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Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Ellis, DeHaven
Hi! I'm asking for a lot with the little information I've got to go on, but I do really appreciate anything that could help.

I'm looking for a Zachariah Ellis (born about 1780 in Maryland) & his wife Linda Hanna Dehaven (sometimes known as Malinda). I'm descended from their son Samuel Ellis, born abt 1814 in Franklin County, VA & died in 1898 in Mason County, Illinois.

Zachariah's birth date is approximate, based on the marriage information he was 29, and he's shown in 3 census as being born in 1780 in Maryland.

I know that Zachariah married Hanna on 12 Aug, 1809 in Franklin County. I know they had a daughter named Esther (born about 1811 in Franklin county), & a son named Zachariah (born about 1822).

Per the 1820 Census, Zachariah has 2 white males living with him UNDER 10, & 2 white females living with him UNDER 10. I can account for Samuel as one son, and Esther as one daughter. Zachariah & Linda are both accounted for as well. That leaves 2 children - 1 male, 1 female, that I know nothing about. They must have been born between 1810 & 1820 to show on the census. My dad says he THINKS he was told that Samuel had a sister who died in childhood but he doesn't remember anything else.

Basically I'm looking for information on WHEN Zachariah died (I would assume in Franklin county, as Linda died in Franklin county in 1865), WHO these other children are (and if there is any information on birth dates, death dates, possible marriages if they reached adulthood), and who Zachariah's parents might be.

Anything, and I mean anything, that someone might have - even the smallest scrap, would be incredibly appreciated.



Re: Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

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Classification: Query
Rhianna, I don't know that I have info to help you, but perhaps we can assist each other. My 3rd great grandfather, Joseph Bolling was married to Rebecca Maddox and they lived in Franklin County, VA. Their 11 children were heirs named in a suit in Chancery, Franklin co., VA Deed Bk 19, pg. 454 where Wesley Mattox (Maddox), brother to Rebecca vs Zachariah Ellis, George Ellis, Polly Ellis, the 11 Bolling children as originally subpoened against Abraham DeHaven and his wife Ann. (The DeHavens were deceased prior to filing the suit on March 1832.) There was some connection by my Bollings (Joseph & Rebecca and their children), and there was some reason why the Bolling children were heirs to Abraham DeHaven. I take it that your Linda Hanna DeHaven married to Zachariah Ellis may have been a child of Abraham DeHaven. Do you have any further info on the DeHaven line?

Also, another interesting point, Abrah DeHaven and Jordan Kemp were witnesses to Nathan Maddox's (Rebecca's father) agreement for a marriage to Joseph Bolling to take place in 1796.

Hopefully, this may help you in some small way; I look forward to your response.

Re: Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

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Classification: Query
I have a lot of information on the DeHaven line, at least 100 years behind Linda Hannah. She was Isaac Dehaven's daughter, her mother is Elizibeth Ann "Nancy" Ellis. She's mentioned as "Nancy" in her father's will - Robert Ellis Sr.

Isaac Dehaven is the son of Abraham Dehaven. Isaac's mother was Rebecca Pawling. I recognize the Polling name, but I'll have to look through what I have to find where it connects.

I have that Abraham died about 1770 in Loudoun County, VA & his wife Rebecca died about 1776 in Loudoun County, VA. Abraham DID have a son named Abraham married to an Ann Lucken, but I assume the one you're referencing in the suit to be the elder Abraham.

Feel free to send me a private message, or e-mail & I'll type up what I have. My email is rmschoonATyahooDOTcom

Re: Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

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Classification: Query
Thanks for the info on the DeHaven line. I would love to see where my Bolling's fit into that line. I will also do a search for anything additional that I may have that mentions the Ellis or DeHaven line. I will send it via your private email address. thank you for a quick response. (You might add my email address to your address book, so I won't get put into suspect or junk mail.)

Norma, ( )

Re: Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

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Classification: Query
Since I have not heard from you since I sent you an email to the address you gave me, I will post below what I sent you in case you did not receive my email.

I took a look at what I have accumulated on the Ellis and DeHaven lines while trying to connect them to my Joseph Bolling m Rebecca Maddox line. I don’t have much, but am happy to share what I have saved.

