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Quesnel family history

Quesnel family history

Amanda Quesnel (View posts)
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Hi....I am a first time poster and am very interested in the origins of the Quesnel family. My father and mother did a lot of research into the name and traced it back to the 1500's when the name was still 'de Quesnelle'. I was curious as to who else has done research and if perhaps some of us are related distantly as the name Quesnel is unique. What I do know is the first Quesnels that I am descended from came to settle in Quebec in the 1600's and a 'branch' of the family moved down to the united states during the 'gold rush'. Also, Does anyone know the meaning of the Old French word 'Quennel'? I was curious about that!

Quesnel Families

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Your message cannot remained unanswered.
I have two (2) branches of Quesnel in my family tree, one spanding six (6) generations. The first and only (I believe) Quesnel to come to America is Olivier Quesnel married to Catherine Prudhomme, married in Montreal, the 14th of January 1680. He left Bayeux, in France at the age of 24 and settled in Montreal as a gunsmith. His descendants are found mostly west of Montreal, but obviously all over North America. The town of Quesnel, British Columbia is named after a Quesnel that migrated on the west coast.

Quesnel Family

amanda Quesnel (View posts)
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Wow...your reponse was interesting! I am afraid I do not know as many details as my dad does but he did tell me when I was younger about Quesnel BC and how it was named for an ancestor of mine (ours?). According to my dad, this Quesnel somehow helped out the explorer Simon Fraser but I am not 100% sure...darn I should pay more attention!! =) This is interesting...I will have to get my dad posting here because he is the expert on the Quesnel family!

Quesnel detail!

Amanda Quesnel (View posts)
Posted: 976901559000
Here is an Email I got from my dad...

Mandy; This is a response to your "Quesnel" inquiry. Olivier was the first quesnel in the family to come to Canada. He was born in St. Malo(Bayeux) France in 1654. He came here in 1678 and married Catherine Prud'homme in the Church of Notre Dame in Montreal on 15 Jan 1680 and they had 12, possibly 13 children. Olivier is your great,great,great,great,great,great,great,great Grandfather!That's plus your father and Grand father.(11 generations?)

There was another very prominent Quesnel family (Joseph) who arrived in Montreal in the mid 1700's and had many famous children (doctors, lawyers, members of parliament and a guide/fur trader who took either Simon Fraser or Mckenzie through the Rockies to the Pacific. The city of Quesnel, BC is named after him. (Jules Maurice).These folks are a separate family from us and they did a CBC Radio program on Joseph. They mentioned that the 2 families get confused in some ways because they lived in the same general area.

During my short employment in Montreal, I did a lot of looking for Quesnel stuff and in Old Montreal I found a cenotaph marking where Jeanne Mance first landed with the first montrel settlers in 1642. One boatload came in May and one in August. There was a Pierre Quesnel on the august boat. His name is on the plaque there.(I don't believe he was a close relative).

Our family were fur traders/farmers and slowly spread out from Montreal to Lachine,Beaconsfield,Vaudrieul,Oka,Rigaud,Hull and eventually The Denver area of Colorado. We were able to visit my grandfther's nephew in California and got a lot of family history from him.Your greatgrandfather was raised in the USA andlived and worked all over the west.I was around him enough to get a lot of the old stories during our chats.

WE have nailed down all the relatives between Olivier and you! It is a long,winding trail but it's full of interesting people.My cousin in Regina did most of it and I go over it often just to keep it straight. Does that answer your question?

Quesnel History

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Hi Amanda. Like Jean-Claude Lalonde, I am also decended through this line. My g-grandmother is Marie-Clemence Quesnel married to Jacques LeBlanc in Rigaud Que. I would love to hear from you to exchange information. You can contact me through my email Hope to hear from you soon.

Quesnel History

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Amanda, I have a question for on Montreal Quesnels. Please e-mail me at

Quesnelle Family

Lee (nee: Quesnelle) Durst (View posts)
Posted: 992168770000
I am very interested in all the informtion I can find on the Quesnelle family. My ggrandfather, Michelle, came to canada in 1875 from WY. He came to Fort Walsh with his father Leon Quesnelle and brother Jules.They brouhght horses to the Fort. As I understand my ggrandfather was a world class roper. If anyone has any info. I would be very pleased. My e-mail address is

Re: Quesnel History

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Hi Amanda -
I too have followed this line back to Louis DeQuesnel in 1532. My line takes off from Gideon Quesne, son of Hyacinth and Josephte. I read your Dad's letter and found it very interesting. Maybe we can exchange some info.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Janet Olsen
Duluth, MN

Re: Quesnel family history

AMANDA (View posts)
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Surnames: QUESNEL

Me too please!! Re: Quesnel family history

Diane (View posts)
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Do you think it is possible to send me a copy also. I am was researching the Quesnel family tree for my kids (finished now). Their great grandfather Albert Joseph Hector Quesnel - parents Lady Mary Walton and Henri Quesnel (half brother and sister) of St. Albert, Ontario.
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