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Thomas Family

Thomas Family

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Surnames: Thomas, Anderson
Searching for information on James Thomas who was born in Albemarle Co. Was the son of Michael Thomas and Elizabeth Staton (2nd marriage for Michael). Was James' wife named Mary. Who were their children. thanks Debra Miller

Re: Thomas Family

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Surnames: Thomas, Childress, Neville
Do you know what years this James Thomas lived in Albermarle County, Va.? I am working on a James Thomas from Va.,born sometime between 1703-1733 and died 1801, according to his will. He lived in Cumberland County at the time he was married.Before that I am not sure which area he was in.
He was said to have been married to Elizabeth Childress about1753 in Cumberland County, Virginia.
James' mother was said to have been a Lucy Thomas, (maiden name unknown),from Albermarle Couty, Va. This Lucy married a Thomas first, second husband was a James Neville, and 3rd an Abraham Childress!!!
She had at least five children with James Neville. I am not sure about her other children.
I am trying to verify if James Thomas mentioned above is her son.
Any help is appreciated. I have a lot of Thomas information I am willing to share.

Re: Thomas Family

Debra Miller (View posts)
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I've established that my James Thomas was the son of Michael Thomas Jr., who in turn was the son of Michael Thomas Sr. of Albemarle Co. He married Mary "Polly" Puckett in 1801 in Albemarle Co. so I'm guesstimating his birth year as 1778 and he died ca. 1817.

I have two Thomas lines in my family - one I cannot establish a connection to any lines as yet, so I've accumulated some information on some Thomas families.

This is what I have on the James Thomas you are looking for:

Lucy Thomas may have been the sister of Michael Thomas Sr. According to a researcher, she mentions her brother, Michael Thomas in her Will. Her children with the Thomas surname may have been out of wedlock. (These are thoughts given to me by another researcher) Her children were: Cornelius d. 1775; James Thomas 1728 - 1784, Bethenia m. John Allen, Sally m. Charles Lewis, Martha m. Mr. Hopson, Judith m. Mr. Mitchell.

Will of 1752 lists children in this order: James, Cornelius, Bethenia, Johana, Hannah, May, Martha, Elizabeth Nevil, Judiith, Sally

In order by birth date: Cornelius Thomas b. 1736, m. Hannah Scott; Bethenia b. 1737 - 1775; Elizabeth b. 1740 m. Rowland Edmundson; Judith b. 1742, James b. 1743 (as you can see different documents and sources reflect different dates.)

I haven't done any research to verify the above. Once I found my James Thomas, I stopped. I am still looking for Lucy Thomas who married Michael Damron ca 1765 in Buckingham Co. Several reseachers think she may have been a daughter of Lucy Thomas who married Nevil and Childress, but no proof has been found.

Hope any of this will help.


Re: Thomas Family

Susan (View posts)
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Surnames: Thomas, Childress/Childers, Cannon, Wirt/Wirtz
Thanks for the information!
I will check it out further. If I can help you with any of the Thomas information I have, please let me know. I have a copy of James Thomas' will dated 1796.
My Thomas family is related to the following surnames in Virginia:
Wirt/Wirtz, Parrish, Childers/Childress, Dawson, Turner,Bowles, and MANY others.
I do appreciate your response!
Susan in SC

Re: Thomas Family

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I just remembered another Thomas family that is in my line. Two daughters of Joseph Thomas married Damron/Dameron brothers - Zachariah married Frances Thomas (Aug. 13, 1828)and Samuel married Elizabeth H. Thomas (Aug. 3, 1823). Joseph Thomas resided in Cumberland Co., Va., he died 1815 and left a will naming his children: Elizabeth, Anne, Frances, James, Joseph, Jesse and William. His wife was Frances, Sr.

I don't have any further information on the family - but he may have been a brother to your James.

I seem to have lots of Thomas families involved in my various lines.

Let me know if you find anything.


