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Bennie Lou Hook Altom (View posts)
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JAMES TURNER of Halifax CO VA sold 133 acres near Burches Creek to JAMES SMITH also of Halifax CO VA in January 1771. (Halifax Co VA Deed Book 8 - 1767-1772 - Page 150.) JAMES TURNER was husband of KERENHAPPUCH NORMAN. JAMES SMITH was husband of SARAH TURNER, daughter of JAMES and KERENHAPPUCH TURNER. Looking for rest of family. Bennie Lou Hook Altom


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Thank you for your response to my query. However, the information you have listed has many discrepancies. One discrepancy is the Taliaferro connection to these Turners. Neither the will of Thomas Turner nor any known deeds reflect he had a son named James who married Sarah Turner.

Following is correct information regarding Sarah Turner:

b. ca 1724 VA, 1809 TN, (d/o JAMES TURNER and KERENHAPPUCH NORMAN of Spotsylvania VA)

SARAH TURNER m. ca 1750 JAMES SMITH b. ca 1725 Charles CoMD, d. 1791, Richmond CoNC.

Their Children:
RICHARD SMITH, b. ca 1750 MD, d. ca 1779 VA
MARY SMITH, b. ca 1751 MD, m. 1768 Halifax VA, JOHN WARD

d. 1816 Maury CoTN
JAMES T. SMITH, b. ca 1752 MD, d. 1817 Anson CoNC

m./1 1784 Constantia Ford d/o Charles Allison Ford

and Ann Chandler
JOHN SMITH b. ca 1753 MD, d. ca 1815, Maury TN
CHARLES SMITH b. ca 1754 MD d. ca 1817 Maury TN
BENJAMIN SMITH b. ca 1755 MD (In Maury TN 1816)
SARAH M. SMITH b. ca 1760 MD d. MS, m/John Champion Napier


Robert L Danley (View posts)
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Re Halifax Co query. Sarah Turner b. 1724 VA d. abt. 1806 VA m. James Smith b. abt. 1724 1 Son listed b. 1756 also m. James Sant b. 30 Aug 1818 UT d. 21 Mar 1870 UT. Sarah Parents: James Turner b. 1715 Spotsylvinia VA d. abt. 20 Jun 1785 NC m. 1710 at Culpepper VA Kerenhappuch Norman b. 1719 Spotsylvina d. 1897 NC. FAM: 1.James 2.*SARAH 3.Mary 4.Susan Kerenhappuch 5.Kerenhappuch 6.Sarah 7.Elizabeth 8.Susannah Kerenhappuch 9.James 10.Mary 11.James Norman. Sarahs GP: Thomas Turner b. abt. 1664 d. 1742 Martha Taliaferro b. abt. 1666 VA. ~Bob~ (l)


Robert L Danley (View posts)
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Re Halifax Co query. I have proven no direct relationship to this family nor did I write or submit the information, I found it thru researching databanks. I can furnish the names and address of the 7 individuals that submitted the info I used. I might add that people are left out of wills and deeds simple because they are not receiving a piece of the pie. To be named and left nothing increases the chances to break the will. Like I mention there is another James Turner 1759 VA - Sally Leftwich 1762 VA - probably some incorrect info in this data also. ~Bob~

JAMES TURNER b. ca 1705

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THOMAS TURNER and MARTHA TALIAFERRO were married August 1714 in Richmond County VA. It is recorded. In 1728 a son of theirs would be no more than 12-13 years old.

In 1728 JAMES TURNER "of King George County" and ISAAC NORMAN "of Spotsylvania County" received a land grant of 634 acres in Spotsylvania County, VA. [VA Land Patent #13, P. 301.] JAMES TURNER had to have been at least 21 years old in 1728. This is the JAMES TURNER who married ISAAC NORMAN's daughter, KERENHAPPUCH NORMAN.

It is unfortunate so many people continue to "input" this erroneous family relationship into their "databases." All they have to do is a little bit of actual research to discover this simple fact.

JAMES TURNER's parents have not yet been proven. There is some indication his parents were EDWARD TURNER and SARAH PALMER of Westmoreland VA, EDWARD TURNER being the grandson of ARTHUR TURNER of Charles County Maryland.