1. I have a copy of Isaac DeHaven’s pension application that I got from – It was dated 18 July 1832 and said that Isaac was 82 as of Feb. 16. This application was supported by affidavits by Jesse and Drewsilla DeHaven. I’m sure you probably have this document, but if not, I’ll be happy to send it to you.

2. A copy of 1820 Franklin County, Va census that shows Jesse and Abraham DeHaven

3. A copy of Abstracts of Wills, Inventories, and Administration Accounts of Loudoun County, Virginia, 1757-1800 ( showing Militia of Loudoun County. Abraham DeHaven, lst Lt., 14 May 1781; Isaac DeHaven, Ensign, 14 May, 1781.
Inventory, Approved by court, 15 June 1773 for Abraham DeHaven. Also, DeHaven, Abraham, 8 April 1771. 13 Sept. 1771 Wife: Robetta. Sons: Jesse, Jacob, Abraham and Isaac DeHaven. Wit: George McKinney, Elias Ellis and William DeHaven. (p. 298). This must have been his will.

4. Ellis, Robert: 26 Aug. 1766. 13 Oct. 1766. Wife: Mary Ellis. Sons: Jesse, Robert and Samuel Ellis. Daughters: Ruth, Nancy, Margaret, and Mary (youngest). Exrs: wife, son Elias, Edward Hews. Wit: William Jones, Thomas George, Abraham DeHaven (p. 153) Must have been his will also.

5. Marriages: 1) Abraham DeHaven and Sarah M. Fowlkes, Aug. 28, 1843. Sur. Wm. M. Featherston. 2) DeHaven, Abraham, Jr. and Polly Chitwood, Jan. 4, 1820. 3) DeHaven, Isaac and Prudence Kemp, Aug. 21, 1823. Sur. Jourdan Kemp.

Jordon Kemp was also a witness in the marriage of Joseph Bolling and Rebecca Maddox. Jordan Kemp was married to one of Rebecca’s sisters, Margaret (Peggy) Maddox. And a Robert Kemp was married to another of Rebecca’s sisters, Sarah Prudence Maddox (known as Sally).

The only other information I have is that my 3rd great grandfather, Henry Chilton, b. 1782 in Montgomery County, Maryland, d. June 17, 1844 in Bedford County, Virginia was married to a Nancy Ellis. I have no further info on her. Perhaps you may have some. Henry’s parents were Joshua Chilton and Elizabeth Fouch.

I wish I had more info, but perhaps some of this will be of assistance to you and hopefully, you can help me ascertain why the Bolling children were heirs to Abraham DeHaven and mentioned in the lawsuit. If you would like a copy of the lawsuit, let me know and I’ll email a copy of it to you. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, I grew up in Bedford, Virginia just next door to Franklin County.

Norma Bowling Polanco

Re: Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

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Classification: Query
Wow, I sent a reply. I got your email. Okay, will send again. Sorry for it not getting to you yet - I'll double check my email to make sure it actually went.

Re: Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

Posted: 1360720755000
Classification: Query
Just re-sent the 2 emails. One is just a large email with family data, and then I sent a second one with a .doc that deals almost exclusively with the Dehaven/Ellis connection. If it doesn't come through this time, I'll post it directly here.

Re: Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

Posted: 1360898832000
Classification: Query
thanks for the efforts! But I did not receive either email. I've sent you another note from my email just to see if you receive it. Also check that you have my email address correct. It is: Look forward to receiving the info. Thanks so much!

Re: Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

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Classification: Query
Okay, since apparently Yahoo just doesn't want me to send this directly, I'm just cutting & pasting. I'm not sure how the Dehaven stuff will work out as it is HUGE, but we'll give it a try in following messages.

I went back through my tree & the Bollings I have are connected really far down from the Dehavens. They could be connected to your Bollings, but I don't have data on them far enough back to say yea or nea. I do have a Bowling as well (perhaps the same line, different spelling, perhaps not).

The Bowlings are:

John (b abt 1815 in Tenn), father of a son (so far name unknown to me) & a daughter Mary Jane (b abt 1840 in Ill, died 1911 in Mason County, Illinois). John seems to have had another wife, possibly named Nancy, b about 1815 in Ohio. They had a daughter, Mary Ann, born about 1834 in Ohio. My ASSumption is that Nancy (& possibly Mary Ann) died in Ohio, or just after moving to Illinois. From some fellow researchers there were apparently quite a few nasty epidemics that moved through in the 1830s-1850s with high mortality rates. That is the only logical assumption I can make based on having 2 daughters named Mary. Doesn't mean I'm right, just going by the fact several branches of the family have reused first names when the 1st child bearing it died in childhood.

