re: Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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The following information was found on the Latter Day Saints website

Marten Butler born 10 Feb 1865 #0452 Fontstown Civil Registration District,Kildare parents George Butler and Marcella Cahill.

1864 marriage George Butler, Naas Registration District
#101249 Vol.7 Page 839
1864 marriage Marcella Cahill, Baltinglass Registration District #101249, Vol.7 Pg. 474

George Butler registered death April-June 1904 age 63,
Naas Registration District #101602 Vol.2 Pg. 653

George Butler and Marcella Cahill, parents of
Marten Butler, information as above

Mary #471 Fontstown Registration District 29 Dec 1869
Bridget #0451 Fontstown RD 01 Mar 1867 C0121-3/101142

Leo A.M. Butler registration of birth April-June 1944, Naas RD (Clark) I'm assuming this is the mother's maiden name?
#101236 Vol.2 Pg. 365

Leo Anthony Butler birth registration April-June 1902
#101069 vol.2 Pg. 810
(Perhaps I misunderstood but I don't think this Leon would be a brother to Martin being 30+ years apart)

Anne Loakman has 12 records on the above website.

Kildare WWI Casualties, James Butler, Naas, Kildare, Machine Gun Corp. Active April 1 1916(might be a connection)

There is a website of a group/Foundation of County genealogy offices, however, in Kildare County records shows no records are showing for these names. The 1865 should be there as it is a Civil Registration. I'm not sure why these are not there.

Fontstown, formerly Fulestown Parish is in an area of West Ofaly as well as Kildare. However, Offaly is not on line at this time.

Griffith Valuation of Ireland is considered a census substitute, Kildare 1852:

The only George is as follows:

George Butler, Parish of Lackagh, Townland of Cherryville
tenant of Christopher Bailey, property #3A land 2 acres.3 Roods and 38 perches #3B house and land 1.2.34 PLU Athy
not sure that George Butler would have had his own land in 1852 as he didn't marry till 1864 this could be someone else entirely)

There are 55 Butlers and 29 Cahill's in Kildare:

Martin Cahill Parish of Davidstown, Townland of Calverstown PLU Naas, tenant of Robert H. Borrowes 10Ba house and land 1.1.13 and 10A Charles Cooper 1.0.23

No Butler in the Parish of Davidstown and

National Archives UK, shows some Military records but don't know if there is any connection.
Soldiers that died in Great War:
Martin Butler, Whiteabbey. Co. Antrim, Ireland
Martin Butler, Shinrone, Offaly/Kings Co.Ireland

Annette Code

Re: Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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Surnames: Cahill/Kelly/Butler/Loakman/O'Keefe/ Curran
Thanks for that but I have all the historical information which I have been researching for twenty years. I had previously thought this branch of my Cahill ancestors had emigrated as the trail went cold in January 1870 but after recently finding the army record of Sergeant Martin Butler (1865) which included all his siblings after first enlisting at Naas in 1883 indicating two more Butler children Maggie and George were born in Co Kildare.

Through more research I have since found that Martin's father George Butler remarried in 1879 to widow Catherine Gorman nee Owens but can find no trace of his first wife Marcella Cahill's death or the birth/baptisms of Maggie and George who may have been twins as the 1911 census records both their ages as 36 at different addresses.

Martin Butler married twice to Anne Loakman at Naas in 1897 whilst still in the army their children were James born 1898 who died WW1 Martin Patrick born 1900 and died the following year, Leo Anthony born 1902; these children were all born Naas. Sergeant Martin Butler left the army in 1904
and his last child another Martin Patrick was born Liverpool in 1906.

I don't know when Anne Loakman died but by 1912 Martin Butler had married again to widow Margaret Hughes nee Brian. Martin died Naas in 1941 and I await his death cerificate. The information I am requesting here is if anyone knows if the Sergeant Martin Butler mentioned in the newspaper report of 1958 was the son of the above mentioned Martin Butler born 1865 who was my grandmother's Ist cousin so it is really anecdotal information I'm looking for and hopfully finding a living relation of mine to tell the tale.