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1705 VA (?) - 1773 VA

From Bennie Lou Hook Altom's Turner Files

JAMES TURNER was born circa 1705 possibly in that part of Westmoreland CoVA which eventually became King George County. In 1728 JAMES TURNER "of King George County" and ISAAC NORMAN "of Spotsylvania County" received a land grant of 634 acres in Spotsylvania County, VA. [VA Land Patent #13, P. 301.] In 1733, ISAAC NORMAN gave JAMES TURNER, his son in law and KERENHAPPUCH NORMAN TURNER, his daughter 100 acres in Spotsylvania and 50 pounds. [VA County Records, Vol. I, Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800, W.A. Crozier, Page 132, Gen.Pub.Co.Inc., Baltimore, MD, 1972.]

Virginia Court and Land Records indicate JAMES TURNER lived in Spotsylvania County, 1728-1745; Prince William County 1745-1755; Culpeper County 1755-1765; and Halifax County 1765-1773. JAMES TURNER died 1773 in Halifax County VA. His widow, KERENHAPPUCH NORMAN TURNER moved with her son, JAMES TURNER (JR), and daughter SARAH TURNER SMITH, to Montgomery County, NC by 1790 where Kerenhappuch Norman Turner died around 1805.

Children of JAMES TURNER and KERERNHAPPUCH NORMAN from Virginia Court and Land Records; The Normans of Normandy Hall, Lois Norman, 1976, Sherman, TX(LDS); and Culpeper Normans, Nellie Norman, Culpeper, VA, 1966:

1. SARAH TURNER married JAMES SMITH, son of RICHARD and MARY SMITH of Pickawaxen Parish, Charles County, MD. James and Sarah Turner Smith lived in Charles County until about 1765; Halifax County VA 1765-1780; Richmond County, NC 1780-1790. JAMES SMITH died in Richmond NC 1791 and SARAH TURNER SMITH died in Maury County TN around 1812.

[Sources: Southerland Latham and Allied Families, by Edward Kinsey Voorhees, 1931, (LDS); Memoirs of James Norman Smith (1870) available in the American History Archives of the University of Texas at Austin; Normans of Normandy Hall, 1976, by Dr. Lois Norman, Sherman, TX, (LDS); History of the Culpeper Normans, Nellie Norman, Culpeper VA, 1966; Early Families of Southern Maryland Vol. VII, by Elise Greenup Jordan, 1999 and numerous DAR member application records. ]

2. ELIZABETH TURNER married JOSEPH MOREHEAD of Halifax County, VA. Joseph and Elizabeth Turner Morehead lived in Halifax County VA and Richmond County NC, where Joseph Morehead died in 1806. Descendants moved to Tennessee.

3. MARY TURNER married CHARLES MOREHEAD. They lived in Fauquier County VA where Charles died in 1783. Descendants moved to Kentucky around 1807.

4. KERENHAPPUCH TURNER married ROBERT SANFORD. They lived in Halifax County VA where Robert died in 1781. Descendants moved to Maury County TN.

5. JAMES TURNER (JR.) was born about 1742 possibly in Spotsylvania County VA. He married (1) Miss Wyatt and (2) Sarah Irby, daughter of Anthony Irby of VA [she m/2 Dabney Wade]. James Turner (Jr) served as Captain in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He served at Brandywine and the 'Siege of 96' (SC). He lived in Halifax County VA 1765-1785; Richmond County NC 1785-1805; and Maury County TN where he died in 1809. James Turner, Jr., had four children: JAMES TURNER (III), WILLIAM TURNER, WINNEFRED TURNER, and ANTHONY IRBY TURNER.

1705 VA? - 1773 VA

From Bennie Lou Hook Altom's TURNER FILES Collection

King George County VA
Tax Schedules

5 Sep 1728
Spotsylvania CoVA
Court Order Book
Part III, Page 265
In the action of Debt brought by JOHN TALIAFERRO and GOODRICH LIGHTFOOT, Gentlemen Churchwardens of St. Georges Parish in this County, Plaintiffs, against KARENHAPPUCH NORMAN Defendt., the Plantifes failing to appear and prosecute (having agreed) ordered suit be dismist. [Spotsylvania CoVA Order Book Extracts, Part III, 1724-1730, Ruth & Sam Sparacio, 1990, Antient Press.] [NOTE: this is entered on the JAMES TURNER page to show a marriage had not yet taken place with KARENHAPPUCH NORMAN.]