Mary Jane Bowling went on to marry John Ranson (b 1837 in Mason County, Illinois and died ... abt 1862). Mary Jane & John had 1 child - Sarah Ann Ranson (b 28 June 1861, Illinois). John went off to war & never came home. Mary Jane remarried, 10 Dec 1863, to John George Grimm and they had issue. Thus, I'm assuming she was notified of John's death in 1862, possibly early 1863. However, given common mourning customs at the time, she *should* have been in mourning for a year before remarrying. That would put her notification in late 1862 (poss Dec) with John dying sometime in June-Oct (again ASSuming how long it would take notice to get to her with the war & mail of the day). I have found a John Ranson who died in 1862 in Kentucky during a Confederate raid on the Union headquarters. This John died in Lebanon, Marion, Kentucky & is buried there. HOWEVER, he is NOT buried as part of the Illinois troops, instead as some from Wisconsin (I believe). I've discussed this with some civil war historians I know & they've said it wasn't uncommon for a man to be buried under a different unit IF the unit he's buried under brought his body in for burial AND someone in it knew who he was. I have TENTATIVELY identified him as the John Ranson, husband of Mary Jane Bowing, father of Sarah Ann Ranson. I have no issues if I find out that it is NOT true but as of now he seems to be the most likely candidate. As of yet I do NOT have much more to offer on him. Sarah Ann Ranson went on to marry John Colvin Ellis (my direct line) who is the grandson of the Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hannah Dehaven I posted about before - through their son Samuel.

I have a Bolling connection, but as I said it is very late & I wouldn't assume they're connected but it is possible. Until I'm able to do more research on them I'd err to say no. The Bollings I have are:

William, husband of Alberta "Bertie" Crapps. I have NOTHING to offer other than his name. I do know that Alberta was born 9 Mar, 1886 in Hays County, Texas & died 14 Apr 1941 in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas. They had a son (at least) named Lester. Again, I have nothing to offer on him other than his name. My ASSumption, again, would be that Lester & William both lived in Hays County &/or Bexar County. In the 1940 Bexar County Census, Alberta is widowed so William Bolling must have died before that date. Alberta is shown as Head of House, but her last name in now Davidson. That means there must be a 2nd husband, also dead, by 1940. There is a Haywood Hill also listed in the house, but he is a "Lodger".

The Dehaven data is rather large, and complex, so I will send that in a different e-mail. I'm sorry I don't have a lot to offer you on the Bowling / Bolling lines but hopefully some of it helps.

