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James/Thomas/William Gay

James/Thomas/William Gay

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My question is who sorted these? Thomas landed in Virginia 1622, James arrived Virginia 1623, 1st William settled in Virginia 1630 and 2nd William, aged 20, arrived in 1635. I have found William Gay Sr and William Gay Jr. Half of these trees have the father dead 2 years before the son was born.

One of these many William Gays from Virginia was married to Elizabeth Bolling, Elizabeth Adams, Frances Trent, and Margaret Walkup. I am having some major problems with the merging of these as the William Gay who married Margaret Walkup in 1757 could NOT have given birth to every Gay in Kentucky and Virginia.

I can understand some adjusting to birth years within 1-3 yrs but marriage records from the state can't be adjusted. Some of the records are more than 30 years adjusted. The average generation turn over during colonial times was 20-30 yrs, ergo 3-4 generations every 100 years. Most of the trees I have found here are jumping generations and adjusting dates to make them fit. Men in colonial times rarely lived past 50. It was not uncommon for a man to have married several times, wives were killed by indians and child birth.

We all copy from each other, it doesn't help when one person starts "adjusting" hoping to get a fact. The only fact in my line of the Gay family is: Henry Kirkham married Mary Gay. She was the daughter of John Gay. This is the fact written on the marriage Bond from Kentucky. I know from records that John was married to Sarah Lockridge.

Again...remembering how people named their children...I know John is the son of James, this fact from Kentucky historical records. My problem is this, the record states that James was the son of James not of William. Was James Sr the son of William? Does anyone have ACTUAL dates?

Thank you for any help, Lynn

Re: James/Thomas/William Gay

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My William Gay was born 2/6/1794 M. Mary Johnston 5/19
1812 Bath Co. Va Died 8/8/1860 in what is now Pocahontas County,Wv listed on DC as illegitimate
by his son John J. Gay. I have Marriage bond which Robert Gay signed for William to marry Mary??? who was also called Nancy and Polly. Their childern were Martha,James C.,Samuel, John J., William A., Alfred D. It is very hard to find anything on him but I would be glad to help you with anything I have.

Re: James/Thomas/William Gay

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Thank you very much I really do appreciate any help. I just get so frustrated. The Illinois state archives are on line and free to everyone. Alot of people married and died in this state passing through to the west. So when I discovered some of the Gay family married here and who they were following their trail was pretty simple. It is frustrating to see the dates of our ancestors juggled to fit. My mothers family has been a nightmare anyway. I started the Kirkham side when I was 15 and am 54 now. I spent alot of money and time just to get frustrated. lol I am sure we all have. At one point I have told my mother they are all from Mars. What I have found is John Gays father is James but have found that a William had a son James as well as a brother, both near the same age. I will watch for you line as I do more research on mine. Again, Thank you.

Re: James/Thomas/William Gay

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Hi Lynn,

I am distantly related to this line. Some of the confusion is between the Gay families of the Shenandoah valley area (the Calfpasture Gays, many of whom migrated early to Kentucky) and the descendants of William Gay and Elizabeth Bolling (none of whom - to the best of my knowledge - migrated to Kentucky). All evidence points to these being two separate and unrelated family groups. That includes genealogical evidence (the descendants of William Gay and Elizabeth Bolling are well-documented) and DNA evidence as provided by descendants of both lines.

However, the Calfpasture Gays were a large family group and although they all appear to be related to some extent, it's a bit challenging to sort them all out as they shared so many names. I've been researching them for a number of years and have made some progress but for your line I only show back to James Gay and Jane Warwick as parents of John Gay. In my opinion, James (b. abt. 1710 d. 1779) was the likely immigrant and probably born in Ulster near Londonderry, so you would have to find him records there to get back much further. It's possible that his father was William Gay who died in the Calfpasture in 1755, but it seems unlikely. I would be interested to know if you find more about him though. Please feel free to contact me at leegay @

Re: James/Thomas/William Gay

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Thank you Lee. I had almost given up to the sorting idea. I thought sorting the Kirkhams and Campbells was bad! To top all that I have discovered the Gay family cemetery here...I know they are related to Mary, my 3rd great grandmother. They came here with 2 of her sons and 2 grandsons in 1836.

