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Core Family

Core Family

Nancy L Beeman (View posts)
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I am interested in finding info concerning my grandmother, Nettie Core, who was born in 1883 in Buelah, WVa. I know her mother died when she was 6 years old. I believe her father's name was "Bud". He remarried and had two sons, Bob and Harry. She was raised by an uncle "Peter" Core. I would like more info about her parents and grandparents.
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Netta Core was the daughter of William Edgar Core and his first wife, name unknown to me. William Edgar Core's parents were Christoher Core (1826-1874) and Catherine Barrickman (1826-1907). Christopher Core's parents were Michael Core (1802-1880) and Christena Shriver (1799-1877). Michael Core's parents were Christopher Core (1770-1861) and Hannah Snider (1780-1868). All of the above lived in what is now Core, WV; I can't take it back further than this with any certainty.

Netta Core

Brian Core (View posts)
Posted: 962034563000
I was so excited to receive info concerning my grandmother, Netta Core. She was born Nov 1, 1883 in Buelah, WV. She was six years old when her mother died. She married Claude C Billingslea and had 5 children. They divorced in 1924. Her second husband's name was Lawrence Barrickman. It was my understanding that my grandmother was of Indian descent, can you verify that?
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If Netta Core had any Indian blood in her, it was not from her Core or Barrickman line. Christopher Core's parents were probably German immigrants (Christopher's brother attended a church where only German would have been spoken), Hannah Snider's father was certainly a German immigrant, Christena Shriver's grandparents were German immigrants, and Catherine Barrickman's great grandfather was Swiss or German. I have a copy of Johann Baragman's signature in old German script. Family tradition says that the elder Christopher Core's father was killed by Indians, and that Christopher was the last white person to encounter a hostile Indian on Dunkard Creek in the 1790's.

Netta Core

Nancy L Beeman (View posts)
Posted: 962048388000
Thank you so much for the info. I believe the indian blood was suppose to be on the maternal side but I have no facts. I find it interesting that Netta Core's grandmother's name was Barrickman and Netta's second husband was a Barrickman also.
Do you suppose Johann Baragman is a derivative of Barrickman? I would be interested in any additional info or samples of paperwork that you may have concerning this line. Where do you fit into the pattern?

Nettie Core

Linda L (Core)Kramer (View posts)
Posted: 978989319000
Reply to Brian Core of message 6/25/00
This is to add to you list of ancestors.
Some of this info below was taken from the Chronicles of Core written by Earl Core of Morgantown, VW. I don't know if this book is still available or not.
Christopher Core son of John Christian Core
John Christian Core son of John Core.
John Core was son of Michael Kohr.
Michael (Core)Kohr son of Michael and Ursula Curr was born in Ehrstadt, Germany arrived US 11 Sept 1728 imigrated to Lampeter Twp, Lancaster Co. PA was married to Elizabetha and had two children she died in 1720 married Anna Maria Fitler in 1722 of Bretenheim and had 6 more children. He died in 1749 and was buried at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster.

Cores of WV

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Thank you for your reply, but I believe that my grandfather (Earl L. Core) incorrectly stated that Christopher Core was the son of John Kohr of Lancaster Co., PA. I have copies of the wills of John Kohr (Core) and John Christian Kohr (Core), both of whom died in Washington Co., MD in the late 1700's. Neither had a son named Christopher. I believe that my Christopher was the son of George Core, who lived in Hampshire Co., VA in the 1770's, and probably died in Monongalia County ca. 1778. Other siblings were Henry and John Core of Fayette Co., PA, and Michael Core of Monongalia Co., WV. I somehow feel like my Cores are related to the Kohrs of Lancaster County, but there is absolutely no evidence to support this hypothesis.

Thanks for your response,

Brian Core

Re: Cores of WV

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I have been tracing the Core family history. My mothers' maiden name was Ruth Core and her brothers name was Edwin Core. They were born in Wadestown,WV. There father was named Martin Lloyd Core and mother was Ella Mae Taylor. I have traced back to Michael Kohr, born 1690 in Erstau,Pfatz,Germany. Most of them settled in the Lancaster,Pa. area and moved into Monongalia County,WV. or Virginia before 1863.
If anyone has any info on this side of my family, please let me know and I will try to help with the info that I have.

