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Francis Judy Lively Gaines

Francis Judy Lively Gaines

Henry Drennan (View posts)
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Seeking information on Francis Faines, born 1759 and died 1825. Son of Hirome and Margaret Taliaferro Gaines. Born in Albemarle Co. Va. Died in Elbert Co. Ga. He was a Captain in the Revolutionary War.
Does anyone know of Francis' war record, what campaigns he was in? Any information on Francis or Judy will be appreciated. My e-mail is

Francis Gaines/Judy Lively

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I have ancestral links to Francis Gaines and Judy Lively through my mother's family, McMullan. The Revolutionary War record of Francis isn't well documented but he does appear on a DAR Patriot List according to other researchers. In my review of DAR records, I haven't located anything as of this date. There isn't any doubt about his war participation because he received land grants for his service from Albemarle Co. VA and the State of GA in Elbert Co. GA. His father was Heirome Gaines who was also a Revolutionary War soldier. The Gaines's in Elbert Co. GA were a prominent, successful family. Appreciate the opportunity to share information that you may have on the Gaines family in VA and GA.

Francis Judy Lively Gaines

Henry Drennan (View posts)
Posted: 980885027000
Hello John:
Good to hear from another cousin. I live in Elbert County Ga. About 12 miles from the site of Francis and Judy's grave and home place.
About a year or so ago the descendants of Francis Ganes raised money and placed a memorial to his grave. It stands about five feet high and three feet wide. The local chapter of the Sons of American Revolution dedicated it. Four or five members of the local SAR can trace their ancestry back to Francis Gaines, one being Mr. Marion McMullan. Could he be some of your people.
There are many Adams out in the "Rock Branch" area of the county that are descendants of Francis Gaines. They are also probably some of your people.
I have never been able to secure the military record of Francis Gaines, although family tradition relates he was a Lieutenant, yet he signed his will with an "X". Strange, a military officer not being able to read or write.
Would enjoy shareing information with you.
My address is:
Henry Drennan
1909 Butler Rd.
Dewy Rose, GA 30634
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Hi Henry, I have just found two Faines children connected to our gr-gr grandfather and his second wife, Lodoiska K. (I am assuming they are children from her first marriage) The children are William J. (b abt 1846) and Kate Faines (abt 1850) living with George Cullum in Alabama in 1860. Do they connect to you?

Re: Francis Judy Lively Gaines

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I, too, am involved here as a descendent of Francis and reside in Everett, WA. I was in Elbert County just last October doing research on Brown, Maxwell and Gaines. Found some wonderful information and saw some tombstones and interesting country. I have found a bit on his war records:
I found that he entered as a private and was discharged as a private.
His Service record:
Enlisted as a private on Feb 28, 1862.
Enlisted in Company I, 15th Infantry Regiment Georgia on Feb 28, 1862.
Wounded on August 30, 1862 at 2nd Manassas, VA.
Wounded on July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.
W on April 9, 1865 at Appromattox Court House, VA.
Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861 - 1865. (GARosterC) Published in 1955-58 by Longineo & Porter.
I don't know what is meant by the "W" on April 9, 1865 at Appromattox
But sounds like the old boy was right in the middle of things.

Interesting stuff.
Howard Cook

Re: Francis Judy Lively Gaines

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Which Gaines were you referring to with the Civil War record? Do you have much on the Revolutionary War record of Heirome Gaines? There is a new book addition to an existing book, "Coldwater Community of Elbert Co. GA" by the daughter and son of the original writer. It is a nice 136 page hardback book with much on the Gaines and other families in Elbert Co. GA. The cost is $15.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. If you want to purchase the book, contact Ms. Marjorie S. Morrow - 112 Tignall Road - Washington, GA 30673 or telephone her at (706) 678-7179. The original book was written by her mother, Clara Adams Stowers and had less than 80 pages.

Re: Francis Judy Lively Gaines

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I am referring to Francis Gaines married to Judith Lively. I will check on Heirome. The book sounds interesting.

Re: Francis Judy Lively Gaines

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My goof. Should be talking about Francis in the Revolutionary war.

I did find a Francis Gaines in the Civil War.


Re: Francis Judy Lively Gaines

Henry Drennan (View posts)
Posted: 1011845406000
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Mr. Howard Cook:

Are you a descendant of the Civil War Francis Gaines. or the Revolutionary War Francis Gaines.

The Civil War Francis Gaines is my great grandfather. He was at Lee's surrender at the Widow Flood's farm near Appomatox courthouse and describes it in his diary. If you are the descendant of this man you also are descendant of Craft family; Deadwyler family: Maley family and others.

The Civil War Francis Gaines in the great grandson of the Revolutionary war Francis Gaines. A year or two ago all of us got together and placed a large five foot tall monument at the head of the Rev. War soldier Francis Gaines & Judy Lively, and it was dedicated by the Sons of the American Revolution.

I have been gathering information on the Gaines family for the last 40 yeaars.

There was a very famous General Edmund Pendleton Gaines also in this same Gaines family. Gainesville Ga.; and Gainesville FLa was named after this General. He lived as a contemporary of General Winfield Scott. Scott was a political general always in Washington. And General Gaines was always in the field "getting it done". The two Generals hated one another and Gen. Gaines got courtmarshelled over the bad blood.

Any way I can help please let me know. Thanks for the information.

Civil war Francis Gaines is buried about 4 miles from my home. The Rev. soldier Grancis Gaines is buried about 10 miles from my home.

Thanks again.
Henry Drennan

Re: Francis Judy Lively Gaines

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Sorry for the mix-up.
I am related to the Revolutionary Francis Gaines.
I did not know about the Civil War same name until I found the Civil War record.
I am descended from the Browns, Maxwells, Alexander & Gaines.
Wonderful project on the Rev War soldier with the monument..
Quite a story on Scott & Gaines.
I think I mentioned previously last October I was in your area (first and only time) and did some research in Elberton, went to Holly Springs Church Cemetery, stayed at Bobby Brown State Park. Found I was related to him. I really enjoyed finding so much genealogy information. I was and probably still am overwhelmed with all the info. Maybe that is part of my excuse. But I would like to have seen the two Gaines stones, etc. I saw the sign to Dewy Rose. Maybe since I have so many roots there, I will have to return.
I just ordered a book from Marjorie Morrow, "Coldwater Community...", which is supposed to have Gaines info. I have picked up a lot of Gaines info off the internet, but I don't know how good it is.
I would very much like to keep in touch with you.
Howard Cook
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