THANK YOU again for your insight.

Re: James/Thomas/William Gay..Campbells

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Surnames: Campbell/Gay/Gillham/Lockridge
Hi Lynn, yes 'frustrating' is one of the first words that can be used with the Campbell/Gay line coming from Calfpasture VA! I am both a Campbell and a Gay but only a Time Machine could help me find out exactly who they all were and how on earth they were all related!

I descend from William Campbell and Sarah Gay...everyone on the net has Sarah Gay being born 27 years BEFORE her suggested Mother, Margaret Lockridge, the wife of Robert Gay.

I do see in "The Chronicles" v. III, pg 297 where it appears that William Campbell and wife Sarah Gay gave to Thomas Gillham 200 acres on the Calfpasture in 1751.

Now, Thomas Gillham, Sr. married Margaret Campbell the daughter of William Campbell and Sarah Gay.

This land deed would suggest therefore that Robert Gay and wife Margaret (Lockridge) were Sarah Gay-Campbell's parents and the grandparents then of Margaret Campbell-Gillham. BUT if so, then the dates all over the net, as you suggest, have been 'adjusted' to fit the necessary massaging to make a group of children FIT. frustrating indeed!

Re: James/Thomas/William Gay

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Surnames: GAY / CORBETT

1748 Northampton Co NC Henry Gay sells 150 ac. to James Gay (minus 21 yrs. born 1727 or before) adjoining William Gay on the West Side of the Chowan River. I believe this is maybe near Murfreesboro that became Hertford Co NC, named for REv War Officer Hardy Murfree.
I believe this is James Gay whose 150 ac. ended up in Hertford Co NC when that county was formed.
1783 Hertford Co tax list, James Gay has 150 ac. and next listed is Joshua Gay with no land but a horse and mule if I recall correctly.
There is an IOW VA will dt. 1783 for William Gay wife not named, named 2 children, James Gay and Willis Gay.
In Hertford Co NC 1790 US Fed Census is a James Gay SR., James Gay JR. Do not see James Gay SR. on the 1800 census.
Do not see Joshua Gay or James Gay SR. or James Gay JR anymore in Hertford County. Did they die? Did they move to GA., did they move to KY / TN? SO I AM ALSO ASKING, IS JAMES GAY SR. OF HERTFORD CO NC THE SON OF WILLIAM GAY OF IOW VA.???

Re: James/Thomas/William Gay

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Surnames: lytle, gillham, campbell, gay
It is actually a little comforting to know that my own frustration about birth dates and life event dates is shared by so many of my newly discovered cousins as regards the Calfpasture Campbells and Gays.

I am descended from Robert Gay/Margaret Lockridge via their "daughter" Sarah Gay (if she really is their daughter) who married my GGGGGGGG-Grandfather William Campbell. Her birth date appears correct when compared to her children's birth dates but does not line up with her supposed parents.

In my limited search time I've concluded that the Campbell/Gays at Calfpasture are so interrelated that my Sarah must have different parents than shown from postings all over the web. It is so easy to just pick a thread and add it into one's ancestry that weeding out these false starts becomes almost impossible without better original records.

For my part, the Campbell/Gays join into my paternal line through the marriage of James Monroe Lytle to Elizabeth M. Gillham who was the GGGG-granddaughter of William Campbell/Sarah Gay.

I, like some of you, would certainly welcome determining Sarah Gays real parents.

Dave Lytle - GGGGGGGG-grandson of William and Sarah Campbell

Re: James/Thomas/William Gay

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Surnames: Gay; Powaton
I just saw these postings and find that I am not the only one trying to make sense of the Gay Line. My mother, Nettie Alberta Gay, always wanted to follow her line to get in the DAR through the Gays but never got passed Alabama with her research. She died in 1990. I started searching for James Gay's ancestors in 1995 and in the last couple years I was able to find out his ancestors moved from VA to KY to TN to AL. I hope I have the correct line. My mother always said the Gays' were descended from Pocahontas but I have not been able to find that link. I did participate in the first DNA project on and no mention was made of a connection to Pocahontas. I think they tried to find links among Ancestry members. I do have much, much information on the Gays and will be happy to answer questions and share what I have. Anna Hite.
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