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DiCarlo - Texas

DiCarlo - Texas

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I am interested in finding descendants of the DiCarlo family who lived in Galveston, TX in 1900. I believe they went to Galveston between 1880 and 1900, but I do not know when. I also believe they are related to the Mormino family which eventually moved to Waco, TX. Any help would be appreciated.



Joseph J. DiCarlo (View posts)
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I am a DiCarlo living in Florida. I understand that my relatives were once in new orleans LA. Some confusion about spelling our DiCarlo is upper case C, yours?

DiCarlo - New Orleans

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Yes, to my knowledge they spell it with an upper case "C". Curiously, I have learned in the past few months that the DiCarlo family was in New Orleans - perhaps before being in Galveston. An aunt told my husband that the Mormino family married into the DiCarlo family of New Orleans.


Yes in New Orleans

DiCarlo (View posts)
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My husbands family DiCarlo was in New Orleans. They owned the big ice packing place and they were big liquior distributors. My husband has the exact names of the places. I did not realize that the DiCarlos were in Texas, do you know the names? I believe that there were also some children that were adopted. My husbands father name was Joseph, I believe his brothers name was Anthony.
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My information is so sketchy. August DiCarlo had a daughter who married Joseph Mormino, born 1874. Joseph Mormino was a brother to my husband's ancestor, Salvatore Mormino. They were both born in Palermo, Italy.

Joseph Mormino and his DiCarlo wife had at least three sons, Vincent, Samuel (Salvatore??), and Augustus.

When I asked my husband's great aunt about the family and if the DiCarlos came over with the Morminos, she said that the DiCarlos were from New Orleans.

Joseph Mormino and his DiCarlo wife lived in Galveston in 1900. I do not know if they survived the storm. The three sons I have listed were all born before 1900 and were listed in the census. The address was Avenue O-1/2 and I believe that property was destroyed. (We did a unit on this in school this year - I teach.) I didn't think about it at the time, but I haven't located them in the 1910 census so perhaps they perished.

Any thoughts on any of this?


Sister of Joseph?

Tricia DiCarlo (View posts)
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My Husband Joe, seems to think that the DiCarlo Girl, that had the sons, you are speaking of is perhaps a sister to Joseph DiCarlo of New Orleans. NOw we need to find out how amany siblings Joseph had.
It is very difficult trying to get information from my husbands family, my husbands father is dead.
The information from New Orleans is very stetchy, there seems to be some Mafia connection with the liquior bussiness/ice house, therefore people don't want to be too forward with information. I married into the DiCarlo family.

DiCarlo-Mormino in Galveston

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Last night I went back to the victim list for the Galveston hurricane and found a Mr. Morino who certainly could be Joseph Mormino who married the DiCarlo.

I will try to contact Aunt Augusta after Christmas and see what she will tell me.

I wonder if Joseph Mormino and his DiCarlo wife would have married in New Orleans? I am wondering why I don't have her first name. I'll look through records tonight and see what I can find.



tricia (View posts)
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Thanks I look forward to your response.

re: Joseph DiCarlo

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My Grandfather was named Joseph DiCarlo who died in the 80's. He had 3 sons and 1 daughter: Alvin, Eddie, Johnny and Mary Ann.
my brother son of Alvin Joseph DiCarlo lives in New Orleans and I live in San Diego.

re: Joseph DiCarlo

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Here is my email address:
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