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"messer" the history of the name.

"messer" the history of the name.

JEFF (View posts)
Posted: 958763235000
Hi my name is jeff messer and I live in utah
I was talking to my dad and he said that the
"messer" name originated from a much longer
name. If anyony knows anything about it please
e-mail me. I would really like to know. and
if anyone lives in utah that reads this please
e-mail me. I would really like to know more
about the history of the "messer" name please
let me know.

Surname: MESSER

Dean Messer (View posts)
Posted: 959508517000
The Messer name as it is spelled is just one version, but as you stated there are other ways.
The German origin of the name means KNIFE. So
from there came Messerschmidt: Knife Maker. Messer,in my line, as I have it, dating to 1735 has always maintained
the MESSER spelling. During the taking of the census in this country there have been different variations, even in the same family
and that usually came about from people spelling the name by the way it sounded.
As in all names you will find different versions.
Hope this sheds a little light on your question.



david messer,de (View posts)
Posted: 960898707000
messer is actually not a surname in germany only part of one , my friends parents are fresh off the boat from there, the origin of the messer name is beleived to be french-canadian and a vowel was dropped to sound more american,the name was more likely messier or messeur.


Dean Messer (View posts)
Posted: 961563934000
I am aware of the many breakoffs of this name and many others
and at this point of my research, especially in my family line
the spelling has always been MESSER, back to 1735.
I have heard of Scottish origns and French. There is another spelling
of Mercer that I have seen in my census searching, sometimes in the same family.
There are so many different things one sees when you start digging
around in the past, this is what makes genealogy so interesting.

origin of messer name

gary messer (View posts)
Posted: 964185321000
german surname,name derives from the old german word messerschmied,which means knife smith,listed in first census in 1316 in nurnberg.


Roger Beaulieu (View posts)
Posted: 965071097000
There are many branches of the MESSER family. Many of those branches arose from a Richard MERCER, first noted in Haverhill, Mass. abt 1850. He and his son, Abiel MERCER used the MERCER name. All of Abiel's children started to use the MESSER name. I have seen it MESSIER, MESSar and a few other ways in other branches of the Massachusetts MESSERS.

The origin of the Messer Name

Natalie Christine Messer (Phelan) (View posts)
Posted: 966026299000
Hi, I am kind of new at this, I have just started to take interest in our family history. When I was about 15 yrs. old in 1985, my family recieved an invitation to the Messer Family Reunion. This Reunion was at the family castle in Germany, There was also a family crest insignet on the front of this invitation. As to this point in time my parents have moved several times and have lost the invitation. This is why I am excited to find out about this web site so that I may find out something about my family history. Hope to hear from someone soon...

Origin of name Messer (Ancient French/Scot)

G. Eugene Messer (View posts)
Posted: 971101251000
Some time ago in research at the New York Public Library I found the MESSER name listed in The Surnames of Scotland by Geo.F.Black (1962-pg.598)(my Grandfather had always said his Kansas MESSER ancestry was Scottish and NOT German.
"Messer . most probably from French Messier (England."<P><P>It is believed the Le Messier family came from Normandy around 1066 at the time of the Conquest moving to the north and becoming Scot.In all my investigations I have never found any relationship to Germany in our early American name and branches except by marriage. My Grandfather believed that their anti-English sentiment drove them first to Ireland (Scotch/Irish) then to the New World.

MESSER surname (Ancient French/Scot)contd.

G. Eugene Messer (View posts)
Posted: 971103865000
The center of the previous message was deleted: should read "Messer . most probably from FR. messier (England" (then continue with other message)

MESSER Ancient French/Scot origins

G. Eugene Messer (View posts)
Posted: 971104694000
Perhaps the third time will be a charm.
Twice this part has been left out: Messer .
most probably from FR. messier Latin messarius, *derivative of messis, Keeper of a standing crop. a RARE surname. Thomas le messer, a "Scot by nation", was described in 1296 as long resident in Benyngton, England."
The rest follows in pervious messages.
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