28 Sept 1728
Virginia Land Patents
#13, Page 301
JAMES TURNER of KING GEORGE COUNTY VA and ISAAC NORMAN of Spotsylvania County VA, 634 acres in Spotsylvania in the great forke of the Rappahannock River; adjoining Thomas Stonehouse and Thomas Farmer. [Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 3 (1695-1732), Nell Marion Nugent, 1979]

2 Feb 1731
Spotsylvania CoVA
Deed Book B
ISAAC NORMAN and JAMES TURNER of St. George Parish Spotsylvania to Robert King of same Â….for 3200 lbs tobacco and 11 shill. 634 acres in St. George Parish. Witnesses: J. Foster Johnson, Wm. Hansford. [VA County Records, Crozier, 1978]

5 Sep 1732
Spotsylvania County VA
County Court Orders
Page 149
JAMES TURNER v. Robert King for 830 and 255 costs executed one of several executions returned by the Sheriff. [Sparacio]

30 Jan 1733
Spotsylvania CoVA
Deed Book C
ISAAC NORMAN of Spotsylvania County, planter, to "JAMES TURNER, my son-in-law, planter and KERENHAPPUCH TURNER, my daughter, of ye said county," etc. deed of gift and 50 pounds. 100 acres in Spotsylvania CountyÂ…part of patent whereon sd Norman now lives. Witnesses: Augustine Smith, Joseph Stapp, and Joseph Henderson. [VA County Records, Crozier 1978]

2 Oct 1733
Spotsylvania County VA
County Court Orders
Page 259
On petition of Isaac Norman, he is discharged from being Constable and JAMES TURNER is appointed in this room, he being first sworn before a majestrate of this County. [Order Abstracts of Spotsylvania County, VA (1732-1734) Ruth & Sam Sparacio, 1991, Antient Press.]

2 April 1734
Spotslyvania County VA
County Court Orders
Page 297
On petition of JAMES TURNER to have his Constable's precinct divided, it being too large & c., is granted. [Order Book Abstracts, Spotsylvania CoVA (1734-1735) Ruth & Sam Sparacio, 1991, Antient Press.]

25 Sep 1740
Orange County VA Deeds
Page 239-240
ISAAC NORMAN and Frances his wife to JOSEPH NORMAN, our son, of same. For natural love and affection, 100 acres south side of Flatt Run, tract I live on, bounded between land of JAMES TURNER, Nathaniel Hillan, and John Roberts. Witness: JAMES TURNER, Courtney Norman, Francis Norman, Rose Norman.

26 March 1744
Prince William County VA
Will Book C
Pages 452-453
Bond on JAMES TURNER, John Garner, Vincent Garner unto Benjamin Grayson, John Wright, Joseph Blackwell, and John Frogg, Gent. Justices. For 50 pound. JAMES TURNER, administrator of JOHN CHILTON. [Dorman]

10 Nov 1744
King George County VA
Inventories & Appraisements
Page 316
Inventory and appraisement of estate of JAMES JONES, deceased from Prince William CountyÂ…items valued and totaledÂ…includes Negro man, three women and three girls.. a servant man with 17 months to serve..appraisers JOHN GARNER, THOS. WELCH, JAMES TURNERÂ…sworn before JOHN WRIGHT.

25 Sep 1747
Prince William County VA
Deed Book
Page 74-75
Indenture between Peter Hedgeman of Stafford County VA and JAMES TURNER of Prince William County VA 200 acres on east side of fork of Rappahannock River "lease for three lives" of JAMES TURNER, his son JAMES TURNER, and daughter MARY TURNER. Signed Peter Hedgeman, JAMES TURNER. Witnesses Richard Young, James Grimsley, EDWARD TURNER.

24 May 1748
Orange County VA
Deed Book 11
Page 55-56
Indenture between ISAAC NORMAN of Orange County, Planter, and JAMES TURNER, son-in-law of said Norman of Prince William County, Planter, in consideration of loveÂ…for sum of 7.10.0 ..grants 100 acres lying on south side of Thorough Fare Mountain, joining land of Joseph Norman. Witnesses; Gabriel Jones, Richard Young, William Duncan. Signed Isaac Norman.

