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Homer Barkus was from Iowa and my Great-Grandfather

Homer Barkus was from Iowa and my Great-Grandfather

Lucinda Adams (View posts)
Posted: 966884979000
Homer was born in 1903 or 1907, and moved from that area about the 1930's to California.

Homer Barkus

Dana Hilkey (View posts)
Posted: 970644258000
Hello Lucinda,
My Uncle was a Homer Barkus that came from Iowa, Moved to CA. do you know if Homer had any siblings? My Uncle Homer had siblings.
Hope that they are one in the same. :)

Homer's Siblings

Lucinda (View posts)
Posted: 970788440000
Yes, he had lots! You said he was your Uncle, what was your (Barkus) parent's name? Give me some names you know of the Sibs. Any other notable things about any of them? I hope we've found a link too.

RE.Siblings Homer Barkus

Dana Hilkey (View posts)
Posted: 970813513000
Homer Barkus was born Sept. 30th 1893 and had a twin brother Howard, Homer's name was Homer Andrew His brother was Howard Bennie. There were other 1/2 siblings from another marriage and they were from the Stolicker's clan out of Canada. Homer's 1st wife died and he then married her sister Sara. they had 3 children
Charles,(Raydean not sure of spelling) and Noreen, all of those children are still living to my knowledge. They in turn had children but am unsure how many as when Howard and Homer died we have lost touch with several family members. If this sounds like this is more of a link to family let me know and I'll get you more imformation. Homer did have a physical disability. If you know what that was then we are related..


Lucinda Adams (View posts)
Posted: 970856451000
Oh my God! If you can tell me Homer's wife's first name, or Howard's nickname, we are definately related. Homer's was missing one leg.


Lucinda Adams (View posts)
Posted: 970857032000
Sorry, I meant to say Homer's first wife's name.


Dana Hilkey (View posts)
Posted: 970857838000
Well well My Dear,
Cant remember Uncle Homer's 1st wifes name but Yes he was missing one leg. He used special crutches that went around his forarm and would tease me that he was going to kick me with his leg and balance on the crutches and lift the one leg. I was in awe over his strength. He had to have it removed due to an accident when he was little, As far as Howard goes lol Grandpa was known as HI!!
Uncle Homer was a watch maker in his early days, he also played the fiddle and piano and a few other things, Auntie Sara was a doll maker as well. I am Howards Grandaugher
his Daugther my mum was Howard"s and Ruby's only child. How are you related to Homer?
Love and Blessings

We are DEFINATELY family!

Lucinda Adams (View posts)
Posted: 970918548000
We are definately related! Unfortunately, we know hardly anything about our family, (my Mom and I) but this particular branch we know the most about. Mom (Diane, Charles and Gloria's Daughter) has a bunch of photographs and remembers who about half of the people in them are. We don't remember many of Homer's Siblings names, but Aunt Mary was about 20 years older than them and my favorite Aunt (she also lived with them until she died, around 1964 or '65). She remembers Aunt Lottie (Who I favor quite strongly) and Aunt Lillie and thinks they had the same Mom, but she couldn't remember any of the Mom's (thinks there were 3 marriages) names and couldn't remember the Dad's name. Homer is pretty much the only link we have to our roots on this side. Charles is still alive and just lost his second wife this year, Joanne; Norine is also alive. Please tell me your Mom's name, My Mom couldn't remember it. Also, you said you have more information?! Write back soon!

Re: We are Family!

Dana Hilkey (View posts)
Posted: 970928736000
HI Lucinda,
Well, Here is my email Addy . Please Email me and I'll add much more and will be a bit easier plus photo's can be exchanged that way.

OK let me see here..
Thomas Barkus was my G-grandfather (Mary's,
Lottie's (Charlotte), Lillie's, Homer's, Howard's Father. His 1st marriage I dont remember his wifes name there was 1 child Mary. 2nd marriage dont remember that wifes name either Thomas had Lottie (Charlotte) and Jim, 3rd marriage was to Laura Ann Wheeler, they had Homer, Howard, and Lillie.
Lillie was married 3x's 1st was Betts 2nd was Philpott and 3rd was Jacobson. Howard and Ruby had one child Carol Ann, She inturn had 3 children Howard, Dana, LaTishia. My Mom (Carol) doesnt remember your Mom Diane she might need her memory jogged.. hahahaha I do remember Auntie Mary and I think it's Lottie as well didnt meet them but a couple of times as my Dad was in the AirForce and we traveled. When I met Great Auntie Mary it was in San Diego on University Ave. at Great Uncle Homers house, I do have a wonderful memoriy of our talk about spaceships and aliens, hahaha. I now live in Oregonand you?
PLease Email me..
Love and Blessings


Raymond (View posts)
Posted: 971964511000
Hi my name is Raymond Barkus my dad was clifford moms name gloria brothers robert and randy sisters aloma and reva
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