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West/Bentley Family of Parowan

West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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Surnames: Bentley, West
I am looking for information on my Grandmother family. Her parents were Edward William Bentley b: 29 Mar 1866 Chester, Chestershire, England d: 27 Jul 1937 Parowan, Iron, Utah Margaret Alice West b: 30 Mar 1871 Parowan d: 8 Aug 1910 Parowan.

Edward was the son of Frederick Bentley and Mary Evans.
Margaret was the daughter of William Moroni West and Tryphenia Jane Hobbs.

I would like to reconnect with this line and could use some help with information. What good information I have on the Bentley line stops with Edward Bentley and his wife Hannah (?). Information on the West line stops with Isaac West and Susanna Anderson.

Thanks, Dan

Re: West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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I am not related. Hundreds of Bentley news items can be found by searching here:

Here are a few of interest:

Edward Bentley's son Edward enlists in the army:

Letter from Edward to his father:

Presbyterian church dedication:

Letter from Edward, headed to France:

Mrs. Wallace Luke, Edward's daughter:

Leona Bentley, daughter of Edward, death:

Edward Bentley returns from service:

Ruby Bentley marriage:

Edward Bentley janitor and jailor:

Lizzie Bentley marriage:

Bentley siblings:

Edward W. Bentley visit:

Clara Bentley Luke visit:

Edward Bentley unwell:

Pearl Bentley Bardino:

Marriage ID: 505278
Groom's Surname Name: THOMPSON
Groom's First Name: Walter (24)
Bride's Surname Name: BENTLEY
Bride's First Name: Ruby (26)
Place: Heber, Wasatch, Utah
Marriage Date: 25 Oct 1921
County: Wasatch
State: Utah
Bride's Residence: Parowan, Iron, Utah
Groom's Residence: Beaver, Beaver, Utah
Volume: C
Page: 76
Partial Date:
Comment: Certificate # 1560

Marriage ID: 195606
Groom's Surname Name: LUKE
Groom's First Name: Wallace (21)
Bride's Surname Name: BENTLEY
Bride's First Name: Clara (18)
Place: Beaver City
Marriage Date: 08 Feb 1917
County: Beaver
State: Utah
Bride's Residence: Parowan
Groom's Residence: Midway
Volume: 2
Page: 23
Partial Date:

Hope this all helps.

Re: West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Bentley, West
I cannot believe all the work you must have done to find all this information and I am not sure how I can thank you. This is right up there with finding a long lost cousin. I will start looking at and copying all this information.

Just at a glance I can see my Grandmother there as well as most of her brothers and sisters.

Not sure who you are or if I will ever be able to help you some day, but let me know if I can.

Thanks again.

Re: West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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No thanks needed, I enjoy digging up stuff for people. Found a few more items, I apologize if this is info you already have.

This was the closest I came to finding a marriage between a Bentley and someone named Hannah:

Marriage ID: 228727
Groom's Surname Name: BENTLEY
Groom's First Name: John William (21)
Bride's Surname Name: MICKELSON
Bride's First Name: Hannah Laura (24)
Place: St. George
Marriage Date: 03 Mar 1903
County: Iron
State: Utah
Bride's Residence: Parowan
Groom's Residence: Parowan
Volume: A
Page: 167
Partial Date:

Tryphenia ill 04-06-1934:,109434

Edward Bentley death 07-30-1937:,8095

Found this information about William Moroni West's family(father Samuel Walker West):

Married Margaret Cooper Jan. 29, 1829 (daughter of John Cooper and Esther Fletcher of Tennessee). She was born December, 1804. Their children: Sarah E., m. William Barton; John A., m. Betsy J. Fish, m. Mary J. Robinson; Iles Marion, d. infant; Susan E., m. George A. Smith; Emma S. m. Jesse N. Smith; Margaret Fletcher, m. Jesse N. Smith; Lyda C., m. Columbus Freeman; William Moroni, m. Tryphenia Hobbs; Nancy M., m. John H. Rollins; Samuel W., d. infant. Family home Parowan, Iron Co., Utah.

High priest; high councilor of Parowan stake. Farmer and stockraiser. Died 1873 in Washington Co., Utah.

From the Sons of Utah Pioneers Memorial index cards:

Name: Samuel Walker West
Spouse: Margaret Cooper
Pioneer: before 1869
Birth Date: 30 Mar 1804
Death Date: 22 Feb 1873
Birth Place: Dickson Co., Tenn. So. Caorlina
Death Place: Washington, Wash., Utah
Donor: West Family Org.