24 May 1748
Orange County VA
Deed Book 11
Page 57
Know ye that I, Isaac Norman, do make over .. my dear and loving wifeÂ… Frances NormanÂ… one equal half part of my personal estate, what kind so ever and as for the other half of my cattle, sheep and hogs, I give to my son-in-law, JAMES TURNER. Witnesses: Gabriel Jones, Richard Young, William Duncan. Signed Isaac Norman.

24 May 1748
Orange County VA
Deed Book 11
Page 58
Indenture between Isaac Norman of Orange County, and JAMES TURNER, son-in-law of Prince William County, PlanterÂ….24 acres for natural love and twenty poundsÂ… grants land in Orange County, part of patent to Isaac Norman.

26 June 1748
Orange County VA
Deed Book 11
Page 73-74
Indenture between JAMES TURNER, Parish of Hamilton, County of Prince William, Planter, and Joseph Norman of St. Mark's Parish, Orange county, planter, for twenty poundsÂ… grants 24 acresÂ… land and plantation whereon Joseph Norman's father, Isaac Norman, now livethÂ… Flatt riverÂ…provided it is covenanted between JAMES TURNER and Joseph Norman in consideration of the love they bear unto Francis Norman, wife of Isaac Norman, mother of Joseph Norman and mother-in-law of James Turner, that she shall have title during her natural lifeÂ… witnesses; Frances Slaughter, Sam'l Ball, Francis Slaughter, Jr., William White.

22 April 1751
Culpeper County VA
Deed Books
Page 307
Robert Froggit of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper County, Blacksmith, to JAMES TURNER, of Hamilton Parish, Prince William County, Planter. Mortgage to secure 24 pounds current money to be paid within six months after date hereof. One full set blacksmith's tools, some iron, steel, one bed and furniture, one chest, and all my crop of tobacco hanging, and striped in my tobacco house. Also five hoggs marked with a crop, and three slits in one ear, and underkeel, and overkeel in other ear. One black horse, branded on rear buttock WE. One bridle, and one saddle. Signed Robert ® Froggit Witness: JAMES SMITH, SARAH SMITH, MARY TURNER.

24 Jun 1752
Prince William County VA
Minute Book
Page 24
JAMES TURNER and Care, his wife, against James Grimsley, suit is dismissed, parties being agreed.

3 July 1754
Prince William County VA
Order Book
Page 125
Joshua Jones having attended two days as evidence for EDWARD TURNER at the suit of Samuel More; Robert Duncan having attended two days (same suit); JAMES TURNER [SR] having attended two days (same suit); JAMES TURNER, JUNR, having attended two days (same suit)Â…[Sparacio]

24 September 1754
Prince William County VA
Order Book
Page 143
Stephen McCormack Plaintiff, JAMES TURNER, defendant, on petition suit is continued between the parties until next court. Thomas Davis, Philip Watefield, EDWARD TURNER, JANE TURNER, WILLIAM TURNER, SARAH TURNER, Witnesses for said Stephen. [Sparacio]

[EDWARD TURNER in above deed m/ JANE GIBSON ca 1734. Their son, ALEXANDER TURNER, b. 1741 - G.H.S. King, Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford CoVA. JANE GIBSON TURNER was named 2 October 1734 in Prince Wm. VA will of her father, JACOB GIBSON.]

17 Nov 1756
Culpeper County VA
Deed Book C
Pages 4-10
Robert King of Culpeper County, planter, and Mary his wife to John Thomas of same. 83 acres being part of tract formerly purchased by King of Isaac Norman and JAMES TURNER by deeds of lease and release acknowledged in the County of Spotsylvania by Norman and Turner 2 Feb. 1730 which is part whereon William Hensley now livesÂ…corner to Thomas Turner.. in Jones' line.

