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The Luck Family of VA (Black)

The Luck Family of VA (Black)

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I am looking for any information about the Luck family. I am looking for descendants of Robert and Martha Ann Luck. The family is from the southside part of Virginia, which include the counties of Pittsylvania, Halifax and the other surrounding counties.

Robert was a Luck and Martha Ann's maiden name was Luck. I have no idea if they are the related or not. I know though oral history that the Luck that orignate from Danville, VA maybe relatives of Robert or Martha Ann.

Robert and Martha Ann had about 10 children. The following listed names are the children known:
Elijah Luck (family relocated to West Virginia & Philly)
Arthur Luck
Frances Luck Womack (Halifax Co., VA)
Cora Luck Henry (Danville, VA, CA, Philly)
Radd Luck (West Virginia, VA)
Curtis Luck (Halifax County, VA)
Slade Luck, Sr.(Pittsylvania Co., VA)
Beatrice Luck Davis (Pittsylvania Co., VA, Maryland, NY)
Almeter Luck Miller (Pittsylvania Co., VA, Maryland)

There is a mention of a Willis Luck and Ernest Luck possibly being some of the children that whereabout is unknown.
Slade Luck, Sr. is my grandfather. I am the daughter of his son Henry Harold Luck.

If you have any information about this family, please email me. Your help will be helpful to me in many ways.

Thank you in advance,
Renita L. Luck

Re: The Luck Family of VA (Black)

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HI, my name is Karice Luck and I live in Danville, VA. I am pretty sure that we are apart of the same Luck family. Where you fit in, I have no idea. The Luck family reunion is this weekend and some of my cousins are working on the family tree. I will help you in any way I can. this is what i know concerning my family and maybe you can tell me where you fit in, if you know.

I will give you a brief summary......i have birthdates, do you.....

Gardner Luck (my great-great-great grandfather)
his wife: Paulina?............Gardner had 4 brothers

Benjamin Luck is the son of great great grandfather.

......he had some more kids(maybe y'll are offspring of one of those)

Benjamin Luck married Ella Farris

had 10 kids.....once of them being James Luck, my grreat grandpa....he had Bedford Luck....which is my grandfather.

The Luck Family in Danville are from the neighborhoods Camp Grove and Rt. 360 area.

Re: The Luck Family of VA (Black)

Renita Luck (View posts)
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Hi, my name is Renita Luck and I live in Vernon Hill, Va. I was reading the information you shared and it is possible we could be the same Luck family. This is some info that I know about my Luck Family.

-Robert Luck, born about 1874 (my great-grandfather)
his wife Martha Ann Luck, born about 1884. They had about nine or ten children.

-Both my great-grandparents were Lucks. According to my family history my great-grandfather family orignated from the Keeling, VA area.

-My grandfather was Slade Luck, Sr. (1920-1994) the youngest son of Robert and Martha Ann Luck.

-My father is Henry H. Luck

So the maybe the Luck family in Danville, is the missing family of my great-grandfather, Robert. Many people have ask me am I any kin to the Lucks in Danville. I hope this info can help you with your family tree and maybe help me learn more about my side of the family.

Re: The Luck Family of VA (Black)

Karice Luck (View posts)
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Hi Renita, I will write down the info. you just gave me and try to piece it together. My family reunion is this weekend and their will be a lot of older Luck's there. They are real sharp and there oral history matches all the documents I have found. My grandfather Lives with me and he was born in 1929....he is real sharp and remembers a lot. My grandfathers first cousin spect many hours at the library in Chatham, VA. outside of Keeling looking for stuff. I will use your info. and compare birth dates. I do know that my great-great-great Grandfather, Gardner Luck, was a free slave who was a brickmason by trade, he could pass for white. I even know where his farm is located. I know from records that he had 4 brothers......i am thinking that one of his 4 brothersis your great- great- great grand dad. If not your great-great grandfather might be one of Gardner's kids. Talk to you soon. How old are you? I am 26. Been workig on this tree for yrs. ANy help would be appreciated.....we can make the LUCK tree even bigger than it already is.

Re: The Luck Family of VA (Black)

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Hey, Karice. Thank you for the e-mail. I know how it is when you are working on a family tree. Right now, I working on the Younger & Davis family tree and history. This is my mother's family. In her family, alot of the elder people have died, so its very difficult to get information.

I hope that your info you will share with me can help my side of the Luck find out the lost history of our family. I wish you LUCK!! I will try to see if I can find out more information about my family. My grandfather has one sister left. She is 83. Maybe I could ask her some questions. Hopefully, she could tell me something about the family.

You ask me how old am I, the answer is 21. Looking foward to talking to you again.

Renita Luck

Re: The Luck Family of VA (Black)

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hello to all, my name Is Slade Luck.... so I have alot of family out there???? cuz my Grandma (Elsie luck) said that i do have alot of family out there in VA.. get at me thru facebook.... at


Re: The Luck Family of VA (Black)

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I am the great grandson of Jerre Luck. From the names you mention, I doubt if my Luck Family is related to yours, but I can provide you with what information I have regarding the origin of one of the black Luck Families. Apparently there was a Terry Plantation very close to the Luck Plantation both properties located near the border between Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties. The owners of both these plantations accoding to the values recorded in the census were relatively wealthy and therefore capable of "owning" several slaves. My family forebear was named Jerre on the Terry Plantation. During slavery he went over to the Luck Plantation, "jumped over the broom" and thus married Joanna of the Luck Plantation. To this union were born 5 children: Lemon, Green, Jerre (as spelled in the census), Josephine, and Daniel Preston. Children born during slavery became the "property" of the plantation on which they were born regardless of the father. Following emancipation former slaves having no last named adopted the the name of the plantation on which they previously resided. Thus these 5 offspring became Lucks though they were fathered by Jerre of the Terry Plantation. In my case, Jerre Luck, following emancipation married Louvenis Smith and had 6 children. The oldest child, Addie Lee Luck, married Pemberton Williams who are my paternal grandparents. I have a chart of all of the 559 known descendents and spouses of Jerre Terry. I will be happy to send you this chart if you like, but none of the descendents match the names you provided and I assume the descendents in which you are interested were all derived from other slaves on the Luck Plantation unrelated to those of my forbears.

Re: The Luck Family of VA (Black)

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I am in touch with my classmate Hud Williams who is supposed to put me in contact with the Luck family historian for your part of the Luck family. I have all of this information you provided as well. I am trying to put all of the missing pieces together and even if the Lucks are not all related there are still some close connections and a possibility that the entire bloodline is connected. I would like to go back further than my great great great grandfather circa 1825.....geneology is my passion!!! Thanks a lot for responding all...Renita I am still working on your tree:)

Re: The Luck Family of VA (Black)

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Does the name Brother Luck come up on any charts?

Re: The Luck Family of VA (Black)

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Marcellus Heywood Luck- Does that name show up anywhere?
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