Re: Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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I figured so, I don't often see inquiries about Butler's except in Kilkenny. There are 75 in the online phone book for Kildare (lots of just M. Butlers- they can't all be Michael's) you could try a few letters to different area's its amazing how many people still live in the same areas. There is always someone who knows someone. I've had a letter passed on up to three times before it got to a person who knew my history. With a map go for the ones closest to Offaly. The Offaly records are soon to come online, I think they must be there in one of the Parishes that cross county borders. A name like Martin is likely to be passed down. You could also try an ad or letter to the Editor of the county newspaper. At least it is a reasonable amount of time for people to remember, the children's children should still be about.
Good luck. Annette

Re: Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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Thanks Annette, It's early days; all five of George Butler and Marcella Cahill's children married so I have plenty on my plate. It is the Cahill line I'm actually interested in. The Martin Cahill you mention in GV 1852 was in fact my direct ancestor who lived at the Bog Ranger's House, Calverstown Little, Nr Ballymount where I believe Martin Butler was born in 1865 and I'm trying to get as much information as possible about my ancestral home; even got a picture of it taken in 1986 by a former occupant as it was demolished just 10 years ago at a time I was enquiring about it having taken almost 10 years to trace it.

You are correct about the name Martin being carried through the generations. I have a second cousin Martin Cahill of Nottingham, England today. The Butler family actually originated from Co Wicklow and my Cahills were at Tipperary in the 18th century before their lands were confiscated as a result of the Penal Code.

Re: Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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Wouldn't that have been wonderful to have seen the ancestral home but at least you have a photograph. I don't have an ancestral home. My mother's father and grandfather were bricklayers in the UK and there were only two children born in the same counties until 1921.My husband's family will got me going on Ireland was in Shillelagh,Wicklow very few of the original homes are standing but there are a lot of the Codd/Code families still in situ. The Earl Fitzwilliam house was rebuilt after 1798 and most of Carnew had to be rebuilt including the church. Gordon's branch of the family came to Canada in 1818-1832.
I don't know if you would be interested in this or not I have a friend you has started making hooked rugs, except not the old style something new. She made a picture of her home in Ireland that had been in the family 500 year. It is beautiful hung on the wall.Annette

Re: Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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I now have the death certificate of Martin Butler, Groom who died 4th November 1941 at Ballykane, Naas East, the informant being his son Leo Butler, aged 74 but actually aged 76. Ballykane, also spelt Ballycane is now absorbed in the town of Naas to the east.

Seeking Butler burial plot and gravestone if any in town of Naas.

Re: Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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I found one Memorial Inscription for Butler in Kildare, in the Cantwell Memorial Inscriptions. Cantwell only had a few Kildare inscriptions from Kildare. This one is for a Bernard Butler of Bally (?) Co. Kildare.

If you want the rest of the information - has no other names ie family, just a date and age at death.
You need to contact me by email
as inscriptions and memorials are not permitted on the 'message' board.

Annette Code

Re: Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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Thanks Annette, in this case I'm specifically looking for a more modern 20th century inscription at Naas. I believe Cantwell's inscriptions are pre 1880 and there was no Bernard Butler in this family but I apreciate your offer of assistance. Like I said before I'm looking for local knowledge.

Terry Arthur.

Re: Sergeant Martin Butler of Naas

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Yes you are correct the only ones after 1899 as family ones with later inscriptions. Is it St. David's Church of Ireland, Naas.

the website has photo's for Kildare graveyards but none were St. David's, this is part of a photo archive of gravestones.

There are Butler's still living in Naas according to the online phone book. Try writing letters asking for more up to date information. Asking if any one could possibily take photos for you. I've seen posting on these message boards asking for someone to take photo's - that have been replied to and an offer to do photo's.

If it is St. David's the pastor maybe able to give you more information. If you were to visit Ireland, any Church records after 1900 are in local custody. So you would need to contact a Pastor to see if they would be willing to set up an appointment. If not St. David's try the pastors of other churches as most have email these days.

I'm still a believer in written letters carrying more weight and a pastor might be likely to answer if you have gone to the trouble of writing. Perhaps in your letters you could include a poster for the Churches memo board asking if people could take photo's and send them to you.

You could also write to the Editor of the newspaper asking for volunteers to take photos, if you are more techy you could try 'facebook' or something similar.

Good luck. No need to reply.

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