18 Jun 1761
Culpeper County VA
Deed Book
Pages 505-509
Conrad Kabler of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co., planter, and Joan his wifeÂ…to JAMES TURNER of same, planter, for seven pounds current money, 9-3/4 acres in Great Fork of Rappahannock River, south side of Mount Poney, part of tract formerly granted to Adam Yeager, conveyed to Frederick Kabler, 25 Nov 1746. For 200 acres and by deed of gift. Acknowledged by Frederick Kabler, to his son Conrad, 21 May 1761. On a branch, being lower corner to land of Jacob Miller, in line of Yeager (now Kabler). Signed Conrad Kabler, Joan (X) Kabler. Witnessed: Richard Young, Surety, Henry Field, Jr.

18 Sep 1765
Culpeper County VA
Deed Book
Pages 32-38
JAMES TURNER of St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper County, planter, and Caronhappock his wife, to Samuel Stigler of Bromswick Parish, King George County VA, planter. Lease and release, for 120 pounds current money, 400 acres line of a patent granted to John Gordon, former corner to Jacob Miller, in Conrit Kabler's side of Mount Poney, along side of mountain, in a line of John Spotswood, Esq. To John Asher's now Benjamin Martain's. Also 9-3/4 acres which JAMES TURNER purchased of Conrit Kabler, and Joan his wife, by deed 18 June 1761. Signed: JAMES TURNER, CARONHAPPOCK (X) TURNER. Witnesses: Richard Young, Joseph Amiss. Caranhappock was first privily examined.

17 Oct 1765
Culpeper County VA
Deed Book -Page 64-65
Bond on JAMES TURNER and Kerenhappuck Turner, his wife of Culpeper County, to William Lightfoot of same. For 500 pounds current money. To convey the dwelling house and plantation of his former residence together with 100 acres adjoining to the plantation of LIGHTFOOT which Isaac Norman gave unto TURNER on the marriage of his daughter Kerenhappuck NORMAN for the consideration of fifty pistoles current money. JAMES TURNER and KERENHAPPUCK TURNER.

16 June 1766
Halifax County VA
Deed Book 6, Page 65
John Owen of Halifax County, Yoeman, and Betty his wife, to JAMES TURNER of Culpeper County, VA, Planter. For 130 pounds, 400 acres part of Nicholise order of Council, which was conveyed to said Owen. Beginning at a Black Jack, thence north crossing Courthouse Road, further crossing race paths, and crossing the old road leading to Mann's. All houses, buildings, and gardens. Signed: John Owen, Betty (X) Owen. Witnesses: Joseph Robards, Ambrose Nicholise, Abraham LeGrand, Joshua Stone Jr., Christopher Kabler, Jesse Nicholise.

16 May 1771
Halifax County VA
Deed Book , Page 206
JAMES TURNER, SR. of Halifax to Thomas Hope of Halifax, 68 acres being part of tract where Turner now lives, in fork of road just above Turner's plantation on branches of Difficult Creek, bounded by Hope, & Turner. Signed: James Turner. Witness: Francis Watlington, John Orril Tunstall, Samuel Wimbish.

[See also: (1) Halifax CoVA Deed Book 13, Page 95, 20 Sept. 1784, Wm. Thompson To John Coleman 244 acres "east side of Piney Branch" of Difficult Creek bounded by Kerenhappuch Turner; (2) Halifax VA Deeds, 1795, James Turner conveyed land on Difficult Creek adjoining Wattlington, witnesses: Joseph Sandford, Mary Morehead; and (3) Halifax VA Map, 1859, Ludwig Bucholtz, VA Library and Archives.]

21 July 1773 (Will Date)
21 Oct 1773 (Probate Date)
Halifax County VA
Will Book I
Page 45
JAMES TURNER, being low in body but in perfect memoryÂ….to my loving wife during her widowhood, four Negroes, viz. Daniel, Sancho, Jeanny, and Millie, also 2 feather beds & furniture, one horse called Lightfoot, one mare called Flye, & 4 trunks, 3 iron pots, 1 frying pan, 2 dishes, 12 pewter plates, 6 basins, 6 cows & 8 sheep, also 100 ac of land, also 1 doz. of choice of my hogs. To my son JAMES TURNER after my wife's marriage or decease the above 4 Negroes, 1 large iron pot called Consions [sic] & the choice of my best shirts. To my son-in-law JAMES SMITH all my wearing clothes. I give the rest or residue of my estate to be sold and equally divided amongst my children. Executor, Son, JAMES TURNER & wife, KIPPERHAPON [sic] TURNER. Signed: JAMES TURNER Witnesses: Thomas Hope, William Drake, Abraham LeGrand Sec. Nathaniel Terry . [Chiarito and Prendergast]

