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James M/N Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

James M/N Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

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Surnames: Harbin

I'm having some trouble with my best friend's Harbin line. I have traced James Harbin and family only to 1900, where I hit a snag.

HeritageQuest lists him at age 35 in Townsend, Pickens Co., Georgia, which is where they are in 1910 also... but, I can't find ANY Harbin's listed in Townsend in 1910... and no 35 year old's that even come close...

I also can't quite figure out what his wife's name is. 1910 - Ella, 1920 - Robert Eller, 1930 - looks like Rubeca L... thought she is the same person, telling what her name is, is a joke!

I am told that they had 18 kids... but since I can't find James and family in 1900, I'm missing a few! I have only 13 so far.

These are the kids I have so far:
James Wallace
Robert Earl
Garey O?
Flora Gale
James Jr.
Tarpley Benjamin (grandfather)
Abner Louise
Thelma L.

Not sure of the complete spelling on some of these yet, but any help would be appreciated.


Re: James M/N Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

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Nathaniel James Harbin married Martha V.West on Sept.3,1889 in Cherokee Co.,Ga.
The children listed in the Harbin Book are:

Paul,Claud,Wallace,Earl,Tarpley B.,Virginia and Flora Tate
This was all that was on James and his family. Also it shows
his Parents as Tyre Harbin and Nancy Manning.

Hope this helps a little.There probably were more children but
this was all listed.

Mary harbin-Hilton

Re: Nathaniel James Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

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Surnames: Harbin, West, Chastain

Thank you for the input. I was able to get my hands on the Harbin book here, and have a copy in Word on my PC.

What is not in the book is that N. James had a total of 14 children. I know that the oldest, Paul, was by Martha, but I'm not sure when and where she died, or when he married Ella Chastain, who is the mother of the remainder of the children.

In 1930 the family resided in Atlanta, DeKalb Co., Georgia... I will have to get the cemetery books for that area, since I cannot locate the family in this area... Dawson, Pickens or Cherokee Co's.

I am currently trying to put together all of the children of N. James Harbin, as Tarpley Benjamin Harbin is the direct decendant of my best friend... for whom I am doing this tree.

Again, thank you for your help... As I find out more information, I will post it.

Tricia Russell & Ginger Harbin-Lyon

Re: James M/N Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia and Nancy Manning

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Surnames: Harben, Manning,
Hi. My wife descends from Keziah "Kissie" Manning. Kissie was a younger sister of Nancy Manning's (by 4 years). I just looked into Nancy's census records today, so I'm sure you'll already have what I've seen on that line. Keziah married William Porter Gregory, a son of the same John Gregory who discovered the mother lode (gold) in Colorado. Gold had already been discovered there, but he found the large deposits. Many street names, etc. are named after John in Colorado.

Nancy and Keziah's parents were Marjiman (the most common spelling) Manning and Elizabeth _____. Marjiman was born 1805 in South Carolina. One of his descendants, Florence Allene Owens, remembers hearing of Marjiman's being very, very wealthy, and losing it all after the War. She remembers playing in the attic of another descendant of Marjiman's with bundles of now worthless Confederate money. I have census records on Marjiman in 1860, 1850, 1840, and 1830 in Dawson, Champion, Lumpkin, and (undocumented) Counties, respectively.

Though Marjiman is as far back as I got on my own, I understand that Marjiman's father and grandfather are both named Thomas, and were also born in South Carolina. The elder Thomas was born approximately 1750 in SC, and fought in the Revolutionary War.

Hope this all helps,


Re: Nathaniel James Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

Dorothy J. Harbin (View posts)
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Surnames: Harbin, McWhirter, Bostick
Hello: I am interested in this Harbin book by Mary Hilton, where could I get a copy or how do I get one like you have for your computer? I don't know but have ancestors from Cherokee or Pickens or surrounding area. My husband's name is James, his father also, and a son too. Please write back some info as we are in TX. and can't visit there, however, I have visited Marion Co. Ala where our ancestors are from, also. Thanks, Dorothy J. Harbin , TX. cousin

Re: Nathaniel James Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

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Surnames: Harbin, Hall, Orear
I would also be interested in a Harbin book by this Mary Hilton. The only one I knew of was the one by Jerome Harbin.
My grandfather was Rufus Leander Harbin. He also lived in TX at one time around 1910 and then moved back to MS.
Please let me know how I may obtain a copy of this book.


Re: Nathaniel James Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

Mary Harbin-Hilton (View posts)
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Sorry, I have not written a Harbin Book. The information that I have given was from Jerome Harbins Book.


Re: Nathaniel James Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

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Surnames: Harbin, Harben

I have a MSWord version of the Harbin book. I'll email it to you. Would you be so kind as to also forward me any corrected or additional information, so that I can update my version?

The Harben/Harbin's that I am researching are also in Georgia in the latter 100 years... Pickens, Cherokee, Dawson, and Lumpkin Counties.


Re: Nathaniel James Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

bash (View posts)
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Surnames: Harbin
would you be so kind and email me a copy of the harbin book i have looked every where for one
thanks BJ

Re: Nathaniel James Harbin b. abt 1865 in Georgia

Dorothy Harbin (View posts)
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Hi B.J. I was not sure if you meant for me to e-mail the book or for Tricia Russell to send it to you. I have not been able to get all of it printed as of this date, I still lack some on the first part, and still have the 2nd part to do , yet.

You may e-mail me at and let me know. I'm not very good and have little time to search the web pages to see if you reply. Til later, Dorothy Harbin
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