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Info on Ancestors - 1700's & 1800's

Info on Ancestors - 1700's & 1800's

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Surnames: Black, Blake, Bonnett, Grandstaff, Rodiffer, Campbell, Cotts
Looking for info on Abner Black (m. Mary Ann Cotts), Jacob Grandstaff (m.Sarah Rodiffer - d. of John Rodiffer & Barbara Bonnett), Robert H. Blake (m. Nancy Elizabeth Campbell), John Bonnett (f. of Barbara Bonnett Rodiffer), and any others of same surnames. All lived in Ohio/Marshall Counties in the late 1700's and early 1800's. Any info would be appreciated. Will share!

Your message of 10Sept1999

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Surnames: cotts

Sorry for the long delay...major computer troubles.

I have looked through what I have and can find no reference to Mary Ann. Do you have any information on her parents?

Right now, I only go back to George W. Cotts b. 1796.

Anything you have would help.

Bruce Cotts
Patagonia, AZ.

Bonnett History

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Surnames: Bonnett, Rodefer
I have a lot of information about Jean Jacques Bonnett (also known as John Bonnett, Sr.) and his descendants, some of it conflicting. Heres's come of what I have (you can do as I've tried to do with it - verify what you can and work with the rest!). I'll copy some of my notes for you:

Name: Jean Jacques Bonnett1
Sex: Male
Father: David Daniel Bonnett (1658 - 4 Sep 1736)
Mother: Christine Cousine (abt 1662 - Feb 1731)

Individual Facts
Birth 1702 Freidrichstahl, Baden, GER2
Confirm 9 May 1717 (age 15)3
Immigration Aug 1733 (age 31)Philadelphia Co., PA4
Death 1757 (age 55) Paoli, Chester Co., PA
Burial Chester Co. Cemetery, Chester Co., PA

1. Anna Marie Desreaux
Marriage 19 Oct 1723 (age 21)2,3
Children: Margarithe Catherine Bonnett (25 May 1725 - abt 1794)

Johan Adam Isaac Bonnett (22 May 1727 - bef 1733)

Magdalena Susannah Bonnett (11 Jun 1729 - aft 1754)

Christina Bonnett (29 Jun 1731 - 1733)

Johan Martin Simon Bonnett (1 Apr 1733 - 1803)

Elizabeth Bonnett (1734 - ?)

Mary Bonnett (1735 - 1805)

Lewis Bonnett (Feb 1737 - 9 Mar 1808)

Samuel Bonnett (1738 - 17 Dec 1789)

Notes (Individual)
NOTE: (1) Also known as John Bonnett, Sr.
2) Left Rotterdam on the ship "Elizabeth" (Edward Lee, Master), arrived in America on 27 Aug 1773 at Philadelphia, PA. They were from Friederichstal, Baden, Germany, where Jean Jacques' parents had fled from Dauphine, Southern France, to avoid religious persecution. They were Protestants. After arriving in America, the family apparently lived in the Monocacy Valley, MD, (where they were neighbors of the Wetzels); Paoli, PA; and the South Branch and/or Shenandoah Valleys in VA/WV."
(3) Per msg on Bonnett Genforum Board:
"I have a bit of older Bonnett history. My ancestor came over from England on the 'Mary' in 1701. Jean Jaques Bonenet. He anglicized his name a few years later. He has a rather famous brother, Stede Bonnet, that was a pirate and was mentioned in Michner's 'Chesapeake' among other references. He was know as the 'gentleman pirate', despite sailing his ship in league with Blackbeard."
(4) "The list of foreigners imported in the ship "Elizabeth, Edward Lee, Master from Rotterdam and those qualified Aug. 27, 1733 includes Jacues Bonet and his family.
Jean Jacques Bonet, age 32
Mary Bunett, age 32
Susanna Bunett, dead age 4
Christina Bunett, dead age 2
Margret bunett, age 8
Johan Simon Bunett, age 3/4

Notes (Family #1)
(1) "The West Virginia Bonnetts are descended from a family that lived in a lot of countries in Europe before coming to the US. The family originates along the French-Italian border. There was at least one stop in Germany because Jean Jacques Bonnett, who immigrated to the US, was born in Baden, Germany. I seem to recall a reference to his father being a soldier. This was a pretty prominent and well onnected family in early years.
WV and Ohio history. The most famous member of the family back in pioneer days was Lewis Wetzel. Most of the early information about the Bonnett family in WV in the 1700's comes from two books written in the 1830's. The Bonnetts were connected to several massacres in the Indian Wars (both on the giving and receiving sides)."