Re: Cores of WV

Brian Core (View posts)
Posted: 996881957000
Surnames: Core
I've pretty much eliminated John Kohr of Lancaster Co., PA as the ancestor of the Cores of Monongalia Co., WV. I traced John Kohr and his brother to Washington Co., MD in the 1770's. Christian died in 1781, naming as heirs his son Christian, daughter Elizabeth, daughter Rosina, and widow Maria Barbara (we know from church records that Christian of Lancaster Co. married Maria Barbara Hauck). He named his brother John as executor(Washington Co., MD Wills Liber A, pp. 42-43). John Core's will, dated 13 February 1791, probated 12 March 1791, lists wife Catharina and children John, Catharina, Margaretha, Christian, Michael, and Christena as legatees. John Core [his son] and Jacob Hess, "a Mennonite" were named as executors of his estate. Witnesses present were Phillip Oster, Phillip Farber, and Frederick Welty (Washington Co., MD Wills Liber A, pp. 247-248). We know from the settlement of the estate of Christopher Noacre of Dauphin Co., PA that John Core was married to Catherine Noacre. My earliest easily confirmed ancestor in Monongalia Co. was Christopher Core. Family tradition says that his brother was Michael Core of Monongalia Co., who died in 1815. Family tradition about the father's name is sketchy, with some peole saying his name was John, but nobody knows for certain. No record of any early settler named John Core exists. Family tradition also list Henry and John Core as brothers to Christopher and Michael. Records for both of these individuals can be found in Fayette Co., PA, practically right across the border from Monongalia County. Since I've burst everybody's bubble and contradicted the theory that we are descended from John Kohr of Lancaster Co., PA, I have to provide an alternative theory, don't I? Let's hit the documents. One of the earliest remaining Monongalia Co. Core documents in existence is Michael Core's land patent for the ancestral property on Dunkard Creek. This patent was issued on 31 November 1785, and states that the property rights were assigneed by George Core, who settled the property in 1772. Who was George Core, where did he come from, and where did he go? The only other reference that I can find to a George Core of that era is in a tax list for Hampshire Co., (W)VA in 1775. Hey, didn't Henry Core state in his Rev. War pension application (No. W3336) that he was born in Hampshire County? I checked the land records for Hampshire Co., and found that George Core leased a tract form Lord Fairfax in 1775. The terms of the lease stated that the land was his for his natural life and the lives of three of his heirs. He listed "Michael Core Henry Core & John Core sons of the said George Core." He sold his interest in the lease to Andrew Pancake in 1777 (Hampshire County, WV Deed Book 3, pp. 154-155). Henry Core and John Core both lived in German Twp., Fayette Co., PA, and Michael Core of Monongalia Co. married the daughter of Jacob Rich, who was Henry's neighbor. A hardcore genealogist would say that I haven't provided anything beyond circumstantial evidence here, but I'd say that nobody has provided ANY evidence that John Kohr of Lancaster Co. had any relationship to the Cores of Monongalia County.

Re: Netta Core

Jade (View posts)
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Re: "Baragmann" signatures--
The man who was Fayette Co. Clerk was a literate and interesting person. He did not give us a narrative about exactly what he was doing, but when recording Fayette Co. deeds in the deeds books, for German-speakers selling land, he rendered their signatures in German script.

Three examples for John Barrackman's land records may be found at Fayette Co. deeds A:151 (John Barrickman to Hendry Core, son-in-law, bond for deed); B:24 (John Barrackman and wife Catherine to Henry Core, for 91-1/4 acres of tract "Encampment"); D:209 (John Barrickman and Catherine his wife to Jacob Lawrence, 110 acres of "Encampment"). In each case the Clerk wrote the surname as Barrickman or Barrackman in the English text of the deed, but wrote the name for John's signature at the end as "Johann Baragmann" in German script. How do we know that this was the Clerk writing, rather than John Barrickman actually signing? Because each of the "signatures" is in a different style of 17th- and 18th-century script! If you have an opportunity to look at the deeds books, and give a bit of study to how writing styles changed, you can see the Clerk practicing the different styles for his own reason.

We know that Henry Kohr / Core of German Twp. married a daughter Salome / Sarah of John Barrickman. It is possible that there was an earlier association between the families. It is even possible that John Barrickman (Baragmann) married a widow or daughter of George Kohr (who appears to have been father of Henry of German Twp. as well as John of German Twp. and Christopher of Monongalia Co.). This is speculation, awaiting evidence. But it is quite common, here as elsewhere, for associated families to intermarry in several generations.

The John Barrickman (Baragmann) of German Twp. moved to Monongalia Co., (West) VA around 1800. He was the father of John Barrickman (d. 1851) who owned the farm that John Sr. (the father) had bought near Cassville. John-the-younger (d. 1851) married 'the girl next door', Barbara nee Franks, and this couple provided a huge number of descendants, some of whom also married descendants of Christopher Core.
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