Re: Zachariah Ellis & Linda Hanna (Malinda) Dehaven

Posted: 1360959878000
Classification: Query
Evert in den Hoven (Dehaven - also spelled in den Hoffen) - 21 May 1650 (baptismal date) - Mar 1728 m Lisbett Shibbauerr (Shipbower)
Anna Gerdruth in den Hoven (Dehaven) m Stoffel Stahle *Did NOT immigrate - remained in Germany
Welym in den Hoven (Dehaven) - abt 1677 m Treygen auff den Bollenburg *Did NOT immigrate - remained in Germany
Gerhard in den Hoven (Dehaven) - abt 1681 - abt 1746 m Anna Maria Sellen
Ebhard in den Hoven (Dehaven) - abt 1710 - abt 1746
Anna Magreda in den Hoven (Dehaven) - abt 1711 - abt 1745 m Johannes Peter Keiter
John Peter Keiter - abt 1739 - abt 1801
Wilhelm in den Hoven (Dehaven) - abt 1684
Peter in den Hoven (Dehaven) - abt 1686 - 1768 m Sidonia Levering
Edward Dehaven - abt 1712 m Margaret op den Graef (Updegraff) (daughter of Anneke Dehaven & Jacob Undergraff)
John Dehaven - abt 1713
William Dehaven - abt 1714
Modlin Magdelene Dehaven - abt 1716
Peter Dehaven - abt 1719
Elizabeth Dehaven - abt 1723
Samuel - abt 1724
Mary - 1725 - 1726
Gerhard - abt 1726
Jacob - abt 1733
Anneke in den Hoven (Dehaven) - abt 1691 m Jacob op den Graef (Updegraff) (brother of Anneken)
Abraham Updegraff
Ann Updegraff
Catherine Updegraff
Edward Updegraff
Elizabeth Updegraff
Margaret Updegraff
Margaret Updegraff - abt 1716 m Edward Dehaven (son of Peter Dehaven & Sidonia Levering)
Harmon in den Hoven (Dehaven) - Jul 1682 - 23 Apr 1752 m Anneken M op den Graef (Updegraff) (sister of Jacob)
Mary Dehaven - abt 1714
Jacob Dehaven - abt 1715
John Harmon Dehaven - abt 1716
Catherine Dehaven - abt 1717
Margaret Dehaven - abt 1721
Elizabeth Dehaven - abt 1723
Harmond Dehaven - abt 1729
Isaac Dehaven - abt 1731
Abraham (Abrahm) Dehaven - 1713 - 1770 m Rebecca Pawling
Hannah Dehaven - abt 1737 m Dirck Pennybacker
Hannah Pennybacker
Elizabeth Pennybacker
Dirck Jr Pennybacker
Abraham Pennybacker m Elizabeth Ruffner
Ann Pennybacker
Catherine Pennybacker
Elizabeth Pennybacker m Isaac Samuels (son of Ann Dehaven & Greenbury Samuels)
Mary Pennybacker
Benjamin Pennybacker -1760 - 1820 m Sarah M Samuels (daughter of Ann Dehaven & Greenbury Samuels)
John Pennybacker - abt 1768
Ann Dehaven - abt 1741 m Greenbury Samuels
Isaac Samuels - abt 1762 m Elizabeth Pennybacker (sister of Benjamin)
Abraham Samuels
Anna Samuels
Erasmum (Erasmus?) Samuels
Green Samuels
John Samuels
Joseph Samuels
Mary Samuels
Ruth Samuels
Rebecca Samuels
Sarah Samuels
Joseph Samuels - abt 1763 - abt 1845 m Fanny Snelling
Sarah M Samuels - abt 1768 - abt 1845 m Benjamin Pennybacker (brother of Elizabeth)
Ann Pennybacker
Benjamin Pennybacker
Charlotte Pennybacker
George Pennybacker
Isaac Pennybacker
Joel Pennybacker
John Pennybacker
Mark Pennybacker
Mary Pennybacker
Nathaniel Pennybacker
Rebecca Pennybacker
Samuel Pennybacker
Sarah Pennybacker
Rebecca Dehaven - abt 1743 m Elias Ellis
Abraham (Abrahm) Dehaven - abt 1747 m Ann Lucken
Abraham (Abrahm)
Elizabeth - 23 Oct 1771 - 5 Nov 1851 m William Hugh Barnes
Isaac - 22 Feb 1773 - 25 Aug 1835 m Rebecca Steele
Jacob - abt 1775
Sarah - abt 1779 - abt 1858 m a Ward
Isaac Dehaven - 1750 - 11 May 1833 m Elizabeth Ann "Nancy" Ellis (Isaac also married Frances Groves - no data)