20 Oct 1774
Halifax County VA
Inventory & Appraisement
Page 97
JAMES TURNER, total 438.17.1; Extr. Kerranhappuck Turner, James Turner [II].
[Chiarito and Prendergast]

From Bennie Lou Hook Altom's Turner Files Collection
Baltom@NovaOne.Net - JULY 2000
[Also see Bennie Lou Hook Altom's File Collection:


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i have info about the turners and kerenhappuch norman and her family and the taliaferro's. nothing on the smiths,though


Bennie Lou Hook Altom (View posts)
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Gwen: Thank you for your reply.

I would be interested in the TALIAFERRO information you have providing it PROVES a connection. The claim that THOMAS TURNER and MARTHA TALIAFERRO were the parents of JAMES TURNER who married KERENHAPPUCH NORMAN did not pan out when I researched it. I found that claim is totally unfounded for the following two reasons.

Reason One:
THOMAS TURNER's will makes no mention of a son names JAMES TURNER and no deeds or land records have come to light involving THOMAS TURNER and JAMES TURNER which shows any relationship.

Reason Two:
THOMAS TURNER and MARTHA TALIAFERRO were married, according to the marriage records, in AUGUST 1714. Yet in 1726, JAMES TURNER and ISAAC NORMAN received a land grant. If JAMES TURNER were the son of THOMAS TURNER, JAMES would have been a mere 12 years old. He had to be over 21 to get the land grant.

was born BY 1705 and JAMES could not be the son of the TURNER/TALIAFERRO couple.

There is a website about Kerenhappuch:

Much information about the SMITH family is on that website but some of the website is currently under construction.

Bennie Altom


Dave Martin (View posts)
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Delighted to see so much on the Turners and especially the famous Kerenhappuch. I have researched most of the records that you have posted, but it has been awhile. A few years ago I received a grant to flat file and index the old records of Fauquier Co. An uncovered debt suit answered why James Turner's lease was not mentioned in the will of Peter Hedgeman when the other two Turner leases were. About 1760 Hedgeman bought the lease back from Turner, but never paid. Turner sued him, but the record did not indicate the disposition of the suit. Another debt suit from a merchant requested and received a deposition from James Turner now in Halifax Co. I have tried to tie Fauquier Turners to MD as you have but could not get the final tie. Have you tried to tie the other two Turner leases together? I assume that James, William, and Edward are brothers or some combination of relatives having settled at the same time. I am decended from William Turner, and his son John Merdy (Merideth) Turner. The name Merdy and various spellings have persisted in my line up to the 1930s. I have tried the Merideth connection in MD and Northumberland Co VA with no success. My Turners married into the Martin, Cooke, Smith, Oliver and other lines. They migrated to Ohio CA 1831 then to Missouri in 1851, then Oregon CA 1865, then Washington in1882.


Bennie Altom (View posts)
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Nice to hear from you Dave. My email address is BAltom@NovaOne.Net.

No....never did definitely establish a parent for JAMES TURNER who married Kerenhappuch Norman. However, their daughter, SARAH TURNER married JAMES SMITH of Charles County Maryland and lived there between ca 1750 and ca 1769 before joining JAMES and KERENHAPPUCH in Halifax County VA. I have documents to prove the SMITH line back to Charles County.

Some time ago, I worked with a fellow named FREDERIC SAUNDERS who connects to the SMITH line through the POSEY line of Charles County Maryland that led him to the will of EDWARD TURNER in VA. You may be interested in the following information derived from that excursion. There is a good chance this EDWARD TURNER was the father of JAMES TURNER.

One thing I am POSITIVE about but UNABLE TO PROVE is that JAMES TURNER who married KERENHAPPUCH NORMAN in Virginia is a descendant of ARTHUR TURNER [1622-1666] of Charles County MD. Unproved but almost certainly a fact. ARTHUR TURNER's daughter, married into the SMITH family and some of that TURNER group moved to Westmoreland County VA ca 1705. 1705 is about the time JAMES TURNER (husband of Kerenhappuch) was born. I would wager that JOHN MERIDY TURNER is also a descendant of ARTHUR TURNER [1622-1666] of Charles County MD. ARTHUR TURNER's son, ARTHUR TURNER [Jr.] was in Westmoreland County VA by 1705.

Here are some records from the SAUNDERS-ALTOM-BJORKMAN excursion about EDWARD TURNER of VA done about a year ago:

7. Mary2 SMITH (Elizabeth1)
Mary SMITH was born about 1667 in Charles County. She was married to Edward TURNER, as shown by the will of her father Alexander SMITH, and had two children at the time Alexander's will was written in December 1688. From her father's will she received the tract Batchelor's Harbor.

On 21 February 1707 Arthur TURNER of Westmoreland County, Virginia, planter, sold to Thomas ADDISON of Prince George's County, Maryland for 3000 pounds tobacco all that tract called Batchelors Harbur of 400 acres, "Given by the Last will and Testament of Alexander Smith late of Charles County to Mary Turner his Daughter and Late wife of Edward Turner & mother of Arthur Turner."_

The above deed shows that the TURNER family have moved to Westmoreland County, Virginia. There are numerous mentions of Edward, Arthur, and Alexander Smith TURNER in the Court Order books through the early 1720s. Edward secondly married Sarah PALMER, as shown by the will of her mother Sarah PALMER.

Written on 2 March 1717, Sarah PALMER of Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, made bequests to:
Item I give to my daughter Sarah Turner wife of Edward Turner one shilling sterling. Item I give to my grand daughter Sarah Turner six hundred pounds of tobacco to be paid her when she comes to fourteen years of age and I do hereby appoint my grand daughter Jane Turner Ex. of this my will.
Witnessses were Frances GRACE and John GLASSCOCK. The will was presented in court on 25 June 1718 by Jane TURNER, the executrix, and proved by the oaths of both witnesses._ Jane TURNER was granted the probate of the estate the same day._

In that Jane and Sarah TURNER are called granddaughter's of Sarah PALMER, they would have been children of Edward TURNER's second marriage. As Jane was at least age 14 in 1717, and allowing an additional year for Edward's marriage to Sarah, Edward's first wife Mary was deceased by no later than 1702.

On 27 March 1718 in the suit of Edward TURNER vs. Alexander PLUNKETT, the defendant was ordered to pay 480 pounds tobacco to TURNER. Edward TURNER was ordered to pay 80 pounds tobacco each to Alexander Smith TURNER, and Phillis TURNER, wife of Alexander Smith TURNER for two days attendance at court as evidence for Edward TURNER._

Edward TURNER died about 1720 in Westmoreland County. On 26 October 1720:_
This Court being informed that Edward Turner is departed this Life intestate Leaving So Small an Estate that no person hath peticoined for Admin[istrati]on thereone Therefore pursueant to the Law in that case..... It is ordered that the Sheriff of this County do take Said Estate from Such person or persons who hath the same in their possession (which persons are to deliver the Same on oath) into his Custody and that the Said Sheriff make Sale thereof by way of outcry and that he take obligacions with the Security in his presenance of Such persons as shall be purchasers and that such obligations Shall be disposed of according to Law.

At court on 31 May 1721 it was shown by depostions of Alexander Smith TURNER and Jane SCOGGAN that the Subsheriff Daniel TEBBS had seized a red cow of the estate of Edward TURNER, deceased, that was the property of "Edward TURNER junr Son of the Said Edward." The said TEBBS was ordered to deliver the cow to "Edward Turner the younger."_

Edward TURNER and wife Mary SMITH had children:
21 i. Arthur3 TURNER b.ca1686
22 ii. Alexander Smith3 TURNER b.ca1688; m. Phillis EARLE
23 iii. Edward TURNER, Jr. (Possibly by second wife, but not named in will of Sarah PALMER as a grandson.)

Edward TURNER by his second wife Sarah PALMER had two children:
iv. Jane TURNER born before 1703; (married Mr. SCOGGAN?)
v. Sarah TURNER born after 1703
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