Name: Margaret Cooper
Spouse: Samuel Walker West
Pioneer: before 1869
Birth Date: 09 Dec 1804
Death Date: 19 Jun 1882
Birth Place: Montgomery Co., Tenn.
Death Place: Snowflake, Az.
Donor: West Family Organization

Re: West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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Surnames: Bentley, Middlefell, West
Boy this is just great, wish I could do something for you. This is jsut like one of the do something nice for someone that you hear about on TV.

Thanks again. I am still working on all the different articles that come up when I do a search at the link you gave me in your first reply, but will get to these soon.

I have also add different family names to the searchs as well as looking in Bever County records.

I you would like to send me email direct my address is:
dcraw1 at

Thanks again.


Re: West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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My husband Robert is a grandson of John W. Bentley and Hannah Laura Mickleson Bentley. We are all related someway to everyone in Parowan. My mother was a Stevens from Parowan.

Re: West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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It is great to hear from you. John William Bentley 1 Aug 1881 Parowan, Iron, Utah 28 Mar 1957 Parowan, Iron, Utah is my 1st cousin 3x removed. Both of John's parents, William Bentley 1850 – 1933 and Lovina Moore Banks 1862 – 1928 are blood relatives of my; the Bentley line came from my maternal grandmother and the Banks line came from both sides of my dads line - due to all the cross/family inter-marring that went on. Lovina's line goes back to Eyre.

William is my 2nd great-grand uncle and a younger brother to my 2nd great-grandfather, Frederick.

I uploaded my GEDCOM onto almost 2 years ago and have been busy working of several different lines. I am currently working on my West line that came from my great-grandparents, Margaret Alice West and Edward Bentley.

I took a quick look at John W. and his wife Hannah’s records and see that I have my original information that was researched before loading the GEDCOM onto From what research I have completed on his line, I show that John and Hannah had 5 daughters and one son.

I show that Gertrude and her husband, Jens Peter Nielson, both died in their 20s. Do not have much on Laura, just b: abt 1913 and that Alice was b: 22 Feb 1915 and d: 28 Feb 1916. I have not followed Shelby's line yet but I show that he was b: 10 Jun 1917 d: 30 Oct 1991. And for the last two, Norma, and Roma, it looks like they were twins as both have a date of birth of abt 1919.

I would love to show you what I have got on the Bentley line as well as the Banks/Eyre lines as well. If I remember correctly, I have at least three different way of connecting my mother Bentley line to my dads Craw line. I know that I uploaded a story to several records showing these connections.

If you want, please contact me at: dcraw1 at

Delete the spaces and the at and add @

I think I had a typo in Hannah name; I had Mickelson.


Re: West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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My mom was leona Bentley. Her father was Ray Bentley. She had a brother named Raymond and sisters named Carol and Ramona. My grandfather Ray Bentley lived in Parowan as did his Son Raymond. Do you know them?

Re: West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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My grandfather was Ray Bentley, son of Edward. My moms maiden name was Leona Bentley. She was named after my grandfathers sister who died when she was 18. She married my father John Ryan and moved to NY. Thats where my three sisters and my brother grew up.

Re: West/Bentley Family of Parowan

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From your user name I would say that you are John and yes we are cousins. You would be my second cousin, Leona is my 1st cousin 1x removed and your grandfather Ray is my Great or Grand Uncle (depending how you refer to it).

As a kid I lived in Milford, Utah and Ramona and her family, husband Charles Smith, lived in back of a kid that I played with, George McCully. My mother and I were living with my grandparents across the street from George and his family. Almost every morning I would get up, run across the street to George's house and then the two of us would run out the back of his house to Ramona’s house to get Robert, her son and off the three of us would go. Over the years I have lost contact with both George and Robert, not sure but I think that Robert passed away.

Ramona and my mom, Donna Baudino Craw, were 1st cousins; Grandma, Pearl Bentley Baudino was Ramona’s aunt. I remember seeing Uncle Ray, but as I was only about 4 or so that is all I do remember, just seeing him and remembering that I like him a lot.

If you have access to you can find my tree on it, Craw – Baudino.

At one time I did not live to far from you. I served on 5 different submarines, three of which were homeported at the Sub Base in Groton, Connecticut. I had a home in Gales Ferry just 7 miles west of Foxwoods and 7 miles east of the Mohegan Sun. Not sure if you know about them, but they are two of the largest casino in the world.

If you would like to email me my address is dcraw1 at
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