Peggy Ann Dehaven - abt 1775 - abt 1835 m Jacob Ryherd
Issac Dehaven Ryherd - Dec 1803 m Jane (unknown)
Amanda Ryherd
Eli W Ryherd
Mary Ryherd
John Lewis - abt 1830 m Terissa
William A G Ryherd - abt 1869
Nancy J Ryherd - abt 1873
Mary M Ryherd - abt 1877
Grace A Ryherd - abt 1880
Margaret Dehaven Ryherd - 21 Feb 1834 m Ezekiel Dalton
Marga (possibly Margaret?) Dalton - abt 1860
Arzilla Dalton - abt 1862
David T Ryherd - abt 1836
Linnie (Linda?) Ryher - abt 1806
Jesse Lewis Ryherd - 16 Oct 1809
Eli E Ryherd - 17 Mar 1810 - 10 Mar 1888 m Nancy
William Turner Ryherd - abt 1861
Linda Hannah "Malinda" "Linny" Dehaven - abt 1781- 1 Jan 1865 m Zachariah Ellis (listed on Linda's death cert of 1 Jan 1865 as W Ellis - predeceasing Linda, however showing in 1860 Franklin County, Virginia Census. Perhaps Zachariah is NOT his 1st name)
Esther Ellis - abt 1811 - abt 1870 (NEVER MARRIED - lived with Samuel's family 1850-1870)
Samuel (poss. middle name of Hall) Ellis - abt 1814 - 1898 m Effie Ann Mckim
James W Ellis - 26 Nov 1837 - 12 Apr 1864
George W Ellis - 28 Nov 1840 m Jane Campbell
Archibald Ellis - abt 1867 m Minnie (unknown)
Margaret Ann Ellis - abt 1869 - 1912 m Charles Augustus Sprague
Ethel Muriel Sprague - 1891 - 1974
John Ellis - abt 1874
Martha A Ellis - 28 Jun 1841
Ellbridge Ellis
Sarah Ellis - abt 1843 - bef 1850
Ruth Ann Ellis - 13 Sep 1846 m Edward Hamblin
Mary Hamblin
Mary Effie Hamblin - abt 1866 - 1927
William Hamblin - abt 1871
Earnest O Hamblin - Dec 1877
Zachariah Ellis - abt 1849 - bef 1850
Angeline Ellis - 26 Nov 1850 - 11 Feb 1926 m Thomas Jefferson Lacey
John Lacey - 1870
Charles Lacey - abt 1873
Elsa Lacey - abt 1874
Ellen Lacey - abt 1879
Olive Lacey - abt 1882
Isaac W Ellis - 28 Aug 1854 - 8 Jul 1877 m Lucy Melton
Noah Ellis - Dec 1873 m Mary (surname unknown)
Daniel - abt 1877 m Anna Madison
Glen Ellis - abt 1901
Lucy Ellis - abt 1916
Rebecca June Ellis - 6 Jul 1857 m Francis M Walker
John Colvin Ellis - 13 Sep 1860 - abt 1939 m Sarah Ann Ranson
Franklin Harrison Ellis - 31 Oct 1880 - 5 Feb 1948 m Alta May Harbaugh
Cecil Colvin Ellis - 26 Oct 1912 - 8 Mar 1986 m Marjorie French
Shirley Ellis - abt 1933
m Theresa McGrino
2 daughters (names unknown)
Lloyd Byron Ellis - 12 Mar 1915 - 7 Mar 1988 m Bernice Jarnot
Bertha Maude Ellis - 2 May 1883 - 18 Dec 1972 m Elmer Houson
Byron Houston
Clifford Granville Houston - abt 1903 m Shirley
Jerry L Houston - abt 1933
Kent B Houston - abt 1939
John Ellis - abt 1884
Beatrice Ellis - 12 Nov 1885 - 1984 m Alvin Wilkinson
Aline Wilkinson
Robert Wilkinson
Roy Ray Wilkinson
Velma Wilkinson
Wesley Wilkinson
Effie May Ellis - 15 Jun 1888 - 13 Nov 1955 m Earnest Hackerson
Earnest Hackerson Jr
Guy Howard Ellis - abt 1891 - 1986 m Rae (unknown)
Guster Ellis - abt 1925
Ralph Edwin Ellis - 16 Jun 1894 - 9 Nov 1961 m Lillie Mae Wheeler
Ralph Edwin Ellis Jr - 1927 (still living) m Geraldine Ruth Brown
Roger Earl Ellis - 07 Feb 1951
ADOPTED - Melinda Kay Ellis (mother is Carol Barnett) m Michael Mason
Anna Cherie Mason
Emily Mason
ADOPTED - Ryan Salesbury Ellis - 12 Jul 1979 (mother is Renee Dawn Salesbury) partnered with Susan
Kaylor (daughter)
Son (unknown name)
ADOPTED - April Nicole Ellis - 20 Oct 1981 (mother is Renee Dawn Salesbury)
3 sons, 1 daughter - unknown names & fathers
Ralph Edwin Ellis III - 26 Nov 1952 m Patricia Lea Markowski
Justin Scott Ellis - 1977 m Emily (DIVORCED)
Andrew McCord Ellis
Male Ellis (I don't know his name)
Troy Michael Ellis - 3 Aug 1979 m Kiersten
3 Male Ellis (unsure of names)
Lindsey Ellis - 15 Nov 1984 m Alex Muniz
Rhonda Ellen Ellis - 21 Oct 1955 m David Michael Biggs
Elana Biggs - 1979
David Michael Biggs Jr - 1984
Stephanie Biggs m Matt Suarez
Randall Eugene Ellis - 4 Sep 1959 m Marilyn Lois Leath (DIVORCED)
Rhianna Marrie Ellis - 16 Aug 1978 m James M Schoonover III
Sydney Kay Schoonover - 29 May 1998
Shyanna Marrie Schoonover - 13 Jan 2001
Seraphyn Lillie Schoonover - 26 Sep 2003
Russell Edward Ellis - 30 July 1961 partnered with Alma Cross (not married)
Caitlinn Leanne Ellis - 12 Aug 2004
Dawnlynn Kiersten Ellis - 2007
Ronald Erwin Ellis - 19 Sep 1962 m Nancy Blackwell
Alana Ellis - 27 Feb 1983
Amanda Ellis - 18 Jan 1985 m Daniel Geraci
Maximus Geraci - 02 Feb 2012
Eric Ellis - 21 Mar 1986
Joshua Michael Ellis - 3 Apr 1988
Ryan Eric Ellis - 13 Aug 1968 m Patricia Lynn Treaster
Erica Rene Ellis - 2 Apr 1987
Marilyn Ellis - 2 Mar 1990
Ruth Mildred Ellis - 14 May 1930 - 2011 m Philip Becker (Philip & Geraldine are cousins)
Diane Becker
Joann Becker
Johnny Becker
Female Becker - died in early childhood (unsure of name)
Eva Eulalea Ellis - abt 1896 - 1978
Daryl C Ellis - 13 Apr 1899 - 15 May 1990 m Irene (unknown)
Margaret Ellis - abt 1921
Earl Ellis - 13 Apr 1899 - 19 Nov 1901
Doris M Ellis - 5 Nov 1903 m Adams (first name currently unknown to me)
Roberta Adams
Susan Ellis - 30 Jul 1864 m Peter Rhodes
Arthur Rhodes
Austen Rhodes (assume to be male, unsure)
Harold Rhodes
Mabel Rhodes
Marguritte Rhodes
Clyde Rhodes - abt 1884
Orville Rhodes - abt 1886
Ethel Rhodes - abt 1887
Zachariah Ellis - abt 1822 - 13 Jul 1890 m Mary Delilah Ball
Elizabeth Jane Ellis - 5 May 1844 m William Spangler
Jennie - abt 1858 (assume to be William Spangler's daughter by previous wife)
Florence Spangler - abt 1863
S. W. Spanger - abt 1865 (male)
Mary Spanger - abt 1868
Minnie Spanger - abt 1870 - 1853 m David S. Galloway
Howard Foster Galloway - abt 1901
Joseph Acie Ellis - abt 1846 - 23 Apr 1892 m Sarah (unknown)
George Ellis - abt 1866
John Ellis - abt 1868
Edward Grant Ellis - Jul 1870
Esther Rachel - abt 1848
Daniel Ellis - Jul 1850
Sarah Christina Ellis - 16 Aug 1853 - 19 Sep 1916 m Robert Atton Elliot
Janetta A Elliot - abt 1871
Sophrona J Elliot - abt 1873
Nora B Elliot - abt 1877
Anna H Elliot - abt 1879
Ira Jesse Ellis - abt 1856 - 1922
Jessie Dutcher - abt 1856 - 1932 m Jennine Cumine Rollo
Harold Alonzo Ellis
Roy Lesley Ellis
Mary Delilah Ellis - abt 1857 - 29 Dec 1944 m John Garrin
Ann Ellis - abt 1861 - 1880
Unknown Female - bet 1810 & 1820 (showing on 1820 Franklin County, Virginia Census)
Unknown Male - bet 1810 & 1820 (showing on 1820 Franklin County, Virginia Census) *William??, b abt 1815*
Abraham (Abrahm) Dehaven - abt 1785
Millie Dehaven - abt 1786 - abt 1835 m Job Binnion
Issac Dehaven - abt 1796
Lynn Dehaven
Jesse Dehaven
Hannah Dehaven

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