Re: Thomas Family

Susan (View posts)
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Surnames: Thomas, Childers/Childress, Peaseley,Hudgins, Wirt/Wirtz
This is the Thomas I am related to!
All I have on Joseph S. Thomas is that he married a Frances (last name unknown to me) He was born between 1726-1774?
Is there ANY way I can get a copy of his will?? I have a copy of his father's will (James Thomas born 1703-1733 died about 1801). This James married Elizabeth Childers July 13, 1753, and had 10 children (according to his will).
OH! I do have information on Joseph's son James Thomas (b1798-d1878) who was married to Mary Peaseley, daughter of Gabriel Bradstreet Peaseley.
If I can help you let me know!

Will of Joseph Thomas Sr., Cumberland Co., Va., 1815

Debra Miller (View posts)
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I forgot another Damron marriage into this Thomas line - Mary Ann Damron married Joseph S. Thomas Jr. on Dec. 16, 1836. All the Damron/Thomas marriages that I listed (Zachariah Damron married Frances Thomas; Samuel Damron married Elizabeth Thomas) were children of Dunmore Damron and Martha Cox. If you want dates of marriages etc. let me know.

The will I transcribed long ago - different computer, but it's short enough that I will re-type it here.

Will of Joseph Thomas

In the name of God Amen, I, Joseph Thomas Sr. of the County of Cumberland, Virginia, being weak in body but of sound mind, disposing memory, for which I thank God, and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with, I give and bequeath the same in this manner following, that is to say, 1st I desire that all my justdible and funeral expenses be paid out of such part of the perishable estate as my executors thereafter named may think proper.

2nd after the payments of my debts and funeral expenses, I lend to my loving wife Frances Thomas the use of all my estate real and personal until my son William Thomas comes to lawful age, provided she remains unmarried till said time and at which period I lend her one third part of my estate both real and personal for and during the term of her natural life, and after her decease, I give the same to my children hereinafter mentioned, equally to be divided among them and their heirs forever.

3rdly, at the lawful age of my son William Thomas, I give to my sons James Thomas, Joseph Thomas, Jesse Thomas and William Thomas my tract of land whereon I live at valuation to be equally divided between them giving each a proportion of cleared and uncleared land and dividing it so as to leave no allowance due from one to the other.

4thly, I leave the balance of my Estate, of what nature or kind so ever it may be, equally divided by valuation to my three daughters, Elizabeth Thomas, Anne Thomas and Frances Thomas and my four sons, James Thomas, Joseph Thomas, Jesse Thomas and William Thomas, at the same time observing that it is to be understood that the land Willed my sons in this the third clause of my Will is to be charged to my sons at the division of the Estate so as to make my Daughters share equal with my sons, all of which I give to them and their heirs forever.

And lastly, I do constitute and appoint my friend Orson Martin and my sons James Thomas and Joseph Thomas, my Executors of this my last Will and testament hereby revoking all other or former Wills by me heretofore made. In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand on this 12th day of April 1815.

Signed, Joseph Thomas

Signed, Sealed, Published and delivered as the last Will and Testament of the above named Joseph Thomas Senr. in the presence of us: Beverly J. Sandige, John D. Garrett, Richard P. James

Recorded 25 Sept. 1815
Cumberland Co., Virginia

Re: Will of Joseph Thomas Sr., Cumberland Co., Va., 1815

Susan (View posts)
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Surnames: Thomas, Childers/Childress, Parrish, Wirt/Wirtz, Peaseley, Hudgins, Gibbs
Thanks so much!
If I can provide you any of the Thomas information you might need, let me know. You mentioned a will of Lucy Thomas. Do you have that or did another researcher give that information to you?
Are these wills in the Cumberland County,Va. Courthouse?
I have a copy of James Thomas' will given to me by a Thomas relative. I believe he got this from the courthouse in Cumberland County.
I would appreciate any marriage information you might share.
Again, if I can help you please let me know.
Susan in SC

Re: Will of Joseph Thomas Sr., Cumberland Co., Va., 1815

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Regarding Lucy Thomas Will, another researcher had just jotted down names that were in the will, she didn't copy it and I don't know where she found it. If I run across any information on it, I'll let you know.