1. "Jean Jacque Bonnet - A Research Dilemna" by Tom & Joan ?.
2. Howard Bonnett. "The Bonnett's Kin".
3. Dhgumshoe's Home Page
"Our Bonnett Family" by Leon & Dee Hendricks, 1997.
4. Derrick, Marieda (mderoots). "My Bonnett Ancestors".

I have more information about how the family is connected to the Wetzels (which I see is one of the surnames you're intersted in), and info about the descendants of John (Jean Jacques) Bonnett. You can email me at if you'd like.


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I am searching for connections to the family of John BONNETT, born ca1701, of Chester County, Pa. Do you happen to have him in your line?
Thanks for checking,
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Surnames: BONNETT, WETZEL, EARLEWINE is the site for the BONNETT CEMETERY in Marshall County. It is located Wheeling Creek and Britt Road traveling from Wheeling, WV. A son and grandson of John are buried there. My line goes from Mary Bonnett.


Bonnetts, Wetzel, Zanes, Eberly, Rosencranz

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Surnames: Bonnett
C.B. Allman's book 1939 - Lewis Wetzel Indian Fighter has stories in it about the above subject families traveling from PA to W.Va. and settling in and around what is now Wheeling, W.Va. Has anyone any information on these families other than what I read in this book? I believe the Eberly's in this wagon train led by Lewis Wetzel to have been John Eberly (b. 1755 Durlach, Lanc Co, Pa d. 1823 in Cumberland Co, Pa.) wife - Elizabeth(Bricker)Eberly (b.1759 Cocalico, Pa d. 1823 in Cumberland Co, Pa) m: Nov 1776 in Lancaster Co, Pa so believe this wagon train took place around 1777-1780.


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Surnames: Bonnett
Really the only information I have on the Wetzels is where they intersect with the Bonnetts. Two of Jean Jacque's daughters married sons of Hans Martin Wetzel:

(1) Elizabeth Bonnett (b. 1734 in Paoli, PA) md. Nicholas Wetzel (b. abt 1727) on 30 Apr 1749 in Berks Co., PA. I have no further information about this couple - death dates, children, etc. Would like to find out more.

(2) Mary Bonnett (b. 1735 in Paoli, PA - d. 1805 in WV) md. Capt. John Wetzel (Sr) (b. 1733 in Holland? - d. 1786 in Ohio Co., VA) in 1756 in Berks Co., PA. They are the parents of Lewis Wetzel and 6 other children that I know of. There is a lot of written history about this family.

One Wetzel connection I'm looking for is a female named Elizabeth Wetzel (b. abt 1755 in VA) who married John David Rodeheffer (or Rodefer) (b. 1753 in Shennandoah, VA) on 25 Jan 1773 in Shennandoah, VA. I know the Bonnetts and Wetzels were in the Shennandoah area at one time, so I'm pretty sure this Elizabeth Wetzel is connected to Hans Martin somehow. One of the sons of John Rodeheffer and Elizabeth Wetzel is possibly the John Rodefer, who married Barbara Bonnett (a grand-daughter of Jean Jacques) and came to Ohio Co., VA about 1796.

I haven't heard of the two women you mentioned in your post. Do they research Wetzel family history? If so, I'd love to get in contact with them and see if they can help.

What is the Caldwell/Wetzel connection? Who married a Caldwell?


Debbie (View posts)
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Hi Barb,
Thanks for your reply. I have several pages of group sheets given to me by my husbands mother. She is connected through the CALDWELL-WETZELL descendants. The information is quite overwhelming! Now trying to verify it all and add more if possible. Where does one jump in? It gives reference books for some sources. Bible pages for others. Am trying to locate the ladies, M. E. Fistler(Ca) and Barbara Edwards(Fl). Do you happen to have been in touch with them? I would like to thank them....

Thanks for any input.


Debbie (View posts)
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Hi Gary,

Let's compare notes! My husbands family descends from Mary and John WETZEL, Sr.-son, Martin and Mary Coffield, dau. Rhuhama(sp) and Alexander CALDWELL. I have quite a bit of information and wanting to confirm it all? Given to me by my mother-in-law. Have tried to reach the person, Madelyn Fistler. But haven't been able to find her. Have you been in touch with her? Have added two lines to the Bonnett side from cd's WFT. I know it all has to be verified, but interesting to add in.
in Alabama

Bonnett Cemetery

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Have you ever been able to visit the Bonnett Cemetery? I tried to go to it this summer while on a visit to Marshall County, but found that it is on private property and was told the owners discourage people trespassing. Supposedly, a derrick of some kind has been erected in the middle of the cemetery and is ruining it. The owners also do logging around that area. I talked with some people who live in the old house that the Bonnetts lived in about 1800.
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