According to the Dunmore Damron Commonplace book, Elizabeth H. Thomas was born September 19th, 1799. She married Samuel Damron in Cumberland Co.. on August 3rd, 1823, a Saturday. James A. Thomas signed for surety. Elizabeth Thomas Damron died Feb. 6, 1882 in Nelson Co.

Frances Thomas was born in Cumberland Co. ca. 1811, she married Zachariah Damron in Fluvanna Co. on August. 13, 1828. She died January 1891 - her husband died same month and year.

Joseph S. Thomas Jr. was born ca. 1810 and died after the 1870 Nelson Co. census. He married Mary Ann Damron in Nelson Co. on Dec. 16, 1836. Mary Ann was known as "Polly" - unfortunately a common nickname for Mary.

According to descendants of Samuel and Elizabeth Thomas Damron - Elizabeth loved to dance and had special dancing slippers. Before the War, it was said she had servants to pick up her handkerchief and pour the water into the basin for her to wash her hands.

I also have a deed that I haven't been able to make out all the words yet - it was filed in Cumberland Co. Sept. 1, 1836, it mentions Zachariah & Frances and Samuel and Elizabeth and they apparently are buying out a James Jennings of Cartersville share of Joseph Thomas' estate. And it mentions that the Estate of William Thomas, dec'd was also included. I only have a copy of a copy, so I can't make out all the words, it was in Deed book 22, pg. 470. So William died by 1836.
I don't know who James Jennings was - maybe Anne Thomas married a Jennings.

If you find anything more, let me know.


Re: Will of Joseph Thomas Sr., Cumberland Co., Va., 1815

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Surnames: Thomas, Childers, Hudgins, Parrish, Wirt/Wirtz
I found these marriage dates for THOMAS while checking to see if Anne Thomas MIGHT have been married to James Jennings. Nothing on a Jennings/Thomas marriage so far.
These were on USGENWEB:
"Early Marriages of Cumberland County, Va.
1..Joseph A. Thomas wed to Martha E. Hudgins...2/25/1850
I have that he was the great-grandson of James and Elizabeth Childers Thomas.(ancestor of mine)
2..James A. Thomas wed to Mary Peasley..........1/15/1826
(I have a lot on the Peaseley family!!)(ancestor of mine)
This James was the son of Joseph S. Thomas and Frances,
and grandson of James and Elizabeth Childers Thomas.
3..Elizabeth Thomas wed to Samuel Damron.......8/01/1823
You have information on this.
4..Benjamin Thomas wed to Terecy Russell........6/15/1817
Do you know who this was?
5..Jesse L. Thomas wed to Sarah G. Farmer.....12/08/1834
Could this be the son of Joseph S. Thomas who had a son named Jesse? I will check further.
6...Joseph S. Thomas wed to Sarah G. Farmer...4/28/1834
Did Sarah marry TWICE in one year? Is this an error? I will have to check further.
NOTE: This is a different Joseph S. Thomas. Mine was dead by 1815! Maybe his son Joseph Jr.?
Joseph JR was (as you know) married to Mary Damron in 1836, so could this Sarah, be another wife of his?
7..Nancy Thomas wed to David Snoddy..........12/29/1806
Who was she?
8...Ann Thomas wed to Daniel Martin.........1/13/1817
Could she be the daughter of Joseph and Frances Thomas Sr.? I will have to check further.
Just thought you might want some of this information.
I am aware you have part of it already.
RE: James Jennings mentioned on deed
Although I did not find a Thomas/Jennings connection I did find out that James O. Jennings from "Cartersville" who was a "Whig", died Sept 9, 1834.
SOURCE: Richmond, Va. Newspaper Obituaries, 1804-1838
I